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MP3Juices Alternative: Mp3Jucies vs Free MP3 Finder

Last updated: 2017-12-01 | Eva C Levy
MP3Juices alternative – Free MP3 Finder

Why do you only remember MP3Juices when it comes to free MP3 download?

‘Cause you don’t have a better MP3Juices alternative.

How about Free MP3 Finder?

Perhaps you’ve not heard about it before.

It’s an up-rising free MP3 download site.

Why I choose a new site here?

Believe it or not, it can work as well as MP3Juices, or even better.

So, don’t make a hasty decision now!

I made a comparison chart to help you figure out which one is the best for you.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the chart below.

Free MP3 Finder MP3Juices.cc
Search by URL/keywords
Play online
Music download
Video download ×
Download playlist ×
Without registration
No-ads ×
Desktop application ×
Music search resources 4 7
Supported sites 1000+ 7
Search results All results Most relevant results
Audio quality 128k, 160k, 192k 192k
Audio formats MP3, M4A, WEMB MP3

As you can see, both sites have many similar features, such as search music by keywords, play music video online and download free music in MP3 format

Still, there’re quite a few differences between MP3Juices and AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder?

MP3Juices vs Free MP3 Finder

Alright, let’s go through more details of the comparison chart.

1. Free MP3 Finder is an omnipotent music download site.

Actually, we have been the MP3Juices user once and we tried to download music on the site. As the table shown above, these two free music sites are good for downloading MP3 songs online, but we still got something different.

• Format & Quality Options

MP3Juices can meet your basic MP3 download need, but unfortunately there is only one audio quality (192k) and format (MP3). On the contrary, Free MP3 Finder provides you more audio formats (MP3, WEBM, M4A) and qualities (192K, 160K, 128K) for choices.

Format Options on Free MP3 Finder

For example, if you want to download a192k MP3 song, the file size may over

5MB. If your device is tight on storage space, and you won’t be able to save much music, especially for mobile device. Actually, 128k is good enough on mobile phone.

• Music Video Download

On Free MP3 Finder, you can not only download free MP3 songs, but also download music video or any video from 1000+ video sites.

1000+ supported sites

Due to such a great number of supported sites, you will get all the related results on Free MP3 Finder. On MP3Juices, however, you can only access to the most relevant songs for there’re only 7 music resources.

• YouTube Playlist Download

More than that, you even can search YouTube playlist on Free MP3 Finder and download songs according to your needs. But if you need to download the whole YouTube playlist for one-time, you can install the AnyMusic (Desktop application of Free MP3 Finder), then you can download all songs from YouTube playlist with one click.

2. There is no ad disturbing you while downloading music.

You will never see an advertisement on Free MP3 Finder. This free music download site aims to provide the best downloading experience with zero ads.

But on MP3Juices, you will never know when the next ad will pop up. There’re so many hidden ads on MP3Juices.

The following are some examples.

MP3Juices ad button 01

MP3Juices ad button 02

The color of the download buttons are changeable, it’s hard to tell which one carries no ads. Unless you know the tips to stop ads on MP3Juices, or the entire download process can be very frustrating.

3. Free MP3 Finder is a safer MP3 download site.

If you’re familiar with MP3Juices, then you must know that MP3Juices faces worldwide shutdown. In fact, it’s the second time that MP3Juices is closed due to copyright infringement issue.

MP3Juices shutdown in UK

Now, MP3Juices.cc is not accessible in the UK, you need to use VPN to access this site if you are in UK. Also, in view of the shutdown of YouTube-mp3.org once and for all, it’s hard to tell what will happen to MP3Juices next.

Anyway, you can rely on Free MP3 Finder now.

Bottom Line

Will you still stick to MP3Juices?

Well, MP3Juice has taken up our memory of downloading MP3 for so long.

It’s nice, but now we need a better alternative with more amazing functions, like Free MP3 Finder.

You deserve something better!

More format choices, more quality options, more music resources...

What are you waiting for?

Try Free MP3 Finder Now!

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