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Engagement Party Ideas with Free Invitation Cards

engagement party ideas

Summary of this article:  Although engagement parties aren't mandatory and so not all couples decide to have one, it's a great way to celebrate the good news of your upcoming nuptials. Maybe you are now searching for some engagement party ideas to host your engagement party; here just start from engagement party etiquette with free invitation cards templates.

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-What exactly is an engagement party? Is it a party that you announce it for the first time OR that you have already announced and are just celebrating it? Any good engagement party ideas?

- Any low costing engagement party ideas? Our engagement is still not announced.

We are planning to announce it as soon as I get the ring back from the jewellers.

We both want an engagement party and to do it really cheap. Can we print the invitations ourselves on A4 prettyish paper? Who usually gets invited?

Above are the questions usually asked by the new couple-to-be, to answer the questions and solve all the puzzles, I will give my suggested engagement party ideas, hoping these can help.

What Exactly is an Engagement Party

First, before we search for some engagement party ideas, we should know what an engagement party is. Indeed, an engagement party has a specific purpose and that is to formally announce the engagement of bride to groom. The party is usually hosted (planned, organized, and paid for) by the girl's parents. And if the girl's parents are unable to host the party then it can be hosted by the boy's parents or a close friend or relative. The party should take place within 4-6 weeks of the presentation of the engagement ring or proposal of marriage. The couple should NOT host their own engagement party unless there are no other alternatives. The formality of the party can range from a three-course dinner in the banquet room of a hotel to a backyard barbecue at someone's home. Printed invitations with a RSVP should be mailed out at least two weeks in advance of the party.

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Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

Essential Engagement Party Etiquette

1. Whom to invite at the engagement party?

As with a bridal shower, only people that you will invite to the actual wedding should be invited to the engagement party. It is just a matter of simple etiquette. It is not polite to ask people to come make a fuss over you for getting the ring, but not include them in the main event (the actual wedding).

2. What does an engagement party look like?

An engagement party can be just a nice cocktail party, garden party, or barbeque, depending on the style of gathering you most enjoy.

3. Will there be gifts for engagement party?

Officially, the answer is no. The bridal shower is the pre-wedding party that centers around presents. There may be some folks who feel moved to give the happy couple a little something, but nothing is required other than good wishes. If people feel the urge to give you something, that is their choice. Be sure to send a thank you note for any gifts that are received.

Some Engagement Party Ideas

1. When should a couple have engagement party?

Typically and traditionally the engagement party is held when a couple is having a relatively long engagement, at least a year or more before the wedding date. The party is held about three months or so after the couple gets engaged and no later than six months before the wedding.

2. Invitation cards for engagement party

The type of invitation card you use will depend mostly on the type of party you're having. If it's going to be super casual like a pool party or backyard barbecue, you can send out simple invitations that you make yourself on your computer and greeting card paper. If you're planning a more formal get-together, you can send out more sophisticated invitations that require an RSVP be mailed back. Here, I recommend you a nice invitation maker – AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker. By this invitation card maker, you can customize your unique invitation card that can be shared either by email or printing out.

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Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

3. Engagement Party Favors

Favors for an engagement party should be fun and just a small token to share your excitement about getting engaged. One of the best ways to give inexpensive favors is to look into custom laminated bookmarks. They're useful, practical, inexpensive and fit right in to any of the engagement party ideas you come up with.

The engagement party ideas are pretty much endless. To come up with some more engagement party ideas, not only you should decide the type of your engagement party but also consider how formal or casual you want the party to be. Of course, your budget is another important factor that should be taken into account.

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