[Proven Tips] Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing Instantly

By Andrew | Last updated: Jan 24, 2022

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Facebook Videos Not Playing

It is a routine to scroll through Facebook videos. However, sometimes you may run into the error such as Facebook keeps crashing, Facebook loading slow or the Facebook videos not playing properly. That is frustrating.

How to solve the problem of videos not playing on Facebook?

Here come the comprehensive solutions to fix the error of Facebook not playing videos on Chrome, Android, and iPhone. These solutions have been proven to be workable and could help you fix the error instantly.

To avoid any problem occurs on Facebook and prevent you from viewing videos, I will offer a quick way for you to download Facebook videos for offline playback.

Let’s start!

Part 1. Why Won’t Videos Play on Facebook

As our investigation, the reasons mentioned result in the error of videos not playing on Facebook.

1) Bad internet connection: You may experience buffering if the internet speed is less than 25Mbps. That is a common reason for Facebook videos not playing properly.

2) Corrupt cache: Cached data could bump loading speeds during regular device usage. However, the cache might get corrupted overtimes, which will slow down the browser or app’s performance.

3) Invalid Configurations: Improper settings will cause glitches on your browser or app.

4) Insufficient storage space: If there is not enough space for buffering, the Facebook video won’t load successfully.

5) Launched improperly: If Chrome or Facebook app isn’t launch properly, certain elements are not functioning well. As a result, you may suffer Facebook streaming error.

Now that we have identified the reasons, let’s move on toward the solutions.

Part 2. Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome

If the video not playing on Facebook error occurs when you explore News Feed on Chrome; please follow the tips below to fix it. 

1) Refresh the page or check the internet connection. On the Facebook tab, right-click the mouse and choose “Reload” to see if the video can play properly. Besides, you can check the internet speed for under 30 seconds. Generally, an internet speed above 25Mbps is good enough to support most online activities.

2) Clear the cache on Chrome.

  • Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and scroll down to select “More tools” > “Clear browsing data.”
  • On the pop-up window, hit the “Time range” dropdown list and choose “All time” from it. Then you can further hit the “Clear data” button and confirm it with “Ok, got it.”Clear the Cache on Chrome

3) Disable Hardware acceleration. Head to “Settings”> “Advanced”> “System” and disable the option of “Use hardware acceleration.” Then relaunch Chrome to check if Facebook functions well.

 Disable Hardware acceleration on Chrome

4) Reset Chrome to its default settings.

  • Run Chrome and click the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner. Then select “Settings” from the menu.
  • On the new tab, scroll down and hit the “Advanced” option to go further down.
  • Under the “Reset and clean up” section, click “Restore settings to their original defaults” and confirm it by hitting the blue “Reset Settings.”
  • Now restart Chrome and visit Facebook website to see if the problem has been fixed.Reset Chrome

Part 3. Facebook Videos Won’t Play on Android

1) Close the Facebook app and relaunch it from the app drawer.

2) Log out and log back intoyour Facebook app. Sometimes it has the magic to resolve the issue.

3) Clear the cache on the Android mobile phone. Go to Settings> Apps & notifications> SEE ALL APPS> Facebook > Storage >Storage & cache and hit CLEAR CACHE. Now all the cache files have been cleared, and you can play the Facebook video again.

4) Make sure of enough space. Facebook consumes some space on your phone’s internal storage. Check and free up storage via Settings > Storage.

5) Close the app running in the background. Facebook app will crash if too many apps run in the background. Hence you can close irrelevant apps to see if the problem is fixed.

6) Upgrade the Facebook application to the latest version from Google Play Store.

Part 4. Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone

1) Relaunch the Facebook app. That will force the Facebook app to reload all the contents. 

2) Reset networking settings. Your iPhone networking settings should be properly configured. If you are not sure, please reset it. Go to Settings > General > Reset Networking Settings. Then everything will come back to factory defaults.

3) Free-up storage space. Again, Facebook needs some space for buffering. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and find out the apps that consume a large amount of memory and delete their data.

4) Reinstall the Facebook app. The Facebook app may get corrupted due to improper operation. Hence, you need to uninstall the app completely and reinstall it again from App Store.

Bonus. Download Facebook Videos for Offline Viewing

Usually, the above methods could well fix the error of Facebook not playing videos. If not, it is better to download Facebook videos to your computer or mobile phone and play them.

AmoyShare Facebook Video downloader is an ideal tool to help you download videos off Facebook for free. Besides that, it allows you to preview FB videos before downloading. In other words, you can rely on this tool to play Facebook videos easily.

How to download or play Facebook videos with AmoyShare Facebook video downloader. The download process is as simple as ABC.

  • Copy the link from the Facebook video. Navigate to Facebook and find the video you want to download. Hit the three-dot icon at the upper right of the video and select the Copy link option.Copy Facebook link
  • Paste video link. Head over to AmoyShare Facebook Downloader and paste the URL into the search section. Click the search icon.
  • Play and download the Facebook video. When the search result shows up, hit the play button on the thumbnail to play it. Or you can click the Download icon and save the video instantly.Play and download FB video


The Facebook video has been downloaded.

Have a try right now!

The Bottom Line

Facebook functions well most of the time. If you happen to meet the issue of Facebook videos not playing, the tips mentioned above will help you. Besides that, you can also try AmoyShare Facebook Video Downloader, which allows you to view FB videos online and download them for offline viewing without hiccups.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Facebook video not playing?

To fix Facebook video not playing on Chrome, you need to check the internet condition, delete cache and cookies on Chrome, disable Hardware acceleration, or reset Chrome to its default settings.

Why won't Facebook videos play on Android?

The major reasons that lead to Facebook video not playing on Android include poor internet condition, insufficient storage space, too many apps running in the background, and corrupted Facebook files.