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How to Download Songs from YouTube on Windows/Mac

Last updated: 2017-07-11 | Eva C Levy
download songs from youtube

When it come to YouTube songs download, you just have too many choices to get it done.

Is there any one-stop solution to download different kinds of YouTube videos to audio tracks?


AnyMusic is the easiest YouTube converter to download songs from YouTube on Windows and Mac.

The article will show you 4 different methods to extract music from online streaming sites with AnyMusic.

Get Music Files off YouTube on Windows

In order to download songs from YouTube to iPod or other MP3 Players, you might only need to get audio tracks.

As for the case, AnyMusic is able to download YouTube video to music directly.

Solution 1: Download audio from YouTube with URL

When you find a nice YouTube music video, you can download it as audio format directly with the URL as follows.

Step 1: Go to Video to MP3 or Find Music. And then copy the URL of the audio music to the column to search for the music from YouTube.

free video to mp3

Step 2: Once the YouTube downloader fetches the video files, you can see it on the result page. You click the Play button to preview the file, and Download button to rip audio off YouTube to MP3 format.

play the video

Step 3: If you just need to save the songs to your computer, you can click the Open Saved Directory to enjoy the songs on your computer.

download music to library

Solution 2: Search for music files from YouTube

If you just wanna find songs of an artist, AnyMusic is able to search for music from YouTube and Archive.

Of course, you can also search for other keywords like name of songs, albums and more.

Check out the process to find music file from YouTube.

Step 1: Click on the Find Music, and then enter the key word to search for the music with related song, artist and album.

search music with name of singer

Step 2: After that you can click the Play button, paly and check which song is the one that you’re looking for. And then click Download button to get the music download in different formats.

choose a format

Step 3: The program will add the music files to the Library directly for downloading. If you need to sync the songs to iPhone, you can click the Change Saved Directory to iTunes > iTunes Media > Music. Then the music files will be transferred to iTunes automatically.

sync music to itunes

Download Songs from YouTube on Mac

What should you do if you want to get the music video files or extract MP3 files from the YouTube video?

This part explains the method to use AnyMusic to download video tracks from YouTube from different video database.

Solution 3: Get music video off YouTube with keywords

Similar to download audio files from YouTube, you can use the AnyMusic to download music video file. The only difference is that you can only download the program in Video to MP3 menu.

Step 1: Go to Free Mp3 Finder, you can input any keywords about music. The program will automatically detect the video with detailed information.

free video to mp3

Step 2: Click the Download button to choose the video format. Of course, you can also play the video files before you download the music

download songs from youtube

Step 3: Just enter as many video as you want, the program is able to handle the downloading process in batch. You can find all the video in Library > Downloaded.

get video to library

Solution 4: Extract MP3 from YouTube Video

Just as the name of the Video to MP3, you can also extract MP3 files from YouTube.

If you wanna extract the background music of a video, it is very important feature to get the music files off YouTube video.

Step 1: Enter the URL of the video file to the program to extract MP3 file from YouTube.

free video to mp3

Step 2: If you want to stream the music before downloading, you can click on the Play button. When you click the Download button, you can choose the different audio format as needed.

extract music from video

Step 3: All the downloaded music can be found in AnyMusic Library. Of course, you can also change the default destination to the cloud service, which you can sync the downloaded YouTube songs to Cloud for all the devices.

change saved directory


Actually, both the Windows version and the Mac version have the same functions.

So you can choose the version that fits for your computer.

You can use the four solutions to download songs from YouTube channel, Facebook and other online streaming sites.

Whether you need to download songs in MP3 or the video music, AnyMusic just provides the easiest way to achieve it.

It is best the most versatile music downloader for YouTube and other online streaming websites.

If you have any query about the ways to get the desired music, you can feel free to let me know in the comment.

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