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Free Music Video Downloads| Free Video Finder for HD Music Videos Download

Last updated: 2018-06-22 | Eva C Levy
Free Music Video Downloads

If you are a music buff just like me, besides enjoying music, I bet that you also have a fancy of music videos. Free music video downloads is one thing that we love to do.

After you download free music videos, you can enjoy the music and video when there is no Internet connection. Most of time, I can watch music videos for several hours. However, I need a music video downloader free more.

Today, I will share a free music video downloader with you. That amazing video downloader enables me to download free music and video. You’ll love it!

The Best Music Videos Free Downloader 2018

Free Video Finder is that free music video downloader I want to share with you.

Free Video Finder

When you want to download free music videos online, the first you may do is to find an on video download help you to do so. And Free Video Finder works perfectly as a video downloader, not only for mp4 music video download.

Simple interface that seems to tell you that it is easy to use download videos. Maybe you do not quite trust in it before you start to use, you can learn more about it.

“Download any video online from over 1000 sites”, clearly, you can download any online video from 1000+ supported sites. YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo video download is available on Free Video Finder.

Besides that, you can learn more about Free Video Finder from the page:

1. Download free streaming videos in MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc.

2. Rip audio from videos in MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc.

3. Keywords search and video URL search supported.

4. Full HD music video free download in different quality supported.

5. Download music videos from YouTube and playlist batch download.

Even you haven’t started to use Free Video Finder, but from those stunning features, you must want to try it. Right? So, what device can you use with Free Video Finder?

Actually, you can download any music videos with Free Video Finder on any devices of yours. That means that music video download for Android and iPhone are available on Free Video Finder. You can check it to learn how to download music videos on your Android and iPhone.

After this brief introduction of Free Video Finder, next, let’s try to download a free music video on Free Vide Finder!

Complete Guide on Free Music Video Downloads

As I said that it is easy to download a music video with Free Video Finder, I mean it is easy for everyone, so just with 3 simple steps, you can download your favorite music videos from YouTube or other websites!

Let’s begin!

Step 1. Search Music Videos on Free Video Finder

How to search video on Free Video Finder? If you have used other online video downloader, they always allow you to search video by URL. You also can find a video by video link, but on Free Video Finder, you can use keywords to do so which means type any words to help you get the video.

Search music video

Step 2. Preview Music Videos before Downloading

When you find music videos on Free Video Finder, you can try to play the video before you get free mp4 songs download.

Play music video

Step 3. Choose Music Video Formats and Quality, Download!

After previewing music video online, you can download free music video with the last step. Click the download button then you can choose the video format and quality, one more click the music video will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Download music video

Free music video downloads, done!

Free Video Finder is the first choice to download free music video on your PC, mobile phone. And it is 100% safe without ads, virus, and pop-outs.

You may notice that when you are on the download page and try to download the HD video, it will remind you to install the Free Video Finder pro version – AnyVid.

Actually, whatever which video formats you download on Free Video Finder, they can work well on your devices. But if you prefer having one stable video downloader software then AnyVid will be the top pick for you.


You can regard AnyVid as the desktop version of Free Video Finder, it can do everything just like Free Video Finder, but more than that.

With AnyVid, you can do:

1. Download videos from 1000+ sites.

2. Multiple formats supported: MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, ACC, etc.

3. Rip audio from video; download video without audio

4. Convert video to any formats you need.

These are the basic functions just like Free Video Finder, of course, music video downloads also available on AnyVid.

Download music video playlist with AnyVid.

With AnyVid, you can download the whole YouTube music video playlist with one click. Also, you can choose the video formats and quality you need.

Download music video playlist

You don’t have to download music videos one by one, with AnyVid and with one click, music video playlist batch download is so easy!

Download music videos directly on AnyVid.

As a powerful video downloader, AnyVid embedded 1000+ sites in the app you can discover more music videos in the app and download the videos directly on AnyVid.

First, choose the video website and discover music video:


Second, click the download button while you stream the video:


It is pretty easy and amazing, right?

I love this function very much, what about you?

Every video you downloading and downloaded will be shown on the “Library” section.


With AnyVid, music video download also can be very easy and convenient.
Try it now!


Till now, we have finished the ultimate guide on free music video downloads.

Did you get it?

If you are accustomed to using free online service to download music videos then don’t forget to try Free Video Finder.

If not, AnyVid video downloader also perfect for anyone who likes to download music video.

Welcome try to these two video downloads tool and feel free to leave any comment below. Any question and suggestion are welcome as well.

See you next time!

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