Top 8 Websites for Japan Music Downloads 2024

By Eva Levy | Last updated: Mar 25, 2024

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AnyMusic - Best MP3 downloader

4.9 out of 5

Japan Music Downloads

Are you a J-Pop culture lover? Are you so addicted to Japanese music? If so, you must be attracted by its beautiful rhythm.

Nowadays, many music platforms have sprung up like mushrooms, providing searching services to download your wanted Japanese music.

However, you will discover these platforms fail to work when you wish to find some unfamous artists, songs, and albums. Moreover, it’s hard to download Japanese pop when you’re not from or in Japan.

Under these circumstances, is there any website for J-Pop lovers to download Japanese music? Of course, here I will recommend 8 best websites for Japan music downloads.

Come and follow me now! You’ll feel excited using these remarkable sites!

Where Can I Download Japanese Music for Free?

So far, there are plenty of Japanese music download websites, but not all of them offer the songs you need. In addition, some websites have Japanese music sources but cannot be downloaded.

Hence, you wonder if there is an excellent Japanese music download site.

Don’t worry! I’ll offer you 8 great Japanese music download websites now. Please follow me!

AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder

AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder

The first Japanese music website I recommend is AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder.

Free MP3 Finder is an online free music downloader for everyone. It is capable of extracting audio from more than 250 websites. Therefore, it has the most extensive and most complete music resources, including a vast library of Japanese music.

Besides that, this free Japanese music download website is also capable of converting videos to MP3. Hence, you can extract audio with the Japanese MV link.

All in all, Free MP3 Finder is a good place for you to download Japanese music mp3. Meanwhile, it’s super easy to use that you just need two clicks. So come and have a try to search!

First, type a Japanese song, artist, or link in the search box.

Second, hit the “Download” button and choose the quality you want.

Therefore, you have grabbed Japanese music for free.

  • High-quality music
  • Online music streaming
  • Ads-free
  • Save a song each time
  • MP3 & MP4 outputs only

JPop Singles

JPop Singles for Japan music downloads

JPop Singles is another website that J-Pop lovers can’t miss. It features the best collection of Japanese music. You can also make Japanese anime music downloads here.

Also, this Japanese music website has well organized its content for you to select popular albums or artists. Or you can find desired Japanese music through directly searching.

Besides, JPop Singles have three channels to download music in RAR files. And the quality of each song reaches 320kbps.

But the download method is not easy. So let me show it to you. First, find or search for a song you want and select the channel to download. Then, hit the button named “CLICK TO CONTINUEto get link for catching Japanese music. Finally, you save a RAR file successfully. Don’t forget to insert the password before streaming music offline.

  • High-resolution music downloads
  • Update music source regularly
  • Too many ads
  • Not safe
  • Difficult to download

J-Pop Music Downloader


The third method for Japanese songs downloads is via J-Pop Music Downloader. This homepage will make you amazed by its concise and clean UI where you can immediately access essential information.

In addition to an extensive library of Jpop music, this Japanese music download site also features other genres of music from traditional music to pop song. For example, K-pop, C-pop, TV-music, and so on.

If you’re interested in this comprehensive website, follow me to download its music! Search or select the Japanese music you want. Then choose the download channel and hit the download button. Next, you will get a RAR file with high-quality music. Don’t forget to unzip it before streaming.

  • Free MV;
  • Lossless music
  • Not free



Jp-Rock hosts massive Japanese music data. On its homepage, you can get endless music playlists that created from 2007 till now. Also, there are many classic albums that you can search directly.

Furthermore, you can filter the music genres on the right side of the webpage when you haven’t a piece of target music for searching. All the albums on this website will list its tracks in detail.

Besides, you’ll discover that downloading Japanese songs with album art is a unique feature in Jp-Rock. So follow my steps below to download Japanese music directly.

First, select music or use the search bar to find Japanese songs. Then, choose the download channels. There are three-channel – MEGA, MediaFile, 4Shared for you. Hit the “Get Link” button repeatedly for four times, and then you can download this free Japanese music.

  • Download music with album art
  • Free for downloading
  • Standard output quality only
  • Many ads and pop-up windows


Download anime music via JPDDL

If you are a Japanese anime enthusiast, don’t miss the JPDDL. A large number of anime music are available on this website. Additionally, you can find many fansub, manga, drama, and music sources to download. On top of that, you can enjoy some music in high-quality.

Then, how to make Japanese anime music downloads? It’s straightforward to grab a song. Try to select or search Japanese music and click on the link to download.

  • Many download channels
  • Update sources timely
  • No ads
  • Not free



Jamendo is one of the most famous Japanese music download websites, where you can enjoy the best quality of independent music.

The primary function on this web is to stream music online. Moreover, you can download Japanese music for free by creating an account and making playlists or saving music to your favorite. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of free music, you can get a license to enjoy music of high quality.

The method of downloading is also very simple. First, choose the Japanese music you want and hit the download icon. Then, click on the download button when a new window pops up.

  • Download for free
  • Ads-free
  • Make playlists
  • Friendly UI
  • Registration is required – popular music download website

The following website is, another popular music download website. There are many styles of music you can choose from, including Japanese music. Furthermore, this excellent Japanese music download website is distinct from others with its top series, such as the top artists, tracks, and albums.

Besides, the homepage will display a floating frame of which song you listen to when you play music online. And a small window for you to watch its MV.

If you want to download Japanese pop, just hit the download icon. Then you will go to the payment page. After payment, you can download this music.

  • Watch MV online
  • All sorts of music
  • Paid service
  • Ads


Japanese music download website – Nyaa

The last popular website is Nyaa. It boasts a diverse library of Japanese music. In particular, anime music plays a vital role in this Japanese music download website. Therefore, this treasure site should not be missed by anime fans.

And its homepage is quite different. It lists much music with the download link, the size of the music, the updating date, and the popularity. Hence, it’s easy to find a way to download.

But please notice that the output format of downloaded Japanese music is torrent. You will need a torrent client to open it.

  • Free to use
  • Ads-free
  • Download music in torrent format
  • Can’t stream music before downloading

How to Download Japanese Music in 320kbps?

The recommendation above shows you 8 best websites for Japanese music download. However, not all of them enables you to get traditional Japanese music download in MP3 320kbps.

Hence, is there any free music downloader to download Japanese music in high quality? Of course! AnyMusic MP3 Downloader is a good choice for you!

AnyMusic is one of the best music downloaders to listen to music offline for free. And you can download desired music from over 1,000 sites, including Japanese music. Besides, you can enjoy the high quality of each song. And the downloaded tab can help you find music effortlessly.


Get unlimited music downloads in 320kbps

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

Want to know how to download Japanese pop through AnyMusic? Come and follow me!

  • Step 1: Insert the title of a Japanese song or paste the URL in the search bar to search music.Insert the keyword or paste link to search music
  • Step 2: Click on the “Download” button to choose the quality for downloading. Then, it will download automatically.Download-Japanese-music

After these procedures, you have successfully downloaded the wanted Japanese music.


In a word, I have recommended you 8 unique Japan music downloads websites and one software for HD music downloads. So you can choose one to grab Japanese music quickly!

AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder provides you with the function of streaming music online and the easy way to get free Japanese music downloads.

Of course, you can enjoy HD Japanese music with the help of AnyMuisc MP3 Downloader. It is compatible with Window, Mac, and Android.


Get unlimited music downloads in 320kbps

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

Hence, try to download Japanese music instantly! You won’t be disappointed!


Where can I download Japanese music?

To download Japanese songs, you shouldn't miss the AnyMusic MP3 Downloader . It supports 320kkbps J-pop music downloads from more than 1,000 sites easily. And it's super easy to grab. Try it and listen to Japanese music offline.

Where to download J-pop music for free?

AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder is an excellent tool to download Japanese music for free. First, select or search Japanese music you want and hit the download button. Don't forget to choose the quality.Then, you can enjoy the beautiful songs.