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The One-Stop Solution for MP3 Music Download

You’ll be amazed by the powerful features of AnyMusic - search free music, download mp3 songs, play soundtracks, convert video to mp3, and manage your playlist. Most of all, it’s affordable and safe.

MP3 Music Search Engine

You can search and download unlimited free music on AnyMusic by keywords like artists, song name or video link.

Music Video Downloader

AnyMusic enables you to download music videos in high quality. Choose formats like MP4, MKV, WebM and 3GP.

Discover Worldwide Music

You can explore music from all over the world. We’ve rounded up the hottest music charts on AnyMusic for music lovers.

Video-to-Audio Converter

If you need to convert video to mp3 or extract audio from videos, then you must use AnyMusic to make it happen!

MP3 Music File Manager

Manage your music files efficiently and easily with AnyMusic library. Change the save location or rename files.

Music from 1000+ Sites

We have the most complete music resources for music download - YouTube, Facebook, Vevo and over 1000 sites.

So What Can AnyMusic Do for You?

AnyMusic is a powerful tool to search MP3 music.

How to find unlimited music with AnyMusic?

  • Search for the music you want to download with songs, albums, artists, or links.
  • Before downloading, play the music to make sure it’s what you want to download.
  • Hit the “Download” button and choose the file type.
  • Here you go! Find the downloaded music in the Library.
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AnyMusic is the easiest MP3 downloader to get free music.

How to get free music download with AnyMusic?

  • Enter the song, artist, album, or the video URL.
  • Play and listen to the music before downloading.
  • Select a format and click the “Download”.
  • There you go! Check your downloads in the library.

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AnyMusic is a YouTube converter.

How to convert YouTube to MP3 with AnyMusic?

  • Search music with songs, artists, albums, or paste the URL of the YouTube video.
  • Stream the YouTube video before converting it to MP3 file.
  • Click “Download” and choose the format to start the conversion process.
  • You’re all set! Go to the Library for the music you just download.
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AnyMusic is a Facebook to MP3 downloader.

How to download music from Facebook with AnyMusic?

  • Search with keywords about music, or the URL of the Facebook video.
  • Play the video online before conversion.
  • Click the download button and choose a format.
  • As soon as the conversion is finished you can find it in AnyMusic Library.
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How to import MP3 files into iTunes?

  • Choose AnyMusic Library > Change Saved Directory.
  • Find iTunes Media folder by choosing iTunes > iTunes Media > Music, and Click Open.
  • Now you can check the downloaded MP3 music in your iTunes library.
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Customer Testimonials

  • Ashley Kendall

    AnyMusic is amazing. It only takes me a few minutes to download a wide collection of MP3 songs that saves me lots of time.

  • Randy Harris

    When it comes to music, I just count on AnyMusic for everything I need. And it has never let me down.

  • Kat Norton

    I finally get a perfect music download software that works well on my Mac. And I don’t think I can find a better one than this.

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Where words fail, music speaks.

AnyMusic is here for you!

AnyMusic for Mac

Perfect Combination of Music Downloader, Music Player & Video Converter

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1. comment by Adam Robinson
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (10)
Nice interface, no ads, multiple music resources, and fast download. Simple yet powerful, I love it.
2. comment by Patrick Burton
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (5)
I've used AnyMusic for a while, everything is just great for me. I can search for any music I want, and the download is fast. Most of all, Im impressed by the feature that AnyMusic allows users to convert videos from online streaming sites to audio files. The only problem was it only worked on Windows before. So I'm so glad it finally launched the Mac version, I can share this amazing music tool to everyone now.
3. comment by edisonlee
Did you find this commment useful? Yes | No (11)
Wow! The Mac version finally came out! My friend recommended AnyMusic to me like three months ago, but it only worked on windows at that time. I tried windows version of this software on my friends desktop, and I was so surprised it not only can download mp3 music but also convert video to mp3. Anyway, it's worth the wait.