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Tutorial on Free Mp3 Download

Summary: Instead of purchasing expensive songs online, lots of music lovers prefer to enjoy and download for free, but it’s hard to guarantee its quality as well. Here offers you the way leaving you without anxiety. You can download your favorite songs not only for free, but also at the high-quality!

To download free music, you will need only three simple steps:

First, go to AmoyShare Free Mp3 Finder page, find the music search bar.

Second, once this title has been entered, click the Search button.

Third, if done properly, a new window will appear displaying a preview of the music, along with the download links and music qualities. Once you have decided on which music you want, click the appropriate download link.

After the file has been downloaded, it will be available in your download‘s folder.

The subtitles included in the screen:

1 How to Download Music for Free?

2 Type into the website:

3 Two entrances here: on the music navigational guidance, you can click “Free MP3 Finder”.

4 Or, at the main interface of AmoyShare homepage, enter from “Free MP3 Finder” section.

5 Input the name of artist, album or song that you prefer, press Enter when ready.

6 The music you have searched will be displayed in nearly all versions.

7 You can see the bit rate, lasting time and file size for each piece of music here.

8 Have a try by clicking to see whether it meets your demand.

9 You can click here to download.

10 Just follow the prompting steps

11 As easy as that, go ahead by yourself now!

12 For more free online services, just visit our official website:


Enjoy Now!

You can not only enjoy our Free Mp3 Download service, but also have a free trial of our software, O2Tunes, helping you transfer music in thunder speed!

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