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When you listen to music, I bet most of you prefer to download high quality of music.

But can you really hear the difference between high and low sound qualities? Is high sound quality always best for all songs? I can tell you, it's not always true.

This page offers a test for checking the sensitivity of your ears. We’ve carefully selected songs of the following genres: pop, R&B, rock, jazz, instrumental, rap, classical, punk, symphony and so on. Just pick out the music clip with the best audio quality and see if you are the one with “golden ears”!

Some of you did good jobs in this test, you are definitely music buff! If you failed to hear the difference, don't worry, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Here are some facts you should know:
  • Human can hardly hear the difference of sound quality over 192Kbps. Even 128Kbps mp3 sounds not much different with lossless music just by ears. Considering limit of device memory, 192Kbps or 128Kbps files will be good enough.
  • Final perception depends more on headset quality than your hearing. Get a better audio equipment, and you will absolutely be more sensitive to these songs. Besides, if you want to try it again and do better, don’t forget turn up your volume consistently.
  • The best testing music for headsets shall be the ones you've listened to many times so you know them by heart. If you have no specific playlist in your mind, we hope this test is of some use to you.

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