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AnyMusic for Windows
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The All in One Free MP3 Music Solution

AnyMusic covers all the powerful features you love - discover free songs, download MP3 songs, play music, convert videos to audio files, and manage music library. Best of all, it’s 100% safe & ad-free.

Powerful Music Search Engine

It’s incredible simple to search music by song, artist, album or even video link. And you are able to discover a huge selection of free music.

Enjoy Music by Listening & Watching

You can download both songs and music videos with AnyMusic. It supports multiple formats, including MP3, M4A, MP4 etc.

Discover Music All Over the World

We list the most famous music charts worldwide with AnyMusic, so you can discover the trend of music in the world.

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Versatile Build-in Player

Unlike other free music downloaders, with AnyMusic, you can enjoy the music instantly after downloading without third party music player software.

Easy to Manage Music Library

To get rid of messy music files, AnyMusic enables you to have an organized music collection by changing media folder location as you wish.

Support 1000+ Sites

AnyMusic allows you to download music and videos from more than 1000+ sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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So What Can AnyMusic Do for You?

AnyMusic is the best music search engine

How to find a song with AnyMusic?

  • 1
    Enter the songs, albums, or artists in the search bar. Also, you can paste the URL of the music video you’d like to download to the field.
  • 2
    Stream the music before downloading.
  • 3
    Click the “Download” and choose format.
  • 4
    Here it is! You can find the downloaded music in the Music Library.
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AnyMusic is the best free music downloader.

How to download free music with AnyMusic?

  • 1
    Search for the music you want to download with song, artist, album, or URL.
  • 2
    Before downloading, play the track to make sure the music is what you’re looking for.
  • 3
    Click on the Download button and select a format.
  • 4
    That’s all. Now you can manage the songs in the Library.
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AnyMusic is a YouTube MP3 downloader.

How to download YouTube videos to MP3 files with AnyMusic?

  • 1
    Paste the video URL to search bar, or simply enter the keyword about music.
  • 2
    Preview the video to make sure it’s the music you’d like to download.
  • 3
    Click the “Download” button and select format as needed.
  • 4
    Done! Now you can enjoy the downloaded music in the Library.
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AnyMusic is a Facebook video to MP3 converter.

How to convert Facebook video to MP3 with AnyMusic?

  • 1
    Enter songs, artists, albums, or paste the video link that you want to convert.
  • 2
    Stream the Facebook video to make sure it’s what you want.
  • 3
    Select the file type and convert the video to MP3 to start conversion.
  • 4
    Hooray! You just made it, check the downloaded music in your Library.
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How to add downloaded music to iTunes?

  • 1
    Go to AnyMusic Library, and click Change Save Directory.
  • 2
    Find iTunes Media folder by choosing iTunes > iTunes Media > Music, and Click Open.
  • 3
    Open your iTunes and you can see your newly added files in your iTunes library.
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Customer Testimonials

  • David Smith

    AnyMusic’s powerful features let everyone to get music download easier than ever before. I’d highly recommend AnyMusic to everyone.

  • Lisa Brandes

    Since I started using AnyMusic, I feel like I’ve taken my step into a larger world of music. I can effortlessly get whatever music I want at fingertips.

  • Eron Sommers

    I never expect music download can be so easy until I find AnyMusic. I bet no music downloader can do better than AnyMusic.

5 Stars Award

Why Choose Us?

We aim to provide the best possible service for you.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Excellent Privacy Protection

  • Expert Product Maintenance

  • 24/7 Customer Service

Where words fail, music speaks.

AnyMusic is here for you!

AnyMusic for Windows

Best Free Music Downloader, Converter and Player for All Your Preference

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1. comment by sofaspud
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
will not open get nithung or when does open just get white box,
2. comment by eRiccc
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (3)
Perfect software for downloading any music from YouTube and Facebook!!! The download process is supper fast and simple, and I've not failed to download any song yet.
3. comment by Grant Pittman
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
Best music downloader I've ever seen. Here are a few things I love about AmoyShare:
Easy to use - You just enter anything about the music you want, and instantly, you can get lots of results.
Wide selection - On the one hand, you can get music resources from many online streaming sites, like SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Archive, and so on. On the other hand, you can select a variety of file formats for the music you want to download.
Ad free - I've tired quite a few free music downloaders, even though some of them are not bad, but the pop up ads really annoy me. So when I find that AnyMusic is totally ad free, I just love it for no reason.
Virus free - This point is very essential. You know, viruses and malware usually come packaged with MP3 files and your computer may break down due to this.
4. comment by LizzyWiner
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
With AnyMusic, it feels like to get a mp3 downloader, a youtube converter and a music player at the same time. It's so AMAZING!
5. comment by Wooody0219
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
Thanks to AnyMusic, I can get rid of the restriction for music on iPhone. Beyond that, I can add my music collections to iPhone even without opening iTunes. It's truly useful for iPhone users.
6. comment by MONA
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
When I need to download youtube videos to mp3, AnyMusic shall be my first choice. Actually, it allows you to convert videos to different aodio files from many online streaming sites. In this way, I've got quite a few rare soundtracks. I think it's a really practical tool for music lovers.
7. comment by frankish
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
I thought this software was simply a music downloader at very beginning. But then I find out it can also works as YouTube converter, brilliant!
8. comment by Zoe Lynn
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (0)
I used to get overwhelmed with my messy music library. But since I started using this music software, I've never been bothered by this problem again.
9. comment by Oven Jones
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (1)
Fantastic! It's the first time that I've not gotten annoyed by crazy ads. Because there's no ads in this software hhhhh...