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  • What is MP4?

    MP4, short for 'MPEG4', is used as a digital container to wrap encoded video and audio streams, including still images and subtitles if required. MP4 supports a substantial number of compression audio codecs permitting files in this format to maintain a relatively small size without compromising streaming quality.

  • What is MPEG?

    MPEG, short for 'Moving Pictures Expert Group,' is used to store films and movies. MPEG files are usually compressed as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, which makes them faster to download and simpler to stream. Video stored as MPEG is of superior quality than rival formats, as it can compress data at a higher rate.

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AmoyShare MP4 to MPEG online video converter is a reliable & powerful tool to convert MP4 to MPEG with only a few clicks. It's 100% free, secure & easy to use!

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    You just need to visit this site on your computer or phone; then, you can convert video from MP4 to MPEG files directly. You don't even need to create an account or install and download any program.

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    AmoyShare online MP4 to MPEG converter is one of the most accessible tools to change MP4 to MPEG easily & quickly. Merely upload your MP4 files and hit the Convert button. You will get MPEG files instantly.

  • Change the File on Any Device

    With AmoyShare online MP4 to MPEG converter, you are in the position to convert MP4 to MPEG free on Mac, Windows, Android & iPhone. It is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

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