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Pro YouTube Downloader - AnyUTube
Pro YouTube Downloader - AnyUTube
  • Download YouTube video 1080p/4K
  • Convert YouTube to MP3 320kpbs
  • Unlimited YouTube downloads & conversions
  • 1,000+ sites supported

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free?

The AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader simplifies your YouTube video download with two different methods.

Method 1. Save from YouTube using URLs

If you prefer an exact video search, please copy the URL from YouTube and paste it into the Free YouTube Downloader search box. You will get the precise result in no time.

Copy the video link from YouTube

Click the Download button to save YouTube videos.

Save YouTube videos with Free YouTube Downloader

Method 2. Download from YouTube by keywords

You can enter any words about your desired YouTube video. After you click on the Search button, results relevant to the words will be available to you.

Search for YouTube videos with keywords

Choose the video you need, and hit the Download button to download the YouTube video.

Download YouTube videos online free

Best Free YouTube Downloader Online

What can you expect from the best free YouTube downloader online? The following features say it all. Take a look at what you can do with this free YouTube downloader.

Download YouTube to MP3 Downloader Online

Many people want to download YouTube to MP3 or download YouTube audio to reduce dependence on a stable Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, they prefer not to install any software. In this sense, AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader is such a handy online YouTube MP3 downloader that suits your needs. It is a free YouTube downloader online that can be used either on a web browser or a mobile browser. Moreover, it doesn’t require you to register. You can rip audio from YouTube in the easiest way.

Convert YouTube to MP4 Free Online

As the world’s largest video hosting website, YouTube offers all kinds of videos users need. There has been a great demand for downloading YouTube to MP4. You can use AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader to convert YouTube to MP4 with ease. Simply insert a link or enter some words in the search bar. The rest things are as easy as 123.

Download YouTube Playlist Online

When you discover an exciting playlist on YouTube, don’t you have the urge to download an entire YouTube playlist? If yes, AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader can be a YouTube playlist downloader. It helps you download YouTube playlist to MP3 and MP4 effortlessly. The job is easy. Copy the URL of the playlist and paste it in the search box, all the tracks of the playlist will appear in the search results.

Download Music from YouTube Online

YouTube is also a music service where users can enjoy and share music online. However, YouTube itself does not allow you to download videos or audio unless you are a premium member. How to download music from YouTube? No worries! Free YouTube Downloader is a free tool that allows you to download music and song from YouTube. You can download YouTube music in MP3 or MP4.

Download YouTube Audio Online Free

With the Free YouTube Downloader, you can download audio from YouTube to MP3 or M4A. The Free YouTube Downloader is also a YouTube audio downloader online. You can download YouTube audio in 128kbps standard resolution.

Why Trust Free YouTube Downloader?

100% Free and Safe

Safe and free YouTube download online without viruses.

YouTube to MP3 & MP4

Download YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 easily.

Fast Download

Download from YouTube deftly at a fast speed.

No Registrations

Registrations are not required to use the free tool.

HD YouTube Video Downloader for PC, Mac, and Android

As a person who values quality, you may wonder if you can download YouTube to MP3 320kbps or convert YouTube to MP4 1080p. It is not a problem at all. The Free YouTube Downloader has an advanced version called AnyUTube. It is a HD YouTube downloader that helps you download YouTube videos in high-quality videos, and download YouTube music to MP3 320k.

Pro YouTube Downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best free YouTube downloader?

If user-friendliness and safety count, AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader is the best free YouTube downloader. It is 100% free and safe without charge and viruses. What’s more, the easy-to-use interface is friendly to any users. Also, you might wonder what is the best site for downloading YouTube videos. The answer is the same as stated before.

2. Can you download YouTube video for free?

AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader is such a free tool you’ve been looking for. No registration, no ads, no viruses! What you need to do is copy a link and paste it onto the search bar to download video from YouTube. An alternative is to type in a few words about the video you want to download and get YouTube video downloads by clicking the Download button.

3. How can you download music from YouTube?

Follow the steps below:

1. Find your favorite music on YouTube, and copy the link.

2. Open AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader and paste the URL in the search box.

3. Click the Download button to download YouTube music in MP3 or MP4.

Tips: You can also search for YouTube music by entering an artist, song, playlist, lyrics, or album.

4. How to download YouTube videos to MP4?

AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader makes the YouTube video download an easy task. Take a look:

1. Type a few words in the search box of the Free YouTube Downloader. Hit the Search button.

2. Pick your favored video and click the Download button. Choose an MP4 resolution to download.

Tips: You can search by URLs. In other words, copy a link from YouTube, and paste it into the search box.

5. Can you download a YouTube playlist online without the software?

Surely! Software is not a must-have. There’s a reliable free YouTube video downloader online that enables you to download YouTube playlist and channel quickly. Just paste the playlist URL into the search bar of the AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader. After the results come out, it is only one click away to download the YouTube playlist.

6. How to download YouTube videos to computer?

AmoyShare online YouTube downloader is available on any device and system. In other words, it is a free YouTube downloader for Windows 10, Windows 11, and more. Also, you can access this YouTube video downloader with Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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