[Solved!] 2 Solutions to 9Anime Download

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Feb 19, 2024

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AnyVid - Best Video downloader

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How to Download from 9Anime

Anime, which is derived from the English word “animation”, means the Japanese animated works. Besides traditional Euramerican animation giants like Marvel and DC, Japanese anime is pretty popular among global audiences. In the circumstances, the website that offers animes with English subtitles comes into being.

9Anime is a good example of this kind of video streaming site. Currently, it has 24,000+ anime shows. 9Anime manages those shows by categorizing them into different genres, including Action, Adventure, Drama, Kids, Music, Sci-Fi, etc. 9Anime provides the audience with high-quality anime series, and most of its anime series are 1080p. Just like the website claims on the search page, the goal of 9Anime is to blur the line between imagination and reality.

It’s a pity that 9Anime itself doesn’t offer the download service for the audience. If you want to download some excellent anime works from 9Anime and share them with your fellows, please read this article. I’d like to introduce you to 2 handy solutions to this problem.

Part 1. 9Anime Download with Downloader Software

The most practical and easy method that I want to recommend is using the downloader software to download from 9Anime.

AnyVid is a powerful downloader that you don’t want to miss. It supports video downloads from more than 1,000 video streaming sites, and of course, 9Anime is on the list. While downloading from 9Anime by AnyVid, you can enjoy the 3X fast download speed and lossless HD video quality.

The batch download allows you to download several episodes at one go. It shortens time spent in downloading one by one. You can also browse the 9Anime website using the built-in browser. In this way, you don’t need to open multiple windows on your screen.

Get the installation package on AmoyShare’s website, and then you can follow the instructions below to start the download.

  • Copy the anime link you want to download from 9Anime. Get 9anime video link
  • Paste the link into AnyVid’s search bar. Click the magnifying glass icon to start parsing. Paste the link to search box
  • Click the “MP4” button to start downloading the anime. Or you can select the quality and formats by clicking the “More” button. Click the MP4 button to start download
  • You will see the download task added to the queue. Wait till it completes, and the video will be saved to your local files automatically. Download task had been add to queue

Part 2. 9Anime Download with an Online Download Site

Other than the 9Anime downloader software, you can choose some online download tools to help.

For example, I want to introduce you to a website called 9Anime-tv.com.

It’s an online tool that offers free 9Anime downloads. On the right side of the page, 9Anime-tv lists all the anime shows. You can find the one you want in the list, or search for it at the top right corner.

To help the users quickly find the anime they want, it also shows the thumbnails of the popular show on the homepage.

The download steps of 9Anime-tv are pretty straightforward. Let’s see how it works!

  • Go to the 9Anime-tv homepage. Find the anime show that you want to download. Click on it. Go to 9anime-tv homepage
  • Wait till the player window appears, and find the download icon at the bottom right corner. Click the download button to start downloading
  • Click it. The anime download will start, and you can find the downloaded anime on your device.


Reading through the post, have you got some thoughts on 9anime download? You can successfully grab the anime shows offline use either the 9Anime downloader or the online tool. Both methods work well.

But for me, I prefer AnyVid, because this video downloader provides a more stable service than the online tool. The UI design is more friendly, and there are no ads in the software. Moreover, AnyVid supports video downloads from many other popular sites. It will fulfill all your future download needs once you’ve installed it.


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