DiReec Screen Recorder

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  • • Record screen, audio & webcam together/separately
  • • Handling screen recording in HD quality without lag
  • • Enhance your recordings with real-time annotation
  • • Support various output video/audio/ image formats
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DiReec - HD Screen Recorder for PC & Mac

Everything You Need for Screen Recording

Select any custom area you want

Record Any Part of Screen with No Lagging

Effortlessly capture any part of your screen with our cutting-edge screen recording software. And you can enjoy high compatibility with various supported screen sizes, allowing to choose from diverse screen recording modes. Whether you prefer to record the full screen, choose a specific area, or import custom sizes like 1280x720, 854x480, the DiReec Screen Recorder can meet your needs and provide you with a lag-free recording experience with ease.

Record screen and audio together

Internal Audio & Voice Recording Together

Experience the ease of recording screen with synchronized computer sound and voice using the best-in-class screen recorder tool. Our feature-packed software allows you to capture diverse audio sources without any hassle in every situation, whether for video explanation, tutorials, or more. Moreover, with the advanced function of noise reduction and sound effects, you can get the best audio recording experience along with the highest output quality.

Capture your face from webcam

Unlimited Webcam Recording Easily

Apart from the main feature of recording computer screen, the DiReec Screen Recorder also helps you capture your face from internal/external camera. Thus, you can choose capturing screen with your webcam or only show your face as needed. The program is your best choice when you are hosting online meetings, presentations, or any business work. Plus, you can also change any webcam form, size, or frame during recording.

Take a screenshot before or during recording

Take Screenshots Before or During Recording

Worry about missing some moments of key interface or highlighting details while the recording process? If so, don't miss the best industry-leading screen recording software that lets you capture and save screenshots with just a click whether before or during recording. With the ability to take screenshots of any moment, you’ll not forget or miss any detailed information because the recorded file will be instantly saved to your device.

Schedule recording at any time

Schedule Screen Recoding at Any Time

Say goodbye to those outdated screen recorders without any scheduling capabilities. With our state-of-the-art Windows screen recorder, you have power to schedule recording at any time according to your needs. Thus, it offers flexibility in terms of when and how long you want your screen recording to be. Just simply set your time and duration, and our tool will automatically initiate the recording. Plus, you can also auto-stop during the process.

Highlight any content during recording

Draw or Highlight the Screen Recordings

Wish to use the annotation tool to draw and highlight specific area of your screen recording, effortlessly capturing viewers’ attention and ensuring key elements are not overlooked? Look no further! The DiReec HD Screen Recorder provides you with multiple sets of annotation tools, including arrows, circles, and more waiting for you to explore. Utilize them to create more compelling and engaging recordings.

How to Record Screen on PC?

Select your desired recording mode
Start recording by hitting REC button
Stop and save the recording files

Step 1. Select Recording Mode

Select any area of screen you want to record, the entire screen or a specific area. And set up other capture options like microphone or webcam as needed.

Step 2. Record Your Screen

When you have set up your desired function, start the screen recording by clicking the “REC” button. And perform or show any actions you wish to capture.

Step 3. Download Recorded File

Once you’ve finished recording, hit the “Stop” icon to end it. Our software will automatically save the recorded file into the default location. Then try to play it!

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How Screen Recorder Enhances Your Work

Record screen for any educational purpose

Educational Purposes

Educational Purposes

Screen recorders play a significant role in the education sector. Teachers and educators can utilize this tool to record engaging video lessons, tutorials, and presentations that students can review at their convenience. Thus, it empowers faculty to enhance learning outcomes for students of all ages. Additionally, they can also upload their recorded tutorials to various teaching platforms, benefiting those who are eager to expand their knowledge.

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Use the screen recorder to improve your working

Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

As technology advances, remote work & virtual meetings becomes increasingly prevalent on business communication. When collaborating with companies located far from, online meetings with a real-time recorder become an essential tool during conferences. With the ability to record screen, webcam, and audio, detailed info can be saved to your device automatically. This lets you review the content later or share key info with your partners instantly.

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Capture any game streaming with DiReec screen recorder

Gaming & Live Streaming

Gaming & Live Streaming

If you’re a gamer, a screen recorder must be your indispensable tool in the creation process. When you start live streaming while playing games, it empowers you to capture and record gaming experiences and strategies. This invaluable feature lets you review your recording later, analyze your gameplay, and enhance your gaming skills. What's more, you can also share your achievements on various online streaming platforms.

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Demonstrate software and products through recording

Presentations & Demos

Presentations & Demos

Whether you're a professional, employee, technician, or someone from diverse fields with a keen interest in specific software, products, or concepts, reliable screen recording software is essential. You can effortlessly demonstrate the usage and functionality of software and products. By capturing your screen, you can create informative recordings that enable a broader audience to comprehend and learn about the subject matter.

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Advanced Features of Best Screen Recorder Software

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    Versatile Export Formats

    The Windows Screen Recorder provides a wide range of export video, audio, and image formats to choose from.

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    Watermark-Free Recording

    Each of your recordings is clean, without any intrusive watermarks or logos, offering the best viewing experience.

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    User-Friendly Interface

    Our screen recording software provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring all levels of users utilize it effortlessly.

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    Efficient Trimming Function

    Easily remove unwanted sections and keep the desired recording length with our trimming tool without any hassle.

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    Cursor Highlighting Capability

    Handling screen recordings with striking effects on mouse, including display the click, area, color on cursor highlighting.

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    Customizable Hotkeys

    Simplify the screen recording process to save time to record, pause, resume, etc. with the customizable hotkey.

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    High-Quality Recording Output

    Capture your screen, video, or audio with your original high-resolution quality, or elevate the clarity of the screen record.

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    Audio-to-Text Conversion

    Our handy screen recorder allows you to transcribe the spoken words or system audio to text for recreation from recordings.

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    Hardware Acceleration Support

    Enhance your user experience with smoother performance via the utilization of hardware acceleration technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best screen recorder?

    When it comes to the best screen recording software, the DiReec Screen Recorder stands out with its exceptional function points. With DiReec, you can expect excellent recording quality, the convenience of scheduled recording, the ability to add annotation function, high compatibility with various platforms. And other features are waiting for you to explore.

  • How do I record my screen on my laptop with sound?

    To record your laptop screen without sound, simply launch our top-rated screen recorder for PC and select your desired recording area. Enable the audio option and adjust setting as needed. Then hit the REC button to initiate it. After the screen recording is complete, your videos will automatically be saved to your laptop.

  • Can I handle screen record on Mac with audio?

    Absolutely! The screen recording tool also supports Mac devices, and what’s more, along with the ability to record screen on Mac with audio in high quality. You can check the Mac screen recorder to learn more advanced features.

  • Is it possible to record screen and webcam simultaneously?

    Sure. Whether you need to capture screen and webcam at the same time or record video from webcam only, the best recording software can cater to your needs. Just enable the webcam and screen option, click the REC to start recording, our program will go for it!

  • Can I save the recorded videos in HD?

    That’s definitely yes. With cutting-edge screen recording software, it’s a breeze to record any content in stunning high-definition quality, including video in 4K and audio in 320K. Thus, you can enjoy them offline without any trouble.

  • Does the screen recorder leave watermarks?

    For the sake of providing the best recording experience, our tool offers a watermark-free function. Hence, you can get screen record without any annoying logo obstructing your content. It lets you create engaging videos with a professional touch.

  • Is the screen recording software safe to use?

    Yes, it’s 100% safe to utilize the DiReec screen recording tool for capturing any content from your screen. Your recorder data will only be stored locally on your device, ensuring the highest level of privacy and data security. Plus, we guarantee that there will be no malware or malicious elements hacking into your device.

  • Is there any screen recorder for gaming?

    Our program is precisely the top choice for gamers. With the help of this game screen recorder, capturing the game live streaming without any lagging is a piece of cake. Plus, thanks to the robust reception of multiple audio sources, your team communication can be recorded clearly.

  • Which operating system does DiReec screen recorder support?

    The DiReec screen recording software supports a wide range of operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Therefore, you can use the desktop program for recording goals on different platforms.

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User Feedback: What People Are Saying

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Liam Davis

I've finally found the perfect screen recorder! It's incredibly versatile, letting me explore various features. Besides capturing screen, it also lets me record audio and webcam at the same time. The editing tools are fantastic, making tasks like trimming, annotating, & adding!

head picture

Ethan Anderson

I enjoy creating video tutorials on this Screen Recorder due to its simple and intuitive interface! With straightforward operation, I can easily record my screen while demonstrating a step-by-step guide to my students, making the learning process much more accessible.

head picture

Sophia Lewis

I’ve tried multiple screen recorders, but this one stands out. The screenshot feature allows me to capture images of my screen before or during recording. Thus, I can check the screenshots with annotation instantly when needed. Hotkeys make it even more efficient!

head picture

Amelia Mitchell

Thumbs up for this amazing desktop program! The ability to pre-establish recording time and duration is so convenient! Wow, so when I'm busy with other tasks, I can set it up to start and stop recording automatically. The whole process runs smoothly with no lagging!

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