6 Best Background Removal Apps for iOS and Android

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Nov 22, 2022

AnyErase - Watermark Remover Pro

4.9 out of 5

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

AnyErase - Watermark Remover Pro

4.9 out of 5

Best Background Remover App

With respect to removing background from image, you might think of someone shooting an imperfect photo whose background is cluttered or ruined by photobombers and unattractive objects.

A merchant from the E-commerce field or Amazon vendor may want to enhance their product pictures by erasing background or replacing the background with the delightful. Perhaps a photographer or designer wants to retouch their favorite picture by virtue of background deletion or change. It is also common that you intend to show your selfie and food photo on Facebook or Instagram after editing or eliminating background.

For most people, it is the most convenient way to edit photo on a smartphone. However, there are countless reasons why you cut out the background from image on mobile. In light of this fact, we have created a shortlist of best background remover apps for iOS and Android.

Let’s explore the article together!

6 Incredibly Usable Background Eraser Apps (iOS & Android)

With the advent of loads of background eraser apps, people can go to the application market and download what they need. However, the issue is that a large number of cut out background apps are a mixed blessing. You might download some with poor background removal techniques, endless advertisements, and even the high price service.

Given these matters, we round out 6 incredibly usable background eraser apps running on iOS and Android. Each comes with a comprehensive introduction.

If you desire to gain the best background remover app, please go on your reading!

Apowersoft Background Eraser – Quick Remove Background Tool

Apowersoft Background Eraser
Support:iOS and Android
Total Installs:1M+
App Size(iPhone/Android):28.2MB/16MB
priceFree, In-App Purchase

Apowersoft Background Eraser is one of the best background remover apps. If you value efficiency, it is your top option. Apowersoft Background Eraser takes advantage of advanced AI to eliminate background from image swiftly. With just a single tap, the undesirable background can be deleted. Improved steadily, Apowersoft Background Eraser has updated some new photo editing functions – Changing the background on your photo, the unblur faces, removing unwanted objects, and even batch background erasing.    

Come to export your photo on Apowersoft Background Eraser, and you will get a pleasing output!

Key features:

1. Provide stunning and precise output

2. Manipulate photo automatically

remove.bg – Remove Background App for Novices

Support:iOS and Android
Total Installs:10M+
App Size(iPhone/Android):71.4MB/29MB

remove.bg app is so adept in cutting out background from photo that users only need to import photo and wait seconds for the output. After deleting the background, you will be offered 2 formats to save – JPG and PNG.

Besides, remove.bg app is compatible with iOS and Android. However, it is a paid tool for iPhone users while Android users can employ it at no cost. remove.bg photo background remover app fairly facilitates the task of eliminating background from image!

To learn more and start using the free background remover app right now, just follow the link to install it on your iPhone or Android.

Key features:

1. Exceedingly easy-to-use

2. 100% free

3. Clean and straightforward interface 

Touch Retouch – A Versatile Remover

Touch Retouch
Total Installs:32.3K
App Size(iPhone/Android):57.4MB

Referred to as a tool adept at removing anything from picture, TouchRetouch has the ability to super swiftly and precisely complete the task of erasing background from photo, and even cutting out the most complex object. It is also possible to replace the background and perfect all the elements on our photo.

However, Touch Retouch is only available for iOS, which can be downloaded from the App Store for $3.99. After installing, you can run this automatic background remover app on your phone, and just tap “Albums” to import the photo you want to edit from your iPhone’s photo library.

Start downloading it on App Store.

Key features:

1. Offer professional photo editing and design tools

2. Presents intuitive interface

Background Eraser: Superimpose – Professional’s Top Option

Background Eraser: Superimpose
Total Installs:2.6K
App Size(iPhone/Android):52MB

Superimpose is a toolkit for photo editing that is exclusively created for iPhone and iPad. To some degree, it provides the features which it shares similar features with Photoshop.

However, Superimpose presents an intuitive interface to help you get the better hang of these editing tools. 

Once you install it, you can use the “background remover” tool to get background removed from image efficiently. It is also feasible to replace the background with what you want.

At the cost of $1.99, you can be offered a set of Photoshop functions, which are friendly to professionals and amateurs.

In a word, Superimpose is the best background remover app for iPhone. Come to give it a shot!

Key features:

1. Suitable for the professionals

2. Run at a quick speed

Canva – Best Background Remover for Creations

Total Installs:10M+
App Size(iPhone/Android):57.4MB/22MB
priceFree, In-App Purchase

Born in Australia, Canva is a comprehensive app that offers a plethora of templates that you can employ to create your design for many uses, such as invitation, poster, presentation, TikTok public account cover and so on. 

Furthermore, well-equipped with various picture and video editing features, Canva also serves as the best app for deleting background. In Canva, you can go to the editor toolbar and select Effects, then choose “BG Remover” to complete the task of erasing background.

Come to Canva to design your works based on your preference.

Key features:

1. Professional photo editing and design tools

2. Best for creation

Picsart – Well-Recognized Deleting Background App

Support:iOS and Android
Total Installs:500M+
App Size(iPhone/Android):180.5MB/42MB
priceFree, In-App Purchase

Among dozens of exceptional background eraser apps, Picsart deserves to be noted as the best background remover app. Loading an extensive collection of tools for picture editing functions, it applies advanced AI algorithms to screen and manipulate your uploaded image. Hence deleting background from picture can’t be simple and swift more. There are also over 200 fonts for text, and more than 60 million stickers you can take advantage of to edit photo for business or amusement.

Available on iPhone and Android, Picsart is waiting for you to try!

Key features:

1. Powered by AI

2. Easy to operate


What we have listed in the article is all the best background remover apps, you are at liberty to choose a cut out background app. Erasing background from image is never a nuisance. Tap the background removal tool in the app mentioned above, and import your photo. Then the background will be cut out in next to no time.

We expect you are willing to explore them and give us feedback. 


What is the best free background remover?

In the article, we have presented you the list of 6 best background remover apps that have received much popularity. You need to give one app a test based on rational consideration.

What is the easiest way to remove the background?

The easiest way to remove the background is using remove.bg. Because you only need to upload picture, then the background will be eliminated within few seconds.

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