Top 10 KimCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons 2022

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Jul 14, 2022

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KimCartoon Alternatives

Many users get used to watching cartoons on KimCartoon. It enables you to watch a vast collection of high-quality cartoons without any registration.

However, due to copyright issues, KimCartoon has been blocked in some countries, such as Australia and Malaysia. Besides that, some users complain about its irritating ads, which are not suitable for kids. Also, the slow loading speed is a hitch.

As a result, many cartoon fans wish to find an excellent KimCartoon alternative on Reddit.

In such a case, I have handpicked 10 best KimCartoon alternatives. Each of them offers a vast library of cartoons and runs smoothly.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a comprehensive cartoon hub where all types of cartoons and anime are available. Many users take it as one of the best KimCartoon alternatives since it has been in service for decades. Cartoon Network boasts a huge library of videos ranging from all sorts of OG content to classic anime. You can access its premium content.

As a legal cartoon site, Cartoon Network comes without any malware. The interface of this KimCartoon alternative is colorful and cheerful, which is very friendly to children. Apart from that, many kids get interested in the games Cartoon Network offers.

2. KissCartoon


KissCartoon is a go-to place for cartoon lovers. On KissCartoon, you can expect a diverse collection of cartoons, as well as a cinema-like viewing experience. The interface of KissCartoon is simple and well-structured. You can go through its content via New & Hot, Recent Additions, Most Popular, List by Year/Genres, and Latest Updated. Besides that, you can enjoy each cartoon show in 2048p, which is on a par with the digital cinema resolution, without registration. Most importantly, your excellent viewing experience won’t be interfered by ads. That is pretty commendable.

Apart from that, you can also sign into KissCartoon if you want to step into a film critic’s shoes by commenting on your favorite shows.

All in all, KissCartoon is one of the best KimCartoon alternatives that deserve your attention.

Tip: Interested in more sites like KissCartoon? Click here.

3. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online, just as its name reveals, is an excellent website to watch cartoons. On this cartoon site, you can find not only the classic cartoons but also the latest ones. Besides cartoons, you can also view dubbed & subbed anime, movies, and OVA series as well. Watch Cartoon Online offers both SD and HD streaming qualities for option. Yet, you will view KimCartoon’s ads at the beginning of each show. Hence many users regard it as one of the best KimCartoon alternatives.

Additionally, Watch Cartoon Online makes it easy to navigate. You can always find the new shows with its well-organized sections – Recent Releases, Ongoing & Popular Series, and Series Recently Added. However, this cartoon site has some display ads. These ads are suitable for children. However, you can still avoid them by enabling the full-screen mode.

4. CartoonsOn


CartoonsOn is another KimCartoon alternative. Like other cartoon websites, CartoonsOn has a huge collection of cartoon divided by Studio, Characters, Shows, and Series. If you are fond of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, for example, you can binge view all the related cartoons by its Cartoon Characters category. That is very friendly to users. Besides that, you can discover good cartoons with the compelling introductions CartoonsOn offers for each show.

However, this KimCartoon alternative is filled with ads. And sometimes, it takes too long to load a page. Despite that, it is a reliable online cartoon provider. You can enjoy its extensive collection of cartoons without spending a penny. That is why CartoonsOn is included in the top list of KimCartoon alternatives.

5. SuperCartoons


SuperCartoons is another website like KimCartoon. It provides more than 1,000+ cartoons to watch for free. On SuperCartoons, you can watch the old classic cartoons, along with the latest cartoon episodes, without hassle.

The interface of this site is simple for navigation. SuperCartoons categorizes its content by Characters, Studio and Series. And every cartoon comes with an attractive thumbnail. Besides that, many cartoon fans are satisfying with the fast loading speed of this KimCartoon replacement.

There are some sponsored ads on this site. Yet it won’t cause much trouble as long as you don’t click it.

All in all, SuperCartoons earns a place in the list of top KimCartoon alternatives.

6. Netflix


As we all know, Netflix is an over-the-top video streaming platform. Yet it is also a great option for watching cartoons. Netflix thinks cartoons can take us, both kids and adults, to a different world. Hence it offers 3 cartoon genres – Kids TV shows, TV Cartoons, and Adult Animation – for choice.

Netflix has an extensive library of cartoons, anime, and award-winning Netflix originals. And the viewing experience is splendid. Besides that, many users have a deep impression of the marvelous interface of the Netflix website.

In short, Netflix is ranked in the top list of KimCartoon alternatives.

7. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon has been dedicated to cartoons for decades. It is renowned for producing amazing shows for kids and helping them learn and get educated in a fun way. That is why we make it on our list of top KimCartoon alternatives.

Besides that, the design of the Nickelodeon website is lively, cheerful, and kid-friendly. As a result, even a child can find various HD original cartoons easily. Yet, sign-in is required for some episodes. Otherwise, the overall viewing experience is awesome.   

8. Mickey Cartoons

Mickey Cartoons

Mickey Mouse is a classic cartoon character created by Disney. If you are keen on Mickey Mouse, this site is a good fit for you. Mickey Cartoons is a free Disney website for you to viewing various content about Mickey & Friends.

The site is well-designed and easy to go through. You can explore content from Featured Characters, Mickey & Friends Blogs, Videos, as well as Movies & Series.

Taking its lovely content and favorable service into account, many users reckon it as one of the best KimCartoon alternatives.

However, Mickey Cartoons offers only a small portion of cartoons. If you want more Disney cartoons, Disney+ is a better choice.

9. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is a great go-to place to watch your favorite cartoons for free. Here you can find more than 25,000+ cartoon and dubbed anime episodes in high quality. Besides that, CartoonCrazy enables you to stream your favorite cartoons with a fast video player. That is to say, you can expect a splendid viewing experience here.

There are some sponsored ads on this site. Yet they won’t cause much trouble. Hence we include CartoonCrazy in the list of the best 10 KimCartoon alternatives.

10. Cartoon8


Cartoon8 is also a great option to watch cartoons online for free. Similar to KimCartoon, Cartoon8 boasts a huge library of cartoons from classic episodes to the latest ones.

Besides, Cartoon8 has a pretty organized layout in terms of cartoon content. Plus, it offers a detailed genre division, which will benefit you a lot.

The only drawback of Cartoon8 is the annoying redirects. You have to click the play button several times before streaming the episode. Yet taking its freemium and vast content into account, Cartoon8 is still a great KimCartoon alternative.


Above I have recommended the top 10 KimCartoon alternatives. Each of them works well and allows you to watch cartoons online for free.

Choose one based on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which KimCartoon is real?

There are various KimCartoon websites such as,,,, etc. However, the real KimCartoon site is
As the real KimCartoon site, one should be free of sexual/adult ads at the beginning of each show. Besides, the real Kimcartoon site allows you to watch cartoons online without charging a penny. And the loading speed should be fast.

Is KimCartoon safe?

KimCartoon is safe as long as you visit the real site. The real KimCartoon site does not allow sexual and adult ads. In other words, it is safe for kids. Besides, KimCartoon suggests that you should use GP/Beta/FS servers to avoid ads.

How to download from KimCartoon?

1.Install AnyVid video downloader . It is safe, clean, and free of ads.2. Run AnyVid and insert the cartoon title, character into the query section.3. The results will show up instantly. Pick the desired one and hit the MP4 button to download the cartoon from KimCartoon in a snap. Also, you can click the Download button to get more cartoon quality options.

What is the best KimCartoon Downloader?

AnyVid is the best KimCartoon downloader. It allows you to download from KimCartoon with only a few clicks. Besides, you can even extract audio from your favorite carton easily. AnyVid offers various cartoon quality options for download. Go for it now.

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