How to Download Instagram Live Videos? [Latest Guide]

By Andrew | Last updated: Nov 20, 2020

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AnyVid - Best Video downloader

4.9 out of 5


Download Instagram Live Videos

Have you ever received a notification from your friend to start a live on Instagram? Besides videos and stories, Instagram also allowed users to create live shows. Many celebrities use Instagram Live a lot. They chat with fans, share works, and sell products. Live audiences can interact in real time, such as sending comments, clicking the “Like” button, or reporting to Instagram when they feel the live video content is inappropriate.

But Instagram only keeps live videos for 24 hours after it ends. If you’ve found an Instagram Live video  pretty impressive, you may want to download it before Instagram automatically deletes it so that you can replay it anytime.

Instagram does have the download option for the live host after it is posted, but not for the audience. So you may wonder how to download Instagram Live videos.

Go through this article, and you will find a satisfactory answer.

Part 1. Use a Screen Recorder to Save Instagram Live Videos

iPhone, Android, and most laptops have built-in screen recorders. Use these tools is the most general way to save Instagram Live videos. Here’s the guide of screen recording on your smartphone.

For iOS 11 or Higher Users

Save Instagram live videos with a screen recorder
  • Go to the Control Center and find the Screen Record button (a concentric circle).
  • Go back to Instagram. Open the Control Center and start recording your screen.
  • Hit the live video that you wish to record. Wait till the live video ends, stop the screen record. The video will be automatically saved to your Photos.
Add Screen Recording to Control Center

If you don’t have it in Control Center, you can go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. After you enable the Screen Recording, you will see it appears in Control Center.

For Android 10 or Higher Users

Android Screen Recording Guide
  • Swipe down, and you can find the built-in screen recorder in the Quick Settings menu. Choose “Record System Sounds” to reduce outside noise.
  • Enable the screen recorder, then go back to Instagram to play the live video that you want to download.
  • Wait till the video end, then stop recording. The video will be automatically saved to your Photos.

With that said, we can see there are obvious shortcomings of screen recording. For example:

● Have to wait till the full video finishes (live videos are usually long)

● Other apps’ notifications may disturb the recording

● If the live video have already started, we could not record it completely.

● When you try to download someone else’s Instagram Live video, an uncontrolled condition is whether the live host will post the replay or not.

Part 2. Use Browser Plug-in

If you used to watch Instagram Live on a PC browser, the browser extension could help you out. Use Google Chrome as an example, you can get multiple results by searching for practical Instagram assistant extensions.

  • Go to Chrome’s Settings. (The “…” at the right end of the address bar). Click “Extensions” at the left sidebar. Find Chrome Web store
  • In the new page, click “Extensions” on the top left corner to open the navigation drawer. Then click “Open Chrome Web Store” at the bottom. Open Chrome Web Store
  • Type “Save IG Live Story” in the search bar. Find the extension and click “Add to Chrome.” Add Extension to Chrome
  • Go back to the Instagram home page, and the live videos show on the top of your feed. You will see the extension icon appears next to the address bar. Click the extension icon, all the live videos and stories will display in the new little window. Find the live replay
  • Click the download button next to the video that you want. Then Chrome will download the video to your PC. Download the live replay

Tip. By using this extension, you will not be able to choose one particular video to download if the live host posts more than one. All the videos will be compressed into one zip file on your PC.

Part 3. Use Instagram Live Downloader

Compared with the screen recorder and browser Plug-in, an Instagram Live downloader seems like a way that could solve the problem once and for all. Therefore, we’d like to recommend an easy-used and powerful tool for you, the AnyVid.

AnyVid is made to help users download videos from various sites much easier than before. It supports video downloads from 1,000+ sites including Instagram. Plus, AnyVid offers 3 times faster download speed for downloading 4K and HD videos. If you need to download a series of videos, the batch download is also available for you.

The download steps are pretty straightforward. Read as follow:

Tip. AnyVid has Windows/Mac/Android version, which means you can download Instagram Live videos on both PC and mobile devices.

  • Get the Instagram Live video’s link. Find the post link
  • Paste the link into AnyVid’s search box. Paste the post link
  • Click “MP4” button to start download. AnyVid will automatically provide you the best available video quality.
  • When the process bar is full, the download task is completed. And then you can watch the live video offline.


Instagram Live videos have immediacy and interactivity. Because of the existing time limit, users are urging to download Instagram Live videos. I hope you will learn the ways to download Instagram Live videos after reading through this article.


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For me, I think using an Instagram Live downloader is the most efficient method. What’s more, AnyVid supports to download not only Instagram Live videos, but also videos from other social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Get one downloader, save all the videos.

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