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Top 5 Indian Music Streaming Services – Best Music Sites in India

Last updated: 2017-12-25 | Eva C Levy
Indian Music Streaming Service

I bet you have noticed that Indian music now is getting popular.

When did you start to listen to Indian music?

I started to listen to Indian music because of a Bollywood movie, Three Idiots.

With the popularity of Bollywood movies,

More and more people start accessing to Indian music.

However, you might have no idea where to stream Indian music.

So today, I am going to share you with 5 Indian music streaming service.

I wish you could find the right one!

#1 Saavn

Considering India is the world's second most populous country, that's a huge potential music streaming market. Saavn claims that unlike other competitors, they only focus on Indian market. Therefore, they devoted to study Indian culture, including setting price according to Indian customers' consumption habits. As a result, Saavn now already became one of the best music websites for Indian music lovers.


✔ Excellent Library of Indian Music. In Saavn, users can discover music among 30 million Bollywood, Hindi, Indian regional songs and English songs. Besides, it also contains radio stations. Users can simply pick a mood or an artist. Then, the system will recommend relative music to users.
✔ Social Media Involved. By connecting with Facebook or Twitter account, users can share songs with family members and friends. Besides, users can see songs of what are their friends listening by following them.

✘ Lots of Ads in Free Version. When you leave the web page for a while and come back, it always pops up a promoting window, such as building connection with Saavn's Instagram account or subscribing Saavn Pro.
✘ Limited international music. Because Saavn is now focuses on Indian market, so it only covers little mainstream international music. Therefore, if you are fascinated with Indian music, then Saavn will be a good choice.

By subscribing Saavn Pro, you can get premium features including:

  • No ads
  • No skip limits
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 320kbps High quality audio downloads
  • Sync downloads on 5 devices
  • Users can a get 7-day free trial. After that, users have their own decisions.

For iOS users:

Duration Price (INR)
1 Month Rs. 120
3 Months Rs. 300
6 Months Rs. 550
1 Year Rs. 1050

For Android users:

Duration Price (INR)
1 Day Rs. 5
1 Week Rs. 30
1 Month Rs. 99
3 Months Rs. 285
6 Months Rs. 550
1 Year Rs. 999

As for Windows users, you need to purchase Saavn Gift Card so as to go Pro.

Available on: web, Android, iOS & Apple Watch,Windows

#2 Gaana

Gaana offers you 10 million free and unlimited online streaming songs. Across Bollywood music, Hindi songs, regional music, radios as well as Radio Mirchi in one place. As for radio Mirchi, you might know that it is a popular radio station in India. You definitely should try it!


✔ Rich Sources of Old Songs. Gaana owes more than 10 million songs. In Gaana, you not only can discover the latest music but also old classics.
✔ Holiday Playlists. If you were looking for Indian holiday music, I would recommend you to visit Gaana. Here you can find Holi, Diwali, and other festival songs. It is also a great start to access to Indian music and its culture.
✔ Ganna Social. First, users can share their family and friends music by connecting Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Besides, Gaana also built an internal community for users. Users can build relationships and interact with each other by following each other, and check out songs of friends.

✘ Poor Navigation Bar Design. The navigation bar of Gaana includes 5 categories. However, “Help” or “FAQ” is not included. Therefore, as a newer, it's hard to find more information about the website and its service.
✘ Too Many Ads on Free Model. Comparing with other peers, many ads are displayed in prominent position of the site. That also indicates that Gaana more relies on the revenue of ads in its free version.
✘ Permission Settings. Without subscribe Gaana+, users can only play songs in low and medium qualities.


Duration Price (Dollar)
1 Month $3.99
3 Months $9.99
6 Months $19.99
12 Months $39.99

By subscribing Saavn Pro, you can get premium features including:

  • Get rid of ads
  • Unlimited downloads for offline listening
  • Enjoy streaming songs in high definition
  • Connect up to 5 devices

Available on: web, Android, iOS

#3 Hungama

Hungama provides users with free and unlimited access to play music online. However, subscription is required for downloading tracks. Hungama includes more than 3.5 million of Bollywood, Hindi, regional (e.g. Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, etc.) as well as international songs and videos.


✔ Powerful Discovery Feature. By selecting your mood, Hungama will recommend you music to match your mood at the moment.
✔ Comprehensive Indian Music Library. Hungama not only covers pretty comprehensive sources of Indian music, but also well classified different regional languages of music. It really benefits users to find type of music they needed.

✘ Limited International Music. On the one hand, there are few international music collections in Hungama. On the other hand, though Hungama did provide international music, it doesn't have specific categories. Therefore, it is hard for users to discover international music.
✘ Too Many Ads. When you browse the homepage of Hungama, it shows at least 4 ads there.


If you want to play songs and videos offline, Hungama also provides with a Music Pro Plan. By subscribing this plan, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and ad-free experience on 5 devices.

Music Pro Plan (Music & Videos):

Duration Price (Dollar)
1 Month $2
3 Months $4
12 Months $14

By subscribing Gaana +, you can enjoy following privileges:

  • Get rid of ads
  • Unlimited downloads for offline listening
  • Enjoy streaming songs in high definition
  • Connect up to 5 devices

Available on: web, Android, iOS

#4 Wynk

Wynk Music belongs to Bharti Airtel Limited. It also owns Airtel, an Indian telecommunications services company. Therefore, when Wynk Music was launched, some of its services were bundled with Airtel, the most representative one is Wynk Music Pricing. Later, I will explain it.

When it comes to Wynk Music itself, users can enjoy 2.2 million songs ranging from Bollywood, regional as well as international music.

Wynk Music

✔ Completely Ads Free. Unlike other competitors, Wynk provides all users with an ad-free environment. To some extent, it also contributes to users' interests of spending more time on this site.
✔ High Quality Music Streaming. Even if you did not subscribe its premium plan, you still can play and download tunes in HD (320/256 kbps) quality. That's another factor that really brings in more customers to Wynk.

✘ Limit the Number of Free Streaming. Wynk only allows users to stream 100 songs (per month) for free. After that, you need to decide whether to subscribe or not.
✘ Biased Pricing. As I mentioned before, pricing of Wynk is always a controversial topic. If you are an Airtel user, you will get much lower price to go Wynk Pro.


Subscriber Type Android iOS
Airtel User Rs.29/month Rs.60/ month
Non-Airtel User Rs.99/month Rs.120/ month

First month subscription is free as trial offer.

Available on: web, Android, iOS

#5 Raaga

Raaga offers music lovers to listen Indian music in more than 18 different languages, including Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, etc. In addition, this website is available in 5 regional languages, which are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.


✔ Non-Stop Raaga Radio. First, Raaga radio provides users with live radio channels in more than 10 languages. In addition, Raaga suggests users plenty of ways to select radio channels. Put in detail, users can choose a singer, an actor or even a composer to find a perfect channel. Besides, Raaga also offers users mood-based radio channels. Users can always find a radio channel to fit their moods.
✔ My Raaga. My Raaga encourages users to join the community. Via my Raaga, users can follow their favorite celebrities, create and share playlists as well as connect with friends. It is a great way to advertise Raaga to other potential clients. By the way, all changes will sync to devices, which is really convenient.

✘ Very Limited Non-Stop radios. One of Raaga's major features is its non-stop radio. However, users don't have much choice. For instance, when it comes to Singers' Non Stop Channel, there are only 10 singers' channels. Therefore, Raaga still needs to work on this.
✘ Inadequate Content. Raaga still lacks of international music resources. When I clicked World Music. I noticed that there was no content in this column. That was quite disappointed.


Raaga offers two kinds of subscriptions. You can either subscribe by month or year.

Duration Price (Dollar)
Monthly $0.99
Yearly $19.99

Raaga premium can enjoy the following services:

  • Ads free
  • Unlimited downloads
  • High quality stream in 128k, 256k, and 320k.
  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • Premium users can access to its support team via chat, e-mail, and phone

Besides, you can also try Raaga Premium free for 15 days.

Available on: Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Google TV, Samsung TV


The above are my recommendations for Indian music streaming and downloading sites.

It might be too much information for you at this moment.

Therefore, I would like to make a brief conclusion, hope it will help you clarify it.

Did my post help you figure out which site suits you the most?

If you know any other hot online music sites in India, feel free to tell me in the comments.

In addition to Indian music streaming service, I guess you may also be interested in free music download sites.

So I’ve made a list of the Top 10 Free MP3 Sites for you to download music without spending a penny.

Finally, thanks for your reading!

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