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Free Music Apps for iPhone and Android

free music apps

Summary: Music is everywhere and it pervades our world. We always find music for better enjoy while on the go, especially the free mp3 music. So, how to download and enjoy our favorite songs? Here handpicks some free music apps for android and iPhone, you can have a good try and better enjoy yourself in the music world!

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Free Music Apps for iPhone and Android

It is believed that music makes people more human. You will find music in every culture, society, community, etc. It can say that music helps in understanding those things which can't be said in words. For example, when we celebrate, we need music, when there is something sad, we need music. In general, music can help in revealing the inner feelings of people, which can't be said in words.

There is no doubt music has changed the way we relax and pass our free time. Most of us nowadays listen to music while on the go, be it on a tablet or mobile phone, but having the ability to download the music can easily enhance the experience. That’s why opting for a free music app can really help you create your dream playlist. When it comes to mp3 download app, there is quite a lot of good free music apps for iPhone, or Android, as follows.

Free Music Apps for iPhone

1 Beats Music Mp3 Download App

Beats music mp3 download app combines the power of human curation with technology to deliver the right online music at the right time. It is a great free music download app for iPhone. Accessing more than 20 million songs from just about every genre, you can certainly have an excellent experience to explore all the music you can find here. All you have to do is just hit play. But one drawback I have to mention that indeed there are slow download speeds, confusing interface and lots of low quality songs exist.

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2 Spotify Music Mp3 Download App

Spotify is a digital download free music app that gives you access to millions of songs. You can find here your favorite artists, albums and readymade playlists for every moment. It’s a music homeland for everyone. You can enjoy music with the mp3 download app of spotify music on mobile or tablet. Not only search but also make and share your playlists. With this free music download app for iPhone, you can get inspired with personal recommendations and build your biggest, best ever music collection. Its premium features are playing any song, any time on any device, enjoying ad-free music, listening to music offline and getting better sound quality. But this mp3 download app has two cons, such as premium account to download songs are needed and ads are displayed.

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3 Free Mp3box

Free MP3box is one free music app that you can search and listen to music for free. Actually it is a streaming free music app, with Free MP3box, you don’t need to be upset with all those downloads, finding storage space, etc. Besides, it lets you listen to live radio absolutely free. All the music is legal and music tracks are provided with official musical videos, which you can switch off if your Internet connection is slow. But there is one pity that this free music app doesn't download any songs, only listen online!

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4 Music DL Mp3 Download App

Music DL is one of the free music download apps for iPhone, which allows you to search for your favorite song in the search bar or explore music by categories.

Besides, the most popular compositions' list is provided here, you can see them divided into all and downloadable. The playlist unit of the mp3 download app has "25-most played" and "25-recently played" lists, so you can be free to listen to the most popular songs and download them. But one drawback is that the app itself seems to be so littered with spam that sometimes finding the very songs seems to be impossible.

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5 SoundCloud Downloader Pro

SoundCloud is a great service for streaming music based on internet. Almost all of your favorite songs can be found here and you can listen to music while on the go. If you want to download songs for offline listening, the SoundCloud Downloader Pro app, one mp3 download app can help. With large song database and stylish interface, you can browse, download and listen to music offline from SoundCloud right on your iPhone or iPad. But one thing you should remember, that is SoundCloud downloader pro cannot download all songs, only those that are downloadable on this free music download app for iPhone.

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Free Music app for Android

1 Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 downloads is one of the free music apps for android. Music lovers can search, download and listen to songs that are licenced as "free to use". Just enter search query in "Download" tab, hit "search" button, waiting for the results to appear and download the song you like by one simple click. Using this free music app for android, you can listen to all songs downloaded in "listen" tab.

One thing you have to pay attention: all music available in the download free music app is provided by "". They are only for our personal non-commercial use.

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2 Music Maniac Pro for Android

Music Maniac Mp3 Download is one of the free music apps that fast and easy to use. It allows you to search free mp3 music from public search engine. As one best music download app for android, you can download music from top copyleft mp3 music search engines, searching for any music, mp3 or songs. Just have a try and enjoy yourself.

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3 Mp3 Music Download

MP3 Music Download is one mp3download app that offers millions of songs for you to listen online or download. You will also see the most popular songs recommended on the basis of different classification. If you want to get the latest information of this one best music download app for android, its subscription function will help.

This download free music app has strong search power as Google with a large music resource. Just type the key words of the song, artist or album into the searching bar, you will search any song as that found in Google. Besides, this mp3download app has a very well-considered free music download establishment. If your music can't play fluently because of the bad network or other factors, you can still download and enjoy it offline. What’s more, this download free music app has a humanistic library management. With it, you can save your downloaded songs into this library for next time listening, or set them as ringtone, notification and alarm. The mp3download app also has a rating system, which is set for users to express.

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4 Tunee Music Mp3 Download App

As one best music download app for android, Tunee Music mp3 download app allows you to search on the Internet and download all the music files you need. With a very nice interface, this free music app also bundles a player that makes the whole experience very interesting. Furthermore, if you download music with this app, it will also show you each download size and quality. But one disadvantage is that this free music app lacks any major management options.

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5 Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise download free music app is a sound search engine for Android smartphones. Same as MP3 Music Download, this one of the free music apps for android lets you explore everything from sound effects to ringtones and other short clips and then download them. You can even find free songs to download, but keep in mind that many songs are protected by copyright laws.

Music Download Paradise free music app has both a search function and a library management where you can store the music you download. Unfortunately, there are also few instances where you might end up downloading a file with poor playback quality on Music Download Paradise. At this time, you have to search out a new better quality file.

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To sum up, if you are looking for free songs and download them, you can consider the above list of free music apps, they can do a lot of help for you. But if you want to transfer music between IOS devices easily and quickly, such as backup music files from iPhone to iTunes library or local folder; transfer music files from iTunes Library and PC to iPhone; and export music files from iTunes Library to computer, etc..

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