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KeepVid Not Working – Reason & Solution & KeepVid Alternative

Last updated: 2018-03-30 | Eva C Levy
Keepvid alternative
Keepvid alternative

Recently, KeepVid shut down their online video download service.

People found that they can’t download any video from YouTube anymore.

This sudden shut-down aroused the attention between KeepVid users and media.

You must wonder that is KeepVid download right now and why?

Meanwhile, people stars concern that is it safe to rip video from YouTube?

What am I gonna do if I still need to download YouTube video online?

Is there any video download site like KeepVid?

If you want the answer of these questions above,

Keep reading, we have everything you want to know.

Part 1 What happen to KeepVid.com?

KeepVid.com closed

If you open the KeepVid.com again now, you will not see a video download site but a “KeepVid Tips for Video Download Solutions”. There is no video download service and KeepVid Pro. Both of them have been discontinued. The homepage is all about the tips and stay on the right side of the law and YouTube copyright.

Q1: Why KeepVid Stopped the Video Download from YouTube?
According to KeepVid.com, it tried so hard to tell people that download YouTube videos may go against the ToS of YouTube, and people should download video that with a clear mark like “Download” or similar link displayed by YouTube.

Maybe we can infer that KeepVid didn’t handle the issue between the YouTube rules and their online service well. But the company has not given an official announcement that why they closed its service. They only emphasize that hope the market will be organized and meet people’s requirements.

Q2: Is It Safe and Legal to Download Videos Online?
As the KeepVid scrap YouTube-ripping function, people will ask that is it safe to download YouTube videos online? Actually, you can skip that download risk if you avoid to downloading copyright-protected or video without permissions.

So, will it be ok to download video online in the future? In a post of BBC News, “Video downloading will become possible if the video download tools and video sharing platforms reach an agreement about downloading videos” according to KeepVid.

Part 2 Is There Any Solution for KeepVid Shut-down?

As a popular online video download service, KeepVid owned many users over past years. Some of them are regular user for 5-6 years of online KeepVid, others are longtime users of KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music, and the rest of them maybe are new to KeepVid. So according to the different users group, what kind of problems are they going to meet when KeepVid not working?

Longtime Users of KeepVid.
They are the greatest supporter of KeepVid, they have been glued on KeepVid when they need to download YouTube videos online. When they found that KeepVid suddenly stopped working, they must be anxious and confused by losing such a convenient video downloader that they used for many years.

1. KeepVid will not come back again for good. You can go for another site like KeepVid to download online video from YouTube.
2. Find a legal and safe site to hedge risk of downloading.

KeepVid Pro &KeepVid Music Users
KeepVid closed was miserable for those people who bought the KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music, because they paid for the products. When the KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music stopped working, what can they do? The most asked question is that How can we get the refund? Yes, all the guys want the money back.

1. Contact KeepVid via Facebook ( @KeepVid) , Twitter ( @KeepVid) and web
Note: If you can’t get in touch with KeepVid and get the money back, here is a way from Facebook that deserves your try.

“Do what I did today, Contact the service you used to pay for it (e.g Credit card,PayPal etc) they will give a refund if they don't respond to any contact from you asking for a refund which we all have a right to if we are not getting the full service/product which we paid for” – From Facebook

2. Find a KeepVid Pro and KeepVid Music alternative If you can get over with the function of KeepVid Pro, you also can find some video downloader like KeepVid Pro and kepepVid Music in the market. But you should download the programs with known providers.

KeepVid Music Alternative
AnyMusic – All-in-one Music Downloader
1.YouTube/ Vevo/ Dailymotion Music for Free
2.Music Video Download and Convert
3.YouTube Playlist Downloader
4.Download Music while Listening
5.Support 1000+ Sites
Learn More >>

I’m new on KeepVid
Actually, there are still many new users want to search and download video on KeepVid.com, but they maybe get nothing because as they land on KeepVid, there is no video download. They may be disappointed but it’s never too late to find a substitute, because there are many great online video download services. KeepVid is not only one and it is not the best.

1. Search other top video download site like KeepVdi, such as Free Video Finder, Onlinevideoconverte and so on. 2. Pay attention to the license and ToS of the video download site that you find.

Part 3 The Best KeepVid Alternative to KeepVid

Did you remove all the questions about KeepVid closed? For KeepVid, they seem to be in trouble that it will lose their longtime users and the refund issue, but for users, they don’t have to rely solely upon KeepVid, so we bring you the KeepVid alternative.

01. Free Video Finder

If you need a YouTube video download site like KeepVid then Free Video Finder should be your first choice. This is an online free video download service, you can download free video from YouTube and other video platform. But if you worry about the issue happened to KeepVid, you can check the ToS of Free Video Finder and make sure that you will download video on Free Video Finder in accordance with the related terms and conditions.

So how to use Free Video Finder to download video online?

Free Video Finder

First, search video by URL and keywords.
Except the way of searching by URL, Free Video Finder allows you to search and find video by keywords like video name, video creator and other words related to your target video.

Video search on Free Video Finder

More convenient thing is Free Video Finder grabs the information about the video you are looking for, you can look through the info and make sure you are interested in that video or not. How to read that information? Tap on the “More”:

More info about the video

You can search video from major video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more. You always can find the video you want by URL or keywords.

Second, stream the video online.
When you find the video on Free Video Finder, you can hit the play button to watch the video online. For the better experience of watching YouTube video, you can click the link button to jump on YouTube for streaming more videos.

Free Video Finder

Third, download free video with one click.
The last step of downloading free video online, hit “Download’ button and choose the format and quality you need. Free Video Finder provides several kinds of mainstream video and audio format and quality; you can download one of them according to your need.

Download free video online

Meanwhile, we are really appreciated if you can give any requirement or advice about the format and quality needs. Just drop your words in the comments or contact us via our support email.

Once you choose the video you want to download and hit the button, then a video downloading task begins, few seconds later, the video file will be saved in your device.

So with such 3 simple steps, you can easily download free YouTube video online with Free Video Finder. You may say that it just an online YouTube video downloader like KeepVid, except the design of page, there is no big difference.

The following key features may let you change your mind.

  • Ads-free, the download is complete without any plug-ins.
  • Download video won’t charge you any penny.
  • Multiple choices of downloading – video, audio and video without audio.
  • Video downloads with high-speed.

The most important is Free Video Finder has an upgrade version that is a desktop application called AnyVid .


AnyVid is a simple and fast video grabber which allows you to download high quality video file, it has more format choices and provides batch video downloading. It’s your best alternative of KeepVid pro, because it can do better than KeepVid.

02. AnyVid
So, how to use this stunning video downloader?
1. As a video downloader
Step 1. Search video by keywords and video link.
Step 2. Play video when get the search result.
Step 3. Choose video format and quality then download.




AnyVid is a powerful video downloader for one reason: Batch video download.
You can download a video playlist from YouTube which means it will save much download time for you. You only need a video playlist link and paste it on AnyVid then you can download the whole playlist or convert them to any formats you need.



2. As a video search engine
Step 1. Open the browser page of AnyVid.
Step 2. Choose the video platform you like.
Step 3. Browse the video and hit the download button.




3. As a video converter
Step 1. Convert video or audio file from your local file of device.
Step 2. Play your convert video or audio file.
Step 3. Convert the file with the format and quality you need.
Step 4. Cut the file to the length you need.




Except 3 major functions of AnyVid, it also allows you to manage your media files reasonably according to your needs and devices. You can do it on the library section on AnyVid. Everything is so considerable and easy to operate.

As a video downloader, Free Video Finder or AnyVid, we don’t say any fancy words for them. They just do perfectly when you guys need to download free video. If you want the best proof and that is make you satisfied with our service.


It’s fact that KeepVid is blocked, but something unchanged.

Free Video Finder also can provide you with best video download experience.

What about AnyVid? It’s more than a video downloader.

Obviously, the best KeepVid alternative is just close at your hand.

How to download free YouTube videos online?

How to download video playlist with one click?

We just gave you the best solution!

They deserve your try and won’t let you down!

Welcome to leave any comment and suggestion below.

See you next time!

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