GogoAnime vs. KissAnime: Which Is the Best Anime Site?

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Feb 19, 2024

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GogoAnime vs KissAnime

GogoAnime and KissAnime have won their reputations over the past years. Yet which one is the best anime site? Many anime fans raise the question on Reddit.

Out of curiosity, I spend a lot of time comparing these two top anime sites. At first glance, these two sites are similar. Digging further, however, you will find they emphasize different parts of anime service.

In this post, I will make a comparison of GogoAnime vs. KissAnime. Read on, and you will find the better one that fits you. If you tend to download anime, please head to Part 2. As an anime fan, a good anime downloader helps a lot.

Let’s move on!

Part 1. GogoAnime vs. KissAnime


As free anime sites, GogoAnime and KissAnime share a lot of similarities. For example, Both GogoAnime and KissAnime use black as their theme. GogoAnime sprinkles the page with orange while KissAnime decorates with green. Both are pleasing to the eye. Besides, these two anime streaming sites boast an extensive collection of anime episodes. Especially, GogoAnime offers both dubbed and subbed anime. Moreover, they allow us to watch and download anime for free. Of course, both free anime sites frequently change their domains as well.

  When it comes to GogoAnime vs. KissAnime, I will cover 2 aspects. That is safety and user experience.

GogoAnime Vs. KissAnime: Which Is Safer?

Is GogoAnime Safe? Is KissAnime safe? Users show concerns about the safety of anime websites. Because many anime sites like GogoAnime and KissAnime contain various irritating ads and redirects. And most likely, you will click several times when visiting such sites. Hence, it is vital to figure out if such anime websites are safe to use.

Before the comparison between GogoAnime vs. KissAnime, I would like to address this issue.

I check several GogoAnme and KissAnime sites with Free Website Safety & Security Check. The results show both GogoAnime and KissAnime are safe to use.

Despite that, caution is still needed when you are visiting GogoAnime and KissAnime. The chances are that they redirect you to an irrelevant site.

Based on our observation, KissAnime contains more irritating ads than GogoAnime. Once you visit KissAnime, it displays both ads and pop-ups. Moreover, some of the ads or pop-ups are erotic. Furthermore, when you click any item on the homepage, KissAnime will open an irrelevant tab.

GogoAnime, on the contrary, handles ads and redirects more acceptably. It doesn’t display any pop-ups on its site. Instead, it hides the redirects on the play button. Click twice, and you can stream the anime. In this sense, GogoAnime is much safer, or at least, cleaner.

GogoAnime Vs. KissAnime: User Experience


Both anime sites offer an anime list for easy search. However, GogoAnime professionally curates its content. It displays recent release and popular ongoing series on the homepage. Besides, it offers the top 10 episodes regularly. You will easily get to know what is trending among your anime peers. Also, GogoAnime enables you to discover anime via genres and release season. You can easily find dubbed and Chinese anime videos as well. GogoAnime ranks in the best dubbed anime sites.

In contrast, KissAnime emphasizes the latest updated anime and ongoing series. Plus, you can get random anime if you have no idea about what to watch. However, KissAnime doesn’t allow you to search for anime by genres. When I write this post, KissAnime has not yet put any episode on Anime Dubbed and Watch Cartoon column. Instead, it offers a link to other sites that could offer such a service.

Playing Setting

Except for the homepage, KissAnime is different from GogoAnime when you try to stream the anime. Once you click an anime thumbnail, KissAnime will show you the whole episode list. You can further pick one and play it.

In some cases, however, KissAnime offers 3 playing windows for you. And only the second window is for streaming. The other two will redirect you to irrelevant pages. Again, pop-ups appear when you are streaming anime. Of course, you can view in the full-screen mode to avoid them.

GogoAnime only plays the current episode when you click it. Yet you can find the release button at the bottom. Plus, if you log in to GogoAnime, it will notify you when a new anime episode will be released. None of the pop-ups in GogoAnime will bother you.

In conclusion, GogoAnime is more user-friendly. However, KissAnime is effective for watching the whole episode.

GogoAnime vs. KissAnime, which one is the best anime site?

Part 2. Best Anime Download Method

Both GogoAnime and KissAnime are best sites to watch anime. Moreover, they allow us to download anime for free. The steps for KissAnime download and GogoAnime download is simple. Yet, either KissAnime or GogoAnime is full of annoying ads. And the internet-based anime download is time-consuming.

Hence, I would like to recommend a fast video downloader called AnyVid. It features a 3X faster download speed. Moreover, you can get rid of annoying ads with the help of AnyVid. AnyVid is safe and clean. No ads will show up when you enjoy its service. What’s more, AnyVid allows you to preview anime without any ads. That is amazing.

Without any delay, let’s install AnyVid and learn how to download anime now. You can free install AnyVid on Windows, Mac, and Android.


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Which one wins your heart after reading this post about GogoAnime vs. KissAnime?

GogoAnime features a curated interface and offers a cleaner service. KissAnime, however, excels at providing a completed list for its anime episodes.

If you want to avoid irritating ads and redirects, go to download anime with AnyVid. It is a safe and clean anime video downloader. You can download or even preview the anime without any hassle.

Give it a shot now!


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