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HD Video Downloader – Download HD Video from 1000+ Sites (Windows & Mac)

Last updated: 2018-05-21 | Eva C Levy


HD (High-Definition) videos are on tap whenever you have an Internet connection available. However, there are many occasions that you’re forced to go offline. Besides, if you’re battling with a slow connection, you probably will switch to a lower quality video or decide to endure video buffering. In this case, a HD video downloader could be just what you need. With a little forward planning and the right software, you can download any video you like so as to watch them offline.

Therefore, I spent more than 20 hours in testing 10 HD video downloader apps to find the best one, my favorite is AnyVid from AmoyShare. This video downloader is simple to use and offers multiple features lets you get full HD video download from more than 1,000 websites. Of course, it works great on Windows and Mac, so you can install it on your device.


  • You can choose video resolution.
  • You can convert video to audio.
  • More than 1000 video sites supported.
  • YouTube HD video playlist download supported.
  • Download video directly as you watch video.


  • Supported video formats limited.
  • Sometimes it is slow.

YouTube videos

In this post, we would like to give you a brief introduction of HD, and 3 ways to download HD video with AnyVid. Now, let’s get started.

What’s HD Video Downloader?

HD video downloader makes you download hot HD videos from the Internet. Download HD video in your device. So, an applicable HD downloader for videos is quite important to make it happen.

Indeed, HD is the “new” way to watch video, but how do you know if what you’re downloading is truly HD or not? First, let’s take a look for the picture below. Can you tell the difference if there is no marked answer?

YouTube videos

Well. Compared with SD (standard definition), HD delivers a much clearer, sharper, and vivid image when playing videos. In terms of screen resolution, there are 2 types of HD video downloads. One is high-definition video modes, the other is ultra high-definition video modes.

YouTube videos

1. High-definition Video Modes

Resolution is determined by the amount of pixels in width and height. In layman terms, the picture will contain fine details and won’t simply pixelate when we zoom it digitally. The higher the number of pixels is, the resolution of the picture will be much vivid. Generally speaking, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p are marketed as 3 common high-definition video modes.

Video mode Frame size in pixels (W×H) Pixels per image
720p (also known as HD Ready) 1,280×720 921,600
1080p (also known as Full HD) 1,920×1,080 2,073,600
1440p (also known as Quad HD) 2,560×1,440 3,686,400

2. Ultra High-definition Video Modes

We often see 4K download, but what exactly does 4K mean? Actually, 4K UHD represents 2160p. It’s one of the ultra high-definition video modes. Besides 4K UHD, 2000p, 2540p, 4000p and 4320p (8K UHD) also belong this category.

Video mode Frame size in pixels (W×H) Pixels per image
2000p 2,048×1,536 3,145,728
2160p (also known as 4K UHD) 3,840×2,160 8,294,400
2540p 4,520×2,540 11,480,800
4000p 4,096×3,072 12,582,912
4320p (also known as 8K UHD) 7,680×4,320 33,177,600

AnyVid Review

AmoyShare AnyVid is the video downloader that has many nice features we are looking for, especially for HD video download, also can be said the HD video downloader for YouTube. AnyVid works well on PC including Windows and Mac, URL and keywords search are available. (BTW, YOU CAN TRY AmoyShare HD video downloader online – Free Video Finder, it’s also not bad.)

1. Download & Convert

With video URL or video keywords, you can download HD video from more than 1000 sites, popular websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo in different formats and quality. Suffice it to say that if there's an HD video online that you want on your computer, AnyVid can capture it for you.

2. Easy-to-Use

AnyVid interface couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to search, easy to download and easy to convert. Before you get HD video downloads, you can preview the video on AnyVid.

3. YouTube HD Video Download Supported

As the most popular video streaming site, of course, AnyVid will meet all your YouTube video downloads needs. I can tell that AnyVid can be your best choice for YouTube HD video downloaders for Windows and Mac.

How to Download A HD Video with AnyVid?

There are 3 ways for you to download a HD video or a HD YouTube playlist with AnyVid:

Approach 1 Paste the URL of the HD Video to AnyVid

Whenever you want to download a HD video, you can simply copy and paste the URL of the HD video to AnyVid. You’ll get it downloaded within seconds.

Now, let’s take downloading a HD video from Vevo as an example.

Step 1: Copy and paste the URL of the HD video into the text box of AnyVid. By clicking on the search icon, search results will be shown shortly.


Step 2: There you go. After AndVid fetch the HD video, you can now click on the download button to save it. However, there’s a limitation of AnyVid for now. For some videos, AnyVid can’t tell you what are the HD qualities of those videos. Just like this one, it shows ‘Unknown’ of the quality. But one thing you can be sure is that it’s definitely a HD video.



Approach 2 Enter Keywords into the Search Bar of AnyVid

Besides, you can take AnyVid as a YouTube HD Video Downloader as well. In February 2009, YouTube users started to have the option to watch videos in HD. Soon after, YouTube announced that they already supported 1080p HD video watching. Since then, users never stop looking for a HD downloader YouTube. And that’s exactly what AnyVid can do for you.

Except for pasting the URL of a HD video, AnyVid also allows you to search and download any YouTube HD video by entering keywords.

For instance, if you want to download a Tomorrowland music festival 4k YouTube video, simply enter ‘tomorrowland 4k’ into the search bar of AnyVid. It will fetch it in seconds for you.



Step 2: Click on the download button, you can now save the video in 4K and enjoy offline watching.


Notice: Though there are plenty much of HD YouTube downloaders out other. However, you might notice that most of them can only download HD video without audio, such as AllTubeDownload. Given that, AnyVid has synthesized the highest quality of sound and video of every HD YouTube video. So, you can feel free to download any HD YouTube video with AnyVid.

Approach 3 Use the Embedded Sites within the Application

In addition, AnyVid also embeds lots of HD video sites. You can enjoy browsing and saving any HD video with one click. Next, I’m going to show you how exactly it works.


Step 1: For instance, if you want to offline watch the YouTube MV of ‘Nice for What’, you can click on YouTube and search for it by entering keywords.


Step 2: Hit the download button, and then you can select a HD quality to save it. By the way, all your downloads can be found in the ‘Library’ of AnyVid.



Bottom Line

That’s all for today’s sharing. Wish this post could give you a brief understanding of HD videos. What if you want to enjoy HD video offline? AnyVid might be a great choice for you. On the one hand, it supports several approaches to find and save HD videos, including enter keywords, paste URL and use embedded sites within the application. On the other hand, it can do what else downloader can’t. As I mentioned, most of YouTube video downloaders actually don’t support HD YouTube video downloads, but downloading video without audio. However, you can feel free to download any HD YouTube video with AnyVid. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Finally, thanks for your reading. If you have any other question or advice, you’re welcomed to leave it below.

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