6 Best Facebook Video Downloader to Grab Videos Immediately

By Andrew | Last updated: Sep 11, 2020

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Best Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is a popular social media in the world. You may spend a lot of time on it every day.

When you come across the latest music clip from your favorite singer or the tutorial about how to make cream puff, you are eager to save it immediately. After all, it is a tedious task to find a video you watched yesterday.

However, what is the best Facebook video downloader?

To solve this problem, I have compiled a list of 3 best Facebook video downloaders and 3 best online Facebook video downloaders to try out!

Please keep reading on!     

Part 1. 3 Best Facebook Video Downloader

Eager to know the top Facebook video downloader?

Below I have listed 3 the best Facebook video downloaders. Each has distinct features.

Let’s move on!


Best Facebook Video Downloader – AnyVid

AnyVid is the best Facebook video downloader for PC, Mac, and Android.

It allows you to download HD Facebook videos for free. Plus, no watermarks will be embedded in the downloaded videos. Also, with AnyVid, you can convert Facebook videos to MP3 or MP4 on the go. Apart from that, AnyVid features a multi-threaded acceleration engine that makes the download process much quicker.

Most importantly, this top Facebook video download is easy to use.

Do you want to try it now?

Before you start the download process, please install AnyVid on your device.


Easy but powerful video downloader & converter

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.9+
  • Android
  • Copy the Facebook video link. You need to log into your Facebook account and find the video you want to download. Expand the video by clicking twice. Then you can get the video link in the address bar.Copy the FB video link
  • Launch AnyVid and past the Fb video link into the search field. Once the software detects the video, you can identify the desired format and quality to start downloading. Both audio and video formats are available with AnyVid.Download HD Facebook video

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake video downloader deserves the second spot on the best Fb video downloader list since it allows you to download Facebook videos with high quality. Also, you can convert Facebook videos into multi formats as well. If you tend to download videos in the same format, you can enable the one-click download mode. The download process for Freemake is straightforward.

However, Freemake only provides 50 videos for free download. And you have to log in to your Facebook account on Freemake every time you want to download Fb videos. Besides, Freemake splash will be added at the beginning and the end of the Facebook you downloaded. And the watermark shows in the upper right corner of the downloaded video all the time.



Allavsoft is also one of the best Facebook video downloaders. The most prominent spot for Allasoft is that it supports directly download Facebook videos to any video or audio formats. Also, you can download Facebook videos without registration as well. Besides, downloading and converting multi videos at a time is available with Allavsoft.

However, Allavsoft only permits a free trial of downloading 5 videos only. And it saves the downloaded videos to Drive C by default. You have to manually change the file location whenever you don’t want to keep the video in Drive C. 

 Part 2. 3 Best Facebook Video Downloader Online

I have introduced 3 best video downloaders for Facebook above. Have you got the desirable one?

If you are reluctant to install an Fb video downloader software, is there any online method?

Yes, of course. Below are 3 online solutions for you to download Facebook videos.

Let’s dive in!

AmoyShare Facebook Video Downloader

AmoyShare Facebook video downloader
AmoyShare Facebook video downloader

AmoyShare Facebook video downloader is the best Facebook video downloader online. This site is so clean and safe that you won’t be directed to other ads pages or downloading something unsafe. Also, you can convert Facebook video to MP3 or MP4 with one click. Amoyshare shows every format with the quality, which would help you make a decision easily. What’s more, the loading speed on the AmoyShare Facebook video downloader is faster than any other online downloader.

The download process on this Facebook video downloader is handy as well.

  • Step 1. Copy Facebook video URL. After finding the Facebook video, you want to download, click it twice to enlarge the video. Then you can get the URL on the address bar.Copy Facebook video URL
  • Head to AmoyShare Facebook video downloader, paste the URL, and hit the search icon to detect the video. Once the result appears, you can click the “Download” button to identify the required format.Identify required format
  • Then a new tab with embedded video will open automatically. Now you can tab the three-dot icon to save the Facebook video.Download Fb video



FBDOWN.net is also a top online Facebook video downloader that don’t require you to download extra files.

As for downloading steps, all you need is paste the Facebook video link and click the More Options button to force download files in HD or SD.

Kindly reminder: be cautious with two big buttons – Download HD & Download SD buttons. These two buttons induce you to an advertisement page all the time.



Getfvid is one of the best online Facebook video downloaders. With this online video downloader, you can not only save the Fb videos but also convert them into MP3 files. Of course, all the service is free of charge.

However, there are many advertisements on the site, and the conversion speed is slower compared with that on the AmoyShare Facebook video downloader.

Besides, this particular doesn’t allow you to download private Facebook videos. If you are going to download Facebook private videos, click here.


What is the best Facebook video downloader? Have you got the answer?

Among these 6 best video downloaders for Facebook, AnyVid stands out from others. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. Also, it enables to download Facebook video in high quality without any watermark.

As for the best online Facebook video downloader, the AmoyShare Facebook video downloader wins out hands down. It is clean, safe, and fast.

Give it a shot!

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