10 Sites Like WorldStarHipHop You Don’t Want to Miss

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Jul 08, 2024

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sites like worldstar

Nowadays, many young people are hooked on the WorldStarHipHop website. It enables you to binge-watch hip hop and urban videos for free. Besides, you can find various freestyle battles, interviews with celebrities, and public fight videos on the site.

Yet, if you have frequently visited WorldStarHipHop and wish to get some fresh stuff, sites like WorldStar come in handy.

In this post, I handpicked the top 10 sites like WorldStarHipHop. They offer more aspects about the hip hop industry. Besides that, you can get the best way to download WorldStar and other hip hop videos.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.




2. Rap Basement

Rap Basement

Rap Basement is a popular hip hop lifestyle website. Here you can get the latest rap news, songs, videos, and mixtapes first. This hip hop website’s distinct feature is that you won’t be dazzled by its endless content. Rap Basement recommends only several songs, stories, and videos based on your taste and habit. Of course, you can explore more content with its aggregate menu. It is such a comfortable browsing experience that makes Rap Basement one of the best websites like WorldStar.

3. Hip-Hop Wired

Hip-Hop Wired

Hip-Hop Wired website aims to survey the hip-hop landscape with prospects and lends a critical eye to the issues that deserve deliberation and debate. It documents many facets of the Hip-Hop Nation with the respect and verve it duly deserves. If you want to dig out more insightful reviews on various hip hop topic, go to this site like WorldStar.

4. Thisis50


Thisis50 is also an integrated website for hip hop. Again, you can find various hip hop content here. What’s worth mentioning is that Thisis50 has unique columns for 50 Cent and G-Unit. Besides that, this site like WorldStar divides its music into Battles, Freestyles, Indies, Afro/UK Music, which is kindly for hip hop cravers. Yet, it doesn’t offer any hip-hop video download service. If you want to download hip hop music and videos, please move to Part 2.

5. RapRadar


RapRadar, another website like WorldStar, is flooded with diverse videos, rap-related content, exclusive interviews, and news commentary. The layout of RapRadar is simple yet very cool. No irritating ads will affect your experience. Besides that, you can find the top-rated content effortlessly. Additionally, RapRadar garnered a nomination at BET Hip Hop Awards in 2010 and 2011. Go for it, and you will believe it is one of the best websites like WorldStar.

6. Underground Hip Hop

Underground Hip Hop

Underground Hip Hop won’t disappoint you as a great WorldStar replacement. It generates thousands of visitors per day with its freshest hip hop music globally. Besides that, it keeps offering the latest events, sessions, and news about hip hop. Subscribe to it, and you will always stay updated with exclusive content, news, events, etc.

7. HipHopTV


HipHopTV is devoted to hip hop, rap, and blues music since 2008. On this website like WorldStar, you don’t have to put up with any irritating ads when you scroll through its content. HipHopTV categorizes its contents into Latest, Top Channels, Popular Videos, and Underground Videos, etc. You can also go through all sorts of hip hop videos via video tags. All in all, HipHopTV makes great efforts to ensure you have a good browsing experience on its site. Therefore, many hip hop fans deem it one of the best sites like WorldStarHipHop.

8. AllHipHop


AllHipHop is also ranked in our list of 10 best sites like WorldStar. It is a valuable resource for hip-hop on the internet. On AllHipHop, you can find various hip hop styles in its columns such as NEWS, RUMORS, FEATURES, MUSIC/VIDEOS, THE REASON, BATTLE RAP ZONE, and more. If you are looking for optimal information about hip hop, AllHipHop is definitely your go-to place. The stuff on this website is accurate and trustworthy. Its content has been cited frequently by famous publications such as CNN, New York Post, The New York Times, etc.



HNHH is a good place for artists to showcase their musical talent to real hip hop fans. It also has a premium powerhouse for established artists and rising stars. On HNHH, you can enjoy the latest and hottest hip hop singles, mixtapes, videos, and news for free. Besides that, HNHH offers fair reviews on hip hop music and video content. Therefore, many die-hard hip hop fans take it as one of the best websites like WorldStar Hip Hop.

10. HipHopDX


HipHopDX is another website like WorldStart that deserves your visit. It offers nearly every aspect of hip hop, including news, singles, videos, reviews, editorials, and releases. It is worth mentioning that this WorldStar alternative tends to provide curated hip hop singles and videos for its users. And the layout of this site is highly interactive. If you prefer premium hip hop videos, HipHopDX is really worth your try.

How to Download WorldStarHipHop Videos for Free

The sites like WorldStar mentioned above enable you to binge-view hip hop videos or listen to music without spending a dime. However, they don’t allow you to download WorldStarHipHop videos.

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WorldStar Hip Hop is an excellent website. Yet, there are various sites like WorldStar Hip Hop that deserve your try. Pick one from the list above and enjoy the new stuff.

If you want to download hip hop music and videos, go for it with AnyVid video downloader. It enables you to download WorldStar videos or other hip hop videos and music in high quality (320kbps for MP3 and 1080p+ for MP4). Besides that, it helps download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other 1,000+ sites.

Install it now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorldStar?

WorldStarHipHop is a social media website focused on hip hop beef. It has also been voted as the top hip hop and urban culture website for consecutively 3 years since 2012. Apart from that, WorldStar features various outrageous videos, music videos, and assorted content for young users.

How to download WorldStar videos?

1. Install AnyVid video downloader. It works well on your PC, Mac, and Android.2. Run AnyVid and insert the WorldStar video’s title onto the search bar. Then click the search icon.3. Click the MP4 icon to download the WorldStar video immediately to your device. Besides that, you can click the Download button to get more MP4 and MP3 quality options.

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