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10 Songs You Should Add to Birthday Playlist

Last updated: 2017/01/03 | Eva C Levy

Everyone has his or her own birthday. People would say “happy birthday to you” or sing “happy birthday to you” when someone in his or her birthday. Maybe all of us are familiar with the song “Happy Birthday to you”. But if all people always sing same song every birthday party, it sounds a little boring. Would you like try some new? Today I am going to share some interesting and beautiful happy birthday songs. All the birthday songs in the playlist are not written by famous artists or singers, but you’ll be impressed by the beautiful melodies. To help you figuring out the one you like, tracks and lyrics are provided as follows.

birthday scene

1. "It's your birthday" - It's your birthday. Happy birthday.

2. "An Alternative Birthday song" - Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday wish to you.

3. "Happy Birthday" - It's your birthday. It's your birthday. Yes, it's your birthday. So happy birthday to you.

4. “Happy Birthday Happy Birthday” - Happy, happy, happy, birthday, the day is just for you. I wish you happy birthday.

5. “Many Happy Returns” - Many happy returns. Many happy returns. Many happy returns.

6. “Happy Birthday is What We’ll Say” - Happy birthday is what we’ll say. Happy birthday, this is your day.

7. “Super Psyched for Your Birthday” - This one is very fast and strong. You cannot help dancing with the rhythm.

8. “Hooray! It’s Your Birthday!” - Hooray, hooray, hooray, it’s your birthday. Hooray, hooray, hooray, it’s your birthday. Yeah!

9. "An Alternative Happy Birthday Song" - Happy day, happy day of birth my dear friend! Inching closer to your eventual end, so live it up while you still can!

10. “Hey Hey Hey Happy Birthday” - Hey,hey,hey, the favorite day. We hope you a happy birthday.

Do you like these birthday songs? If so, add them to your birthday playlist and enjoy with friends. What’s more, you can download these songs from the AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder for free. Thus, you don’t need to worry about no options of birthday songs anymore.

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