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How to Use Your Photos to Create Cute Photo Collage?

Here is a walk through tutorial showing you step by step directions of how to make a cute photo collage using AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker. In this tutorial, you can learn lots of photo collage editing skills which will bring you much fun!

Download AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker below to Start Your Creative Artwork.

Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.

These are the subtitles included in the screen:

1) Here are 4 entrances to create your artwork, select either one.

2) You can set 300 DPI resolution for top-notch quality.

3) Let’s have a look at Collage Templates.

4) We pick a template.

5) Add the related photos that prepared in computer.

6) Adjust the photos to fit into the frame properly.

7) You can change the template background.

8) You can try these masks at will!

9) A huge selection of picture masks for you to choose.

10) Multiple frames are waiting for you here!

11) You can try these frames at will!

12) Let’s try a pola frame.

13) Add some clipart, making your photo collage more vivid.

14) Adjust every clipart’s position and size that you prefer.

15) Try to make your whole photo collage more harmonious!

16) Now it’s time to add text!

17) Type the words you prefer and select a suitable font.

18) There are plentiful options for rich text editing, for example, the font color.

19) After all has done, you can save the photo collage as picture, sending them to your family or friends via e-mail.

20) You can also print it out as a nice photo.

21) Besides, you can share it to your friends through Facebook.

22) Furthermore, you can save it as a project, which facilitates to edit next time.

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