5 Best Dubbed Anime Websites Free [Latest Update]

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Feb 19, 2024

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AnyVid - Best Video downloader

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Dubbed Anime Websites Free

We all know that anime originates from Japan, so it’s mostly produced in Japanese. Due to the global fan base, dubbed anime works are in great demand. Typically, the famous anime series, such as Detective Conan and One Piece, have the dubbed episodes in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Dubs, along with the multi-language subtitles, allow international animeists to enjoy the interesting episodes. Sometimes, the foreign TV channel that is legally licensed will also stream the dubbed work.

However, where to find the free dubbed anime sites for personal watching?

Read on, and I’m going to give you my top list of dubbed anime websites. Meanwhile, I will show you a good anime downloader to help you download anime for offline viewing.

Part 1. Top 5 Dubbed Anime Websites Free

1. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is a website that has a great anime collection, including many different genres. Visiting the homepage, and you will see several tabs on the top. Choose the “Dubbed” tab, and then the website will show you the latest updated dubbed anime. The resources on AnimeHeaven usually have high definition quality, though the website doesn’t have the video quality options when you play the episode. There’s no ad during the playback. But the website itself has lots of floating ads. You can watch the dubbed anime series for free. No registration is required.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the biggest anime streaming platforms all over the world. Tons of English dubbed anime are accessible on this site. To access all the anime series, you need to apply for an account. Crunchyroll updates the new anime episodes almost at the same time as the simulcasts. For mobile users, both iOS and Android users can get an app installed on their device. By subscribing to their premium plan, you can download the dubbed anime episodes for offline viewing.

3. Animeland


You can find the “Dubbed Anime List” tab on the Animeland homepage easily. Anime series are listed in alphabetical order. Choose the anime episode you want to watch, and Animeland allows you to enable the HD mode to enjoy the high-definition format video. You will see a Download button that provides a direct download link on the top right corner of the playback window. Animeland serve you without a login requirement. Except for the floating ads, the user experience of this dubbed anime site is excellent.

4. Dubbedanime.net


When you browse Dubbedanime.net, you will see the rich collection of anime series that have a “DUB” tab on their thumbnails. You are able to watch the dubbed anime immediately after you click on the thumbnail. But Dubbedanime.net asks for a user account to access more functions, such as download. The registration needs a valid email address. Searching for the anime you like on Dubbedanime.net is also pretty convenient. You can browse its library by typing the keywords to research or choose the anime genre you like. Most of the anime resources on this website are well dubbed already.

5. Anime-planet.com


As an anime streaming website that started in 2001, Anime-planet has over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online. Its homepage is pretty clear to search for the dubbed anime. You can click on the filter “Dubbed” on the top of the thumbnails display area. You can watch those dubbed anime online for free. Under the playback window is a short introductory paragraph about the anime. You can choose the video quality (from 240p to 1080p) and the subtitle language during the playing.

Part 2. Download Dubbed Anime with AnyVid


Besides those free dubbed anime websites, I want to mention another method to watch and download the English dubbed anime. Install the downloader software AnyVid on the official site amoyshare.com, and the 1,000-site- supported downloader can satisfy all your anime watching needs in the future.

You can visit all the dubbed anime sites using the AnyVid build-in browser. And when you see the dubbed anime episode you like, you can download it by clicking the Download button. You can preview the anime before starting the download task and choose the quality and format. Subtitles can be downloaded separately. For high-definition anime, AnyVid offers 3 times faster download speed than other similar products. What’s more, the batch download function can help you download the whole anime series at once.


Reading through the post above, I think you’ve got some understanding of different free dubbed anime websites now. Online anime streaming sites currently have a great data base. You can find almost every anime series there. However, some of the sites contain lots of ads, and some require a user account.


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In this situation, the downloader software AnyVid is apparently a more accessible and more stable method to watch and save the dubbed anime.

All in all, you can install AnyVid without any difficulty. This powerful download tool is truly worth a try!