Capture Highlights with Best Game Recorder

Easily and smoothly record game in a few clicks in 4K UHD at 480FPS. Share and enjoy it on any streaming site.

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Capture Highlights with Best Game Recorder
  • Ease of Use

    Effortlessly capture game highlights with an intuitive UI.

  • No Time Limit

    Unlimited game recordings without time limitations.

  • Record Any Game

    Support capturing web games and any game applications.

  • Advanced Settings

    Freely adjust resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and more.

Lag-Free Game Recording Software

High-Performance Game Recorder with Zero Lag

High-Performance Game Recorder with No Lag

With the help of advanced hardware acceleration, you can achieve high-performance game records with no lag. This capability is facilitated by utilizing widely used graphics cards such as NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL. Consequently, our game screen recorder efficiently offloads the processing tasks, leading to an enhanced and smoother game recording experience.

High-Resolution Gaming Screen Recorder

High-Resolution Gaming Screen Recorder

Apart from the lag-free gameplay recording feature, our good recording software for gaming can export diverse output qualities, from standard quality to 4K Ultra HD, Full HD (1080p), that suit your needs. It's ideal for professional gamers who wish to record high-resolution videos, preserving every element with unmatched precision and vividness for their audience.

Capture your face from webcam

Record Game with Webcam Overlay Videos

In picture-in-picture mode, the minor webcam source is overlaid on the bottom right of the primary game recording scene, allowing viewers to see your face and on-screen recording content simultaneously. This overlay, known as PiP mode, creates a more immersive and engaging quality of your videos while also adding authenticity & relatability to your content.

Take a screenshot before or during recording

Record Gameplay with In-Game & Microphone Audio

For the sake of providing a complete and immersive experience for your fans, our game recorder allows you to capture in-game and microphone audio at the same time. Thus, all your commentary, the enriched text, and explanations are recorded. It helps viewers better understand your gameplay and enhance their engagement and enjoyment.

How to Record Game?

Choose Recording Mode
Make the Game Record
Stop and save the recording files

Step 1. Choose Recording Mode

Open the game recorder and select either the Screen or Window option based on your needs. Customize other settings like microphone or system audio as needed.

Step 2. Make the Game Record

Launch the game you wish to record. After that, hit the “REC” button in the main interface to initiate the game recording process.

Step 3. Stop the Gameplay Record

When you're done, click the "Stop" icon to download the file automatically. Review and play the recorded file in the completion dashboard.

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More Advanced Features on Game Capture Software

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    Custom Hotkeys

    Create personalized hotkeys for faster game recording without interruption.

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    Real-time Drawing

    Draw annotations and emphasize key points during gameplay recording.

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    Adjustable Output Format

    Select from supported formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. to suit sharing needs.

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    Capture Screenshots

    Instantly take a screenshot to record the most memorable gaming highlights.

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    Mouse Cursor Tracking

    Use the cursor tracking feature to guide your audience on tutorials.

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    Scheduled Recording

    Effortlessly schedule an automated game record when you’re not available.

Download DiReec high-performance game recorder to capture highlights.

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What Our Users Say about DiReec Game Recorder

It’s genuinely a newbie-friendly screen recorder for gaming without any complex options on the interface, making my game experience so smooth.

--- Jacob Hawk

So perfect!! The real-time drawing and customizable hotkeys help me a lot! And take my gameplay recording to a new level!

--- Emma Dove

Wonderful high-resolution output file that presents all moments clearly and precisely. It exactly stands out as the best-in-class game recording software.

--- Isabella Brook

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