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About Instagram Video Downloader Online

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing app, but it doesn’t allow users to download videos or photos. So you need a tool to help you out in this situation. The online Instagram video downloader comes in handy for you to save Instagram videos easily!

  • Download Instagram Video to MP4

    There are various types of videos on Instagram, and the best Instagram video format is MP4. The powerful video downloader for Instagram allows you to download Instagram video to MP4 on your computer and phone for offline viewing.

  • HD Instagram Video Download

    When saving an Instagram video, you may don't want the video to be compressed. Download Instagram video in original quality is necessary. This free Instagram video downloader allows you to get a full HD Instagram video download without losing quality.

  • Download Instagram to MP3

    Many artists, bands or DJs on Instagram are constantly uploading and sharing newly released albums or music videos, and these are often sent out in the form of videos. The Instagram video downloader helps you extract Instagram video to MP3 quickly.

  • Long Instagram Video Length Download

    Videos posted in Instagram Story can only be 15 seconds in length. In a regular post, Instagram video length can be 60 seconds long. Whether you want to download 15s, 1 minute or longer Instagram videos, the free Instagram video downloader helps.

  • Download Instagram Story Video

    Like Snapchat, the Instagram story is only accessible for 24 hours. Thus, if you don’t download Instagram story within 24 hours, you will miss it forever. So it would help if you need a free Instagram video downloader to save Instagram story videos in time.

  • Instagram Reel Video Download

    As a new form of Instagram video, Reel becomes popular with its features that are similar to TikTok. There are many interesting short videos on Instagram Reels, you can use this online tool to free download those reels video in one click.

How to Download Instagram Video Online

AmoyShare Instagram video downloader works on most devices (ie Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet). Check the following guide to download video from Instagram online.

  1. Step 1. Copy a Video link from Instagram

    Find any video you want to download on Instagram and choose "Copy Link" on the menu.

  2. Step 2. Paste the video link & Click Download

    Go back to the Instagram video downloader, paste the video link to the search bar and click on the Download button.

Note: If you are an iOS user, please download an application named Documents first. Then, use its built-in browser to help you download Instagram videos. If you want a detailed guide, please refer to this article on how to save Instagram videos.

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  • No Ads, No Viruses

    Please rest assured to use AmoyShare Instagram Video Downloader. You won’t be bothered by ads, viruses and plug-ins.

  • Free & Easy to Use

    There are no costs to download Instagram videos online with this tool. It is 100% free and very easy to use. Just feel free to use it!

  • Safeguard Your Privacy

    We rescpect user’s privacy. You don’t need to register to use the Instagram video downloader. No apps download and sign-ups.

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