4 Proven Ways to Remove Bandicam Watermark [Free & Paid]

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Jun 08, 2023

AnyErase - Watermark Remover Pro

4.9 out of 5

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

AnyErase - Watermark Remover Pro

4.9 out of 5

Bandicam Watermark

When you make a screen recording with Bandicam, you are left with a rather annoying watermark that might obscure the video. Particularly, the watermark will appear on your final result. And you won’t notice it during the screen recording process.

That is frustrating. And many users wonder if we can get rid of Bandicam watermark quickly.

As I have said, many applications offer a watermark remover option. But these options do not usually leave you with high-quality content.

How can you remove Bandicam watermark without losing quality? The internet gives you a few great opportunities, but these are not always the best.

During this topic, we look at the various options that you can use to remove a Bandicam watermark and how to use these options optimally. By the way, a walkaround are provided so that you can record screen without watermark.

Now let’s dive in.

How to Remove Bandicam Watermark with the Official Method

Just like any other professional screen recording product, Bandicam needs to make money. Although Bandicam offers a free screen recording version, your screen recordings are always left with a watermark after completing the video.

Yet, Bandicam lets you hide its watermark in its full version recordings.

How to get rid of Bandicam watermark with its Full version? Please follow the steps below.

  • Visit https://www.bandicam.com and click on the tab labeled “Buy now.”Visit the Bandicam site to buy its pro screen recorder
  • Then you will be taken into the different options. Select the Bandicam license for $39.99. This is a lifetime purchase, and you will not be required to purchase this again.
    Your screen recordings will automatically be saved without a watermark in the future.Choose the 1-PC license to get rid of Bandicam watermark

However, as I said before, you will only find the watermark after the recording finishes. Sometimes, you cannot record the content a second time, for example, a live show or a game. In such a case, you can only find an alternative way to hide Bandicam watermark.

Please keep reading and find a suitable solution.

A Proven Method to Remove Bandicam Watermark on Recorded Video

One of the best ways to remove watermarks from Bandicam is with the application AnyErase Watermark Remover.

AnyErase can delete watermarks from Bandicam or any other videos without any loss in content quality. Therefore, this is the first alternative option on our list. AnyErase gives you the best quality outcome. This allows you to re-post and share the screen recordings freely without worrying that some parts may be unclear.

Besides that, you can add your watermark over the Bandicam one. That is a good solution if you want to promote your brand. You can refer to the post to learn how to add watermark to video with AnyErase.

Come back to the story of how to remove Bandicam watermark on your recorded video. Here are the steps.

Foremost, please install AnyErase on our computer.


Remove watermark from videos and pictures magically

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android
  • Launch the AnyErase application once your download is complete. You will see a selection of options on the left-hand side of the application. Select the button labeled remove video watermark. This Bandicam Watermark Remover application will help you get rid of Bandicam watermark in a few seconds.Choose the Remove Video Watermark tab on AnyErase
  • Next, you will notice a plus sign in the middle of your screen – the Add File button. Click on it and select the video from which you want to remove the watermark.Hit the Add file button to upload a video
  • Select the tool in the right-hand corner at the top of the application screen. Next, you will see a customizable square that you can adjust over the watermark you would like to remove. Finally, click on the start button to complete the removal of the watermark.Start to remove the Bandicam watermark

These three easy steps allow you to remove all unwanted watermarks from Bandicam recordings or other watermarked videos. Because AnyErase is a professional product, you will notice that there will be no residual blur where the watermark was.

Not only does AnyErase remove Bandicam watermarks, but adds your watermark to any of your videos.

Give it a shot!

How to Crop Bandicam Watermark Online for Free?

Besides removing the video watermark, you can crop the Bandicam watermark as well.

The reason many people prefer not to crop the video is that it might cut some content, but if you make sure to keep all needed information in the middle of your screen, this option will not interfere.

However, if you use Bandicam often, you will notice that the Bandicam watermark will be added in the top center position of the video. If you have left the upper part of the video blank while recording. Then you can use AmoyShare  Video Cropper online to crop out the Bandicam watermark for free.

How to remove Bandicam watermark by cropping tool?

  • Visit AmoyShare Video Cropper and click on the big upload button.Upload the video file on AmoyShare Video Cropper
  • You will notice a pop-up that leads to your file storage. Select the video with the Bandicam watermark, and wait for it to be uploaded to the website.
  • Once it is uploaded, you will click on the drag tabs on the customizable square and adjust how you would like the video to be cropped. Once you are happy with the size, click the blue “export” button on the right-hand bottom corner.Export the cropped video to your default folder

Bandicam Alternative without Watermark – AmoShare Screen Recorder

One way to avoid the Bandicam watermark is by using an alternative screen recorder. AmoyShare offers an instant screen recorder that has no watermark branded on your content. It allows you to screen records with no need for watermark remover applications.

This screen recorder is as easy as 1-2-3. With these next few steps, you can quickly screen record with no watermark.

  • Download the application
    Go to AmoyShare Screen Recorder and complete the free download to your device.
  • Select recorder
    Open the application, and you will notice different recording options. They will be labeled “Video Recorder,” “Audio Recorder,” and “Game Recorder.” Please click on the tab “Video recorder.Select the Video Recorder tab
  • Start Recording
    The application will have a pop-up of a customizable square. Use the drag tabs to adjust the shape and size of the screen recording area. Finally, select the record button and wait for the countdown to end, and your recording will start. Alternatively, your PC keyboard can start and stop your screen recording. By typing Ctrl+Alt+R at the same time, you activate the application. Remember first to launch your application.Screen record without watermark

Final Thoughts

During this feature, we looked at a few options to remove the Bandicam watermark, but in the end, the best option would be to use an alternative screen recorder that does not place a watermark on your content.

Suppose you want to remove the Bandcam watermark on a recorded video, AnyErase comes to the rescue. It lets you remove the watermark without blur. Moreover, you can even replace the watermark with our own brand. That is fantastic.

Try it out!


Remove watermark from videos and pictures magically

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android


Does Bandicam have a watermark?

Bandicam does have a watermark on all screen recordings made with the free version of the application. And you can only find the watermark after the recording finishes. However, you can upgrade the application, removing the watermark from future content.

How to remove Bandicam watermark without cropping?

You can use AnyErase watermark remover to erase the watermark easily. Then, upload the video, highlight the area where the watermark is located, and click export to erase watermark and download the fresh video.

How to remove Bandicam watermark with Windows movie maker?

Open the application and add the video to the Windows movie maker. Click on the caption button under the format tab in the home ribbon. Edit the text with what you need to be said and drag it to the area where the watermark is. It does not entirely remove the watermark, but it will allow you to hide it behind the new text.

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