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How to Download Private Facebook Videos

Last updated: 2017-07-25 | John C Lee
download private facebook videos

Have you ever come across the situation that you want to download a Facebook video but it’s set as private video by the owner?

If so, how do you deal with it?

Just let it go???

Definitely not!

I know it’s difficult to download private Facebook videos, but I’ve just figured out how to do that!

In this article, you’ll learn how to get private videos off Facebook with AmoyShare Free Video Downloader.

Part 1:
Differences Between Private and Public Facebook Videos

Generally speaking, the private Facebook videos are only available to the owner, shared friends or specific users while the public Facebook videos can be watched by anyone.

For every post, you can set privacy for who can see your post as follows.

Public Anyone on or off Facebook
Friends Your friends on Facebook
Friends except Don’t show to some friends
Specific friends Only show to some friends
Only me Only me can see the post

When you download private Facebook videos, you should take different process as the public one. But you can use the same procedure to download Facebook videos with different privacy settings.

Part 2:
Save Private Facebook Video Upload by Yourself

If the video is uploaded by yourself and set as Private, you only need to turn the video to Public.

And then use the same process to download Facebook video with AmoyShare Free Video Downloader. Here is the detailed downloading process.

Step 1: Change the Status of the Private Facebook Video

Click the Privacy option of the Facebook video, and then choose the Public from the Who should see this? Menu. As for the case, you can turn the private Facebook video to public one.

YouTube videos

Step 2: Copy the URL of the Facebook Video

Double click the Facebook video to get the URL, or right click the Facebook video, and then choose Show video URL to copy the URL of the Facebook video.

YouTube videos

Step 3: Paste the Video URL

Now you can paste the link of private Facebook video to the search bar.

YouTube videos

Step 4: Download Private Facebook Video

You can click the Play button to preview the Facebook video before downloading. Of course, you can just click the Download button, and then choose a video format to extract the video from Facebook to your computer.

YouTube videos

Part 3:
Download Private Videos from Facebook

If you want to download private Facebook video of others, you might get the results in vain for other Facebook video downloaders.

In order to protect the privacy of the users, Facebook has a special algorithm protection for these videos.

So you cannot download private videos of Facebook simply by entering the video link.

Here’s the easiest way to get it done.

Step 1: Open the Source Page of the Private Facebook Video

In the video page, you can press the Ctrl + U or Right click the video page to View Page Source. Before copy the whole source page to extract Private video of Facebook, you can Ctrl + F, and then enter MP4 to check whether it is saved as MP4 or a compatible format for your device.

YouTube videos

Step 2: Copy All Source Code

Press Ctrl + A to select all HTML codes for the private Facebook video from the webpage. After that press Ctrl + C to copy them to Free Video Downloader, press Ctrl + V to add the source code to the column. The Facebook video Downloader will fetch the video accordingly.

YouTube videos

Step 3: Copy All Source Code

After that you can choose a right format for the video. Of course, to make sure the videos are downloaded correctly and successfully, you can click the Play button to preview the video beforehand.

A Piece of Cake?

While you’re reading here, you already master the skill of private Facebook video download.

Besides getting private Facebook videos, Free Video Downloader also empowers you to download videos from multiple online streaming sites, such as YouTube.

Especially when you wanna create a personalized music playlist, the online Facebook downloader is able to fetch both videos and audios from video sharing sites.

Another splendid feature of the online video downloader is the powerful searching algorithm, which get the desired video for you based on the key words or tags.

If you have any other query about the download process, you can feel free to tell me with more details in the comments.

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