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The Pro Video Downloader is an all-sided tool that helps you download Instagram IGTV videos in high quality, and download unlimited videos from Twitter, Facebook and 1,000+ video streaming sites.

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About IGTV Downloader

The IGTV Downloader is an online tool that provides Instagram IGTV videos download for free. With the IGTV Downloader, you can watch complete videos from Instagram creators posted via their channel on IGTV.

  • IGTV Videos Download in High Quality

    The video quality will not decrease during the downloading process as our IGTV Downloader allows you to download Instagram video to MP4 format in standard or HD quality.

  • Free Download IGTV Videos

    There’s no cost with the convenient IGTV Downloader. We aim to improve the user experience and are committed to creating a free and easy-to-use IGTV downloader for our users.

  • Save IGTV Videos on Phone

    Millions of people watch IGTV videos on their phones every day, but they can’t download videos on Instagram directly. While our downloader can help you save Instagram videos to your phone in time.

How to use Instagram IGTV Downloader?

AmoyShare IGTV Downloader is compatible with most popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. You can download Instagram IGTV videos with only two steps.

  1. Step 1. Copy the IGTV URL

    Pick the IGTV video you want to download and play it in advance to ensure it is what you want. After that, click the three dots in the upper right corner and copy the link.

  2. Step 2. Paste the URL

    Paste the copied IGTV link into the search bar of AmoyShare IGTV downloader, and then click on the "Download" button. After the search results is displayed, you will soon get the video download.

Note: For a more detailed guide to downloading IGTV videos, please refer to the post on
Download IGTV Videos.

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Why Choose Instagram IGTV Downloader?

  • No Traces Left

    The Instagram IGTV Downloader helps you download IGTV videos anonymously. So you will not leave any traces when you search and download.

  • No Login Required

    You don't need to log into an Instagram account to download IGTV videos because the online IGTV Downloader allows you to save IGTV videos online.

  • Works with Any Browser

    No matter what browser you have, like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, the IGTV Downloader can help you download IGTV videos without any trouble.

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