6 Prestigious Sites like Coursera for Online Learning 2023

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Jan 06, 2023

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Sites like Coursera

Coursera is a popular online course platform, also called MOOC, for people all over the world.

It aims to provide free online class through cooperation with renowned universities.

Different online class platform has its own advantages varying from price, main courses, faculty and so on.

It’s better for you to choose a MOOC that suits you best.

I am going to share with some good sites like Coursera. Also, the trick to download courses from these site are provided.

Let’s have a look!

Sites like Coursera for Onliner Learners


edX can be called the most official Coursera alternative because it is established by Harvard and MIT directly. And now it has many partners from renowned universities all over the world. Because of its official attributes, edX has claimed it will conduct various kinds of pedagogical experiment to study human’s learning and educational behaviors.

In fact, edX has no significant difference from Coursera. You could easily find similar courses on these two platforms. What makes difference is that some school’s course could only be exclusively published on a particular platform. For example, you can only watch MIT’s and Harvard’s courses on edX. So do some courses provided by some education groups like ETS.

Although edX purports it’s an NGO, it still charges for some courses. You can make payment to acquire certificates.

Sites like Coursera - edX


Lynda.com is a study platform that provides various kinds of education materials. In 1995, Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin built Lynda.com in California with their savings of 20,000 dollars. From the beginning only focusing on technology, Lynda.com gradually covers more extensive subjects like software development, Web development, design, etc. Through 25 years’ development, its course library has grown into a high tree that could uphold different kinds of learning aims, personal and career striving.

Lynda.com will recommend personalized course for you so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time and energy on the unsuitable course. Every course only free open two small section at the beginning. You can subscribe to it but at a high price.

Sites like Coursera - Lynda.com


The excellent courses on Udemy are of high quality because the teacher will make you understood thoroughly. Of course, there are some inferior or plagiaristic courses on Udemy. The contents provided here are comprehensive but mainly about popular industries. If you don’t like being surrounded by homework just like university and high school, Udemy is a good choice for you because the course is very close to work, which is better than what Coursera does. The price of Udemy’s course is a little lower compared to other sites like Coursera and you can use discount often. However, the certificate offered by Udemy don’t have high a value. The last thing you should bear in mind is that exercise is insufficient for the course on Udemy so you must need to find some extra exercise for testing.

Sites like Coursera - Udemy


Udacity combines with worldwide industry leaders to design educational content together. It aims to allow everyone to have the opportunity to learn and maintain the latest tech skills like Programming and Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Autonomous Systems, etc.

Many of the classes are given by engineers so the courses are of high practicality. And course experience is good. Unlike other online course sites like Coursera, you can join in many real-time interactions on class. For example, teacher will ask you a question every ten minutes or let you write down a line of code.

Sites like Coursera - Udacity

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational nonprofit organization set up by a Bangladeshi American, Salman Khan in 2008. It aims to give free class via internet film and it has subjects cover math, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and so on at present.

Khan Academy starts from the founder impart online video class to the children of his relatives to the around area. This project now has entered into school and impacts on the future education.

Sites like Coursera - Khan Academy

How to Download Videos from Sites like Coursera

For the above 5 websites like Coursera, you can find many online learning resources. To learn a new course, it’s advisable to review it again and again. However, for the unstable or inaccessible internet, you can not watch the course video anytime, anywhere you want.

To consolidate your learning performance, why not download the online class for offline viewing? Here comes a powerful download tool – AnyVid. AnyVid supports to download 1080p online class videos at a fast speed. It supports downloading videos from some of the Coursera alternatives I have mentioned.

Let’s learn how to use it.

  • Copy a link from a website. Take Khan Academy as an example.Copy a link from Khan Academy
  • Paste the link to AnyVid. Paste the link to AnyVid
  • Choose the format and download the online class video. Download the online class video

It’s quite easy, right?

AnyVid allows you to download subtitles. If you want to learn English from online courses, subtitles could help you learn faster and easier.

Download AnyVid and start your trial now!


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Among many websites like Coursera, which one is your favorite Coursera alternative? It may vary from your study area and aim. Besides, downloading online class videos from sites like Coursera with AnyVid could facilitate your study a lot!

Leave your comment in the below box to share with us.

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