Is GogoAnime Safe? How to Watch and Download Anime Safely

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Feb 19, 2024

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Is GogoAnime Safe

Anime is highly popular among people of all ages. Many people tend to watch free anime online. Among those free anime sites, GogoAnime has earned it a reputation over the years.

However, the ubiquitous ads and skeptical redirects make you doubt the safety all the time. Is GogoAnime safe? Does it contain any malicious code? Will it threaten our computer?

If you have the same concerns, then you are in the right place.

To dig out more about GogoAnime, I make an investigation. Then, I find there are better ways to watch anime. You can watch anime on other sites like GogoAnime or directly download anime with the online video downloader.

Please read on and find a suitable way to watch anime.

Let’s start!

Part 1. Is GogoAnime Safe?


Some users show their concern on Reddit: is GogoAnime safe? Is GogoAnime a virus? To solve this problem, I checked 2 GogoAnime websites with the Website Security Check Tool. The result shows that only 1/80 Antivirus Checks deem it a malicious site. In other words, GogoAnime is safe for use. However, you’d better be cautious when visiting the GogoAnime site because some GogoAnime download links redirect you to a phishing site. Make sure you don’t click any dodgy link. If you hit an irrelevant link by mistake, swiftly press the close icon before being redirected to somewhere else. Also, it would be better if you have a strong antivirus in place.

Part 2. Is GogoAnime Down?

Some users complain that they fail to access GogoAnime, or the GogoAnime website is not working for a while. Is GogoAnime is down? To find out the fact, I have checked the GogoAnime status. The result shows that GogoAnime is still active for us.

If you fail to open a GogoAnime site, try to refresh the browser by pressing Ctrl+F5 together. And ensure that the antivirus doesn’t block the site.

As we all know, GogoAnime is illegal. And it suffers from copyright strikes frequently. As a result, GogoAnime changes its domain now and then. If the GogoAnime site you visited is unavailable, you can switch to another one.

Part 3. GogoAnime Download

Although GogoAnime is illegal, users still prefer to stream anime on it.

Just like many other anime sites, GogoAnime is flooded with irritating ads.

That is unpleasant when streaming anime. Hence, you’d better download anime episodes to view offline.

Luckily, the GogoAnime download function enables you to watch anime offline. If you are worried about malicious redirects, you can download anime with AnyVid. It is a safe GogoAnime downloader.

1. Directly Download Anime from GogoAnime

Except for streaming anime online, GogoAnime allows you to download anime with ease. Even if GogoAnime changes its domain, these sites share a similar layout, and the download process is similar. Hence, I will take an example of how to download anime from The download process is simple.

  • Visit GogoAnime and find the anime you want to download. Click it and go to the anime playing page.Find desired anime
  • On this anime playing page, you will find a download button. Hit it and open the download tab. (Some GogoAnime download button appears when you stream the episode.) This Vidstream tab is safe. Usually, I will further click the DOWNLOAD (HDP – MP4) button under Link download. You can choose options under Mirror Link as well.Go to anime download page
  • Once you hit the download button, you will be redirected to a new but irrelevant page. Please do not click anything on this page. Come back to the Vidstream download page and click the download button again. The second click will open a new pop-up. Now, you can set the anime title and download path.Save anime

After that, the download process starts! Wait for a moment, and GogoAnime will download the anime for you.

If you are worried about the potential risk on GogoAnime, try AnyVid downloader. It is safe, clean, and fast to download. You can rely on it to batch download anime with ease.

2. AnyVid – Best GogoAnime Downloader

AnyVid is a versatile GogoAnime Downloader. With AnyVid, you can download anime in 360p, 480p,720p and even 1080p. Moreover, anime ost download is also available on AnyVid. Besides that, AnyVid features a smart search and bulk download function. Hence, you can download anime episodes effectively.

Most importantly, AnyVid is safe and clean. It doesn’t contain any ads in the program, let alone malware. What’s more, with AnyVid, you can get GogoAnime downloads with only 2 steps.

Before we start, please install AnyVid first. It has a solid performance on Windows, Mac, and Android.


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  • Step 1. Copy anime from your favorite site. Then head to AnyVid and paste the video link onto the search bar. Now, click the search icon to detect the anime.Search for anime
  • Step 2. After the anime was detected, AnyVid shows 2 download buttons. You can click the MP4 button to download anime in default quality. Or you can discover more MP3 and MP4 definitions with the More button. Once you pick the desired definition, the download process will start immediately. Download anime in HD

Thanks to the 3X faster speed, AnyVid will get the job done within a few seconds. 

Give it a shot!

Part 4. Sites like GogoAnime

GogoAnime attracts many anime fans with its vast collection of anime shows and movies. However, GogoAnime sites suffer from copyright strikes at times. Particularly, it has been banned in some countries. As a result, we have to find other sites like GogoAnime. Here I would like to share my favorite anime sites with you.

No.Sites like GogoAnime


Is GogoAnime safe? I think you have the answer. However, are you willing to enjoy anime on GogoAnime? Or you prefer other sites like GogoAnime.

If the annoying ads on anime sites irritate you, you can always try AnyVid. It is a safe program to download anime from popular video sites. Besides, it allows you to batch download anime with ease.

Give it a shot!


Download any video from 1,000+ websites

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