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Sites Like MP3 Juice for Free Music Download 2017 (Completely Legal)

Last updated: 2017-09-29 | Eva C Levy
Sites Like MP3 Juice

As a music downloader, Mp3 Juice is one of the hardest competitors of other music download sites.

It provides free MP3 download, YouTube convert, and MP3 cutter.

You seem to get all things done, right?

However, I always got puzzled and disturbed on MP3 juices by two things.

No.1 More than one site called MP3 juices, so which one is the official site?

No. 2 There are many trick buttons and pages attached ads.

I want to get rid of these problems desperately.

If you’ve used MP3 Juices, and you’ll totally agree with me.

So are there any music download sites like Mp3 Juice?

You bet!

I’ve tried 60+ free MP3 download sites, and finally figured out 10 MP3 Juice alternatives.

With following sites, you can have more choices to get free music.

#1 MP3Clan


MP3Clan is an MP3 search engine that you can listen to the music online and download music for free according to your search or the top list and the genres, such as blues, classical, country and so on.

Similar to MP3Juice, you can type a song name or an artist to find MP3 or albums. And you can search on the library section as well.

About the Top 20 list (songs and albums), you can change the different country (112 countries allowed) on the top left corner to check another top 20 list in the different country.

When you listen to the music online, you will get suggested albums and similar artist below the music. After listening, you can download the song online without ads. Also, you can cut the music as a ringtone or as a sample.

#2 SoundClick


SoundClick is a wonderful music download site which found for 20 years. It provides offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video.

This site includes signed, unsigned, and independent bands. We can say SoundClick was made for the band lovers. If you are in a band, this is the best site to promote your band and your songs here.

If you are a music lover, you can download free band music on the site. You can browse the features bands and artists; there are over 500,000 accepted bands. Stream the music by checking the music charts and genres. You can share your playlists or talk about music as well in the community which was shut down now.

About the singer, unfortunately, you will fail to find some hot and mainstream singer like Justin Bieber or DJ Khaled, so maybe you need to move to the Spotify or iTunes and pay for the music.

When you browse the site and download music, you will find that not all contents are free so that you still need to pay for some service and music download. Because some artists prefer to charge your download, and some artists just want to give away their music for free.

#3 Amazon Music


As an online shopping site, Amazon also provides free music download. But it’s not a free MP3 download site like MP3 juice, because these free music are sorted by certain category, you only can browse these songs and play it before you download music.

But the process would be a little troublesome.

First, when you're ready to download the songs to your computer, you need to click on the free button to add it to your cart.

Then, you can check out whether you need to purchase something or not by clicking Place your order.

Finally, you'll be taken to a link to download the free music.

#4 MP3XD


This is another similar website like MP3Juice. MP3Cold is free music download site which offers millions of music stream online and downloads. There is a top world song list which shows you the hottest songs and artist of the year.

Search music by typing artist and song name, if you want to find the right song, you need to type artist and song name together, because the search result is out-of-order. You will take some time to browse the song list then get the right one.

The song list page and download page will show some ads, but they will not affect your download task as long as you don’t hit them.

If you want the APP version, you can download it on your on your phone (support Android, and iPhone)

#5 MP3Skull


As the slogan says: You like music? You will love MP3 Skull. It’s the first thing you can see on the homepage of MP3Skull.

MP3Skull is a popular music download site as well. You can search music by song name and artists just like MP3 juice. It seems easy to find a song and download, but actually, the download is processed by the third party YouTube converter and 4Share. So you need to wait for a while until the conversion finished.

But I have to tell you that when you click the download button, there is a page skip to the ads site, but it will not affect your download task.

#6 NoiseTrade


NoiseTrade is a music download site like MP3juices which provides free MP3 downloads. The biggest advantage of this free music download site is that all the songs are completely legal on NoiseTrade.

Besides, you can make your own music on the site, if you want to be noticed, you can get your tunes out there, into the world.

You also can take this site as a music exchange community. How?

First, if you fancy an artist then you can create fans account to connect your artist. If you are an artist then post your music work on the site. Let the music speak for itself. NoiseTrade makes it easy for fans to tell all of their friends about you. It’s completely free for both artist and fans.

    Second, these features might catch your eyes:
  • -Instant download without entering email or registration.
  • -Easy to share music with others.
  • -Saved play history and favorites.
  • -Give tips to your fancy artist and song.

What’s more surprising?

There is a books section on NoiseTrade. Why a music site contains an E-book download service, and it’s all free? Well, each page is full of ads.

Anyway, just choose what you want.

#7 Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme

This website provides royalty free music online since 1996.

If you are a filmmaker or video maker then you will love this site. There is millions of royalty free soundtrack that can be added to your works, like human sound, animal sound, weather sound and so on. And you can’t find these soundtracks on MP3 juice.

Production music can be found on the site, and many free music collections for free download.

The majorities of songs are free, and they have no copyright attached to them. Whatever you decide to download is totally fine by the artists. There are no ads, but some services need to be paid if you order.

#8 Spinrilla


If you are hip-hop music lover, then you need to check out Spinrilla. It is a free hip-hop mixtape downloads site.

According to your preference, you can browse the music on the spotlight and features mixtapes. For more information, you will learn that how many views, streams, and downloads of the music. You also can leave a comment below the song and discuss with other hip-hop lovers.

Just like the free MP3 download site MP3 juices, you can download music online for free. But on Spinrilla, you can download the whole song playlist without registration.

Spinrilla takes copyright seriously. So if you download an unauthorized work, OK, that won’t happen.



This is a good choice for free music download. Search the music by artist or song name. Then you will see the brief introduction of the music, there is a “play” and “download’ button which means you can stream the music online before you download the MP3.

The download begins by clicking two times or more “download” button because there is an ad page behind the download button. The good thing is the ad only showed one time and there is no ad on another page like search and play page.

#10 Free MP3 Finder(Best Alternative to MP3Juices)

Free MP3 Finder

AmoyShare is famous for its “Free MP3 Finder”, many music lovers benefit a lot from it. It’s a powerful free MP3 music download site similar to MP3 juices.

Compared with the music download sites mentioned above, we can conclude the obvious advantages of Free MP3 Finder.

I. Search Music by Keyword and URL.
You can search much new released music and video by URL and keywords. There’re more than 1000 sites and 4 main online resources (YouTube, 4share, Archive, and Jamendo) provide huge search results for you.

II. Play music and HD music video online.
Play music, play video and download different file formats according to your preference. Most importantly, you can also download the music videos as you like.

III. No ads, no plug-in, and no virus.
You can count on Free MP3 Finder for 100%, you won’t see any ads on the site from start to the end. There is no virus, you don’t have to worry about clicking the ad or a virus attacks your PC. It promises to give you a safe and green download page.

IV. Fast download with a user-friendly interface.
A safe &clean interface, fast &legal music download experience is all Free MP3 Finder can serve you. Download music directly from the original music support resource without the third party involved.

You will get more powerful features if you install the AnyMusic on your PC, such as humanistic MP3 file management, playlist download and rename the files.

With so many powerful functions in one music downloader, Free MP3 Finder deserves the best MP3 Juice alternative site. But you have the final say.


Now, you’ve got more choices to download free music.

Here’s the question: With such more sites like MP3Juices, which one works the best?

Well, ask yourself what you’re actually looking for. Fast download speed? Multiple formats? Ad-free? High-quality audio?

Then compare the pros and cons of these 10 MP3 download sites, and you’ll figure out which one is perfect for you.

Can’t wait to have a try?

Take time and hit it!

I am looking forward to reading the comment of your tryout.

So please feel free and be passionate to leave some words below.

Any question and suggestion are allowed here.

Thanks for your time!

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