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YouTube Video Downloader for Android Mobile Free 2018

Last updated: 2018-06-15 | Eva C Levy
How to download YouTube video on Android

How to download YouTube videos on your Android phone?

You must have many answers when you searched on the Internet. Usually, there are 2 types of answers.

One is to download YouTube video by free video download sites.

The other is to download YouTube video downloader app on your Android phone.

They are both good ways to download YouTube video on your mobile phone.

However, I still think that the simplest and safest way is to download without installing any video downloader application.

Anyway, today’s article begins with an amazing online YouTube video downloader for Android mobile for you.

You can use it to download any HD YouTube videos on your Android phone.

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Part 1. The Best YouTube Downloader Software for Android 2018

How many people will try to download videos from YouTube every day? You have to admit that tons of YouTube videos are listed on your downloading list.

Before we dive into the best YouTube download app, we have to talk something about the legacy of downloading videos from YouTube. If you know something called YouTube terms of service, you will get that actually, download YouTube video is forbidden. That’s why you can’t see any download button on its page.

However, if you read the terms of service carefully then you can find a “right reason” to download videos from YouTube. Of course, it is technically illegal to take download YouTube videos, that’s for the protection of copyright, as long as the video you downloaded is for personal enjoyment and nor for any commercial use, you are ok.

Since we are talking about YouTube video downloader for Android, some people will say YouTube Red will be the first concern. But for most YouTube users, they prefer to get an alternative that it is free or more worthy.

So, when you choose an Android YouTube video downloader, what feature matters? Free download? Available on mobile phone? Multiple formats and quality choices? More? Next, I will give the most correct of YouTube video downloader for Android.

Our top pick: Free YouTube Downloader

AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader is a 100% safe and free YouTube video download site for Android. You can download any YouTube videos and music to your Android phone. Simple interface, easy to use, it is your best YouTube video downloader for Android.

 Free YouTube Downloader

No needless words and sentences, everything is about easy-to-use.

Quick YouTube videos search and download everywhere with your Android.

Free YouTube Downloader supports over 1000 sites for you explore more videos.

As the best YouTube video downloader free download on Android, it allows you to download YouTube videos in MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc. Download YouTube music in MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc.

Ok, now question again:
How do I download videos from YouTube to my Android phone?

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Part 2 How to Download YouTube Videos from YouTube on Android

After the brief introduction of Free YouTube Download, now we can start to download YouTube videos online to Android with Free YouTube Downloader.

It’s easy to use even it’s your first time to know Free YouTube Downloader, next, I will show you how to download free YouTube videos on your Android mobile phone.

Free YouTube Downloader

How to get to Free YouTube Downloader? Enter “Free YouTube Downloader” on Free YouTube Downloader with your Android mobile browser. Don’t worry about if your browser works with Free YouTube Downloader because it is compatible with all mainstream browser even mobile browsers.

Like many online video download service, you can search YouTube videos by video link, but on Free YouTube Downloader, you can search any YouTube videos by keywords, which means you can enter any words about that YouTube video you want to download, such as video name, video channels or any content can express your desired YouTube videos.

So, first, let’s get started to download YouTube videos by video URL.

Step 1. Search YouTube videos by video link The first step you need to do is copy a YouTube video link from the site.
Find the YouTube video you want to download and copy its URL from address bar.
Then you paste it on Free YouTube Downloader and search.

search YouTube video

Step 2. Preview YouTube videos on Free YouTube Downloader
Before you download YouTube videos on your Android phone, you can play YouTube videos on your phone. Or you can click the link beside the video then you can redirect to YouTube video site to see the original video.

play YouTube video

Step 3. Choose video formats & quality and download it to Android
OK, now it’s the last step, you click the “Download” button and choose the video formats and quality you need. Wait a second then you will get the YouTube videos on your Android phone.

Download YouTube videos on Android phone

Until now, we have learned how to download YouTube videos to Android with video link, next, we will show you the second way to search and save YouTube videos to my Android - with keywords.

What kind of YouTube video do you want to download? You can enter words like “animal video”, “video with a cat”, “food video”, etc.

search video with keywords

Then you can find the YouTube video you want on Android phone, repeat the steps above and download YouTube videos to Android.

How to download YouTube video playlist to Android phone?

As a powerful YouTube video downloader for Android, you also can download YouTube video playlist to your Android phone. Of course, it’s easy!

3 easy steps to download YouTube playlist on Android:
Step 1. Copy YouTube video playlist URL
Step 2. Search YouTube playlist on Free YouTube Downloader
Step 3. Download YouTube video playlist one by one

Although you can download YouTube video playlist on Android, for some people, They may think that it is troublesome to download YouTube video one by one. I know that, so here is a YouTube Downloader for you, it is kind of our ace in the hole. It can help you to solve any problem about YouTube video downloads

YouTube video downloader

What can you do with AnyUTube?

Download and convert any YouTube videos, music, film, game videos, etc. YouTube HD mp4 video download supported;
Rip YouTube audio in MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc.
High-quality YouTube video downloads in MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc.
YouTube video and music playlist batch download with one click.

I can say that AnyUTube is the ultimate YouTube video downloader for anyone who loves to YouTube videos and download videos from it. How amazing is it? You will know if you try it now!


Now, which can be your first choice of YouTube video downloader for Android?

I admit that there are many YouTube downloader app on the market.

But you have reasons to believe that Free YouTube Downloader won’t let you down.

Best video downloader app for Android, it can earn a place for sure.

Welcome to leave a comment below to share anything you want.

Thanks for your time!

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