Is Flvto Safe? | Best Alternative to Flvto 2020

By Andrew | Last updated: Oct 28, 2020

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AnyVid - Best Video downloader

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Is Flvto Safe

Have you ever used Flvto YouTube Converter before?

Is Flvto safe?

What if Flvto YouTube Converter bombards you with ads that can infect your computer with malware, adware, and viruses?

According to the feedback of its users, it’s highly possible to happen!

Have you got any safe alternative to Flvto in your mind?

If not, don’t worry.

I am sure you can’t wait to try the Flvto alternative I recommended after reading this guide.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Is Flvto Safe?

Have you ever used Flvto before? Below I’ve hand-picked some Flvto reviews from the Internet.

“I purchased this software, and at the beginning it was fine, then I deleted the anti-virus software, it creeps on your computer and nothing worked anymore. Watch it out if you download the converter without the anti-virus software, you get error codes, and nothing works. This company sucks big time. Very unhappy customer.” – Speranzajr52

The site keeps redirecting to a malicious Adobe flash download. Norton Antivirus blocked it, but it attempted to download automatically. If you’re thinking about this converter for downloading music to iTunes, don’t. It brought bugs to my iTunes library, and now it proves that my music is destroyed.” – Bettersafethansorry

“ is a terrible site and a terrible converter. No matter what you want to convert, you will find the same errors every time. What happens is, you’ll add a URL and click to convert it. Nearly no file will be converted after the first attempt. Many, and I mean MANY files take between 5 and 15 attempts to take effect, even if you received 14 error messages saying the URL is no longer valid, the video has been taken away from YouTube, a 404 error, another error that slowly presents the file converting to 101% and stopping, copyright error, and another is where you’ll watch the progress of the conversion increase to 100%, and you click to convert it, but it does nothing, so you have to try again. If all of these errors are correct, then NO FILE should work after receiving one, but I’ve gotten about 98% converted after seeing those fake messages. Without an ad blocker, you’ll see all the unwanted ads that would scare you. If you admit the site to send you notifications, it won’t just notify you when your file gets converted successfully, but it will crowd you with ads that there is no doubt that it will infect your computer with malware, adware, and viruses.” – Sashman1972

In short:

Apparently, we can jump to the conclusion that Flvto is not safe to download videos.

It’s time for you to choose a safe online video downloader!

The Best Alternative to Flvto

What can be the best alternative to Flvto?

I must say AmoyShare Free Video Finder is the one of secure YouTube converters I have ever used.

It is an online video downloader for saving any videos from the website for free. As the Free Video Finder aspires to provide better user experiences, you will never encounter any ads or viruses when using it.

AmoyShare Free Video Finder

AmoyShare Free Video Finder gains approval from many renowned software and tech-news giants like and Lifewire.

Receive safety certificates from renowned websites

What fascinates me about Free Video Finder, the best alternative to Flvto YouTube Converter, are the features below.

● Smart search function. In contrast to the exact search by URLs, the fuzzy search function gives you more related results.

● Completely compatible with any website browser. You can use Free Video Finder on all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. It processes all downloads speedily and smoothly.

  How-to Guide:

  • Open Free Video Finder, and type the name of the video into the text field.Search for keywords
  • Choose the video resolution, and click the Download button.Download the video

Quick tip: Using keywords and pasting the URL are both allowed to search for a video on Free Video Finder.

Wrapping up

Is Flvto safe? I must say it is absolutely not safe.

If you are looking for an alternative to Flvto YouTube Converter, I do recommend you use AmoyShare Free Video Finder. It is safer and more intuitive.

If you have more requirements for downloading videos, please turn to the advanced video downloader – AnyVid. With AnyVid, you can download HD videos on Android, Windows, and Mac conveniently.


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  • for Windows 10/8/7
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