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Last updated: July 15, 2022 | Eva C Levy
Chinese music websites

It’s said music has no boundary. Always try something new, like different music tastes.

In that case, Chinese music can be one of your choices, right?

Now you may wonder where to find good Chinese music.

Here are the top 10 Chinese music websites for you. We selected these music sites based on the popularity in China.

You can listen to the Chinese music online, as well as free download mp3 Chinese songs.

(Tip: If you simply want to download Chinese thanksgiving-songs, you can try the free music downloader.)

1. QQ Music

QQ Music

QQ Music is a Chinese music online service owned by Tencent, according to the data this year, the number of QQ Music users has risen to 800 Million.

So what’s the feature functions on QQ Music:

1.Playlist Recommend
When you enter the QQ Music then you will see the section, all kinks of the playlist for you to choose, such as World’s best DJ, Love songs, Classic songs and KTV hot songs.
Take some time to browse and find a song you love.

2. New Song & Album Publish
You can hear the new songs and albums for the first time, once the song published. Whatever in the Chinese mainland, Europe, United States, Japan or Korean, you are the one to get the latest music.

3. Special Event
In this section, the website editor will publish some special topic of a certain artist, maybe it is an interview or a playlist from this artist.

4. Music Charts
Here has the top list of different categories, such as Billboard, UK Board, iTunes list and so on, even there is a high-quality music list, so just enjoy it.

5. MV
Apart from listening to the music online, you can watch the music video as well. But it is not available to download.


  • 1. QQ Music has the most legal copyright music among all music platforms in China.
  • 2. You can try it free forever but it is only applicable for common sound quality, if you want to download HQ music, you need to pay monthly with 8 RMB.
  • 3. It is available on Windows, iPhone, and Mac.

2. KuGou Music

Kugou Music

Kugou Music has the most users in China, also the biggest digital music operator. It has 20 million copyright songs. You can free download Chinese songs with the high-speed; you also can choose the audio formats.

1. Super Search Function
When you search a certain artist and type the first word, it can locate the artist you want; you can find the search result by shutting down the network as well.

2. Convert to MP3
You can convert the music to the MP3 format by choosing coder and audio quality.

2. Make Ringtone
You can set your ringtone when you like the song, and cut the music for its starting and ending time.


  • 1. A diversified music service platform.
  • 2. The first platform to provide the music streaming online.
  • 3. Support LAN and external WAN.


    There’s a free Chinese music streaming site similar to Kugou Music, which called Sogou Music. It’s a quite popular Chinese music download site before, for it’s very convenient to listen to the Sogou music and downoload Sogou mp3 music online.
    Unfortunately, they shut down the online service. Let’s look forward to its return in the future!

3. Kuwo Music

Kuwo Music

When you see the site for the first time, you may think Kuwo and Kugou come from the same company, it is not the case. They just have a similar name, but it is still a music player and you can download HD Chinese music from it.

It is a company that provides high-quality music streaming and downloading; free demo listening downloading and so on.


  • 1. Kuwo music has 10 million lossless audio; 20 million music resource and 100+ record label authorized.
  • 2. Soundwave and sound effect. You can see the music wave while listening and choose the sound effect you like.
  • 3. HIFI mode.

4. NetEase Music

NetEase Music

NetEase Music is my favorite Chinese music streaming site. Of course, you can download the application both on your mobile and desktop.

It was found in 2013, and I’ve used it for two years. The amount of user may not be the most in China, but NetEase Music has a group of loyal fans. It focuses on discovering and sharing music by professional musician and DJ.

You can free download music on the site and App, but if you need some HD music, you need to be the member of it.

Function display:

1. Hot Recommend
he most played list or the hot playlist right now will show you preferentially; you can stream music online.

2. New album release
Take the first listening to the latest music and choose your music taste according to the category (singers, countries, and genres).

3. Music Ranking
There are 21 music ranking list including Billboard, UK Board, NRJ, Beatport and so on. The feature music top list is Original Music, you can hear many talented musicians post their original music on the NetEase Music. Also, you can get them for free if you like it!


  • 1. NetEase Music has the most ACG music resource.
  • 2. The best function is social community (comments): share the music and comment with another music lover, make a friend and learn more story about the song.
  • 3. Precisely music recommendation. According to your history music you play and like, NetEase Music will recommend the music fit your music taste.

5. Xiami Music

Xiami Music

Xiami is a music brand owned by Alibaba in Hangzhou, China. Like the most of music streaming sites, you can search and listen to the music from the category on the page.

So what’s special about the site?

1. Hot Play
The most played music will show on the page, try it and find any song fit your taste.

2. Playlist Recommendation
Xiami users will recommend their fancy to you, you can listen to this and get the free download.

3. Subscribe
You can subscribe the music topic that fits your music taste, such as piano, movie songs, and game songs.


It provides free Chinese music download, but still, when you download some music protected by copyright, then you need to pay.


  • 1. Xiami Music has the most music resource, though they are not all legal copyright music.
  • 2. The amount of ACG resource is less than NetEase Music but more than QQ Music.

6. Migu Music

Migu Music

Migu Music is the music portal owned by China Mobile, the largest communication network provider in China. The Chinese music website has over 3 million legit MP3 songs.

Its users can almost find any music they like. In the simple but clear music website, users can listen to the free music or download free MP3 in bulk. If you want to download the latest ones or the high-resolution ones, you may need to pay for it.


  • 1. You can set your ringtone on this site, manage your ringtone.
  • 2. You can download the standard sound quality for free.

7. Baidu Music

Baidu Music

In fact, with the rapid development of music platform in China, Baidu Music is running a little behind. For instance, there’s no lyrics, no sharing functionality and so on. But the new “Catch up Plan” is on the way. We will meet a new Baidu Music in one year.

Even though it’s not perfect, you still can enjoy the free MP3 download service, from the home page, you can see many categories, like scene music(at home, study, work-out), movie and TV music, genres, artist, top list and so on.

You also can listen to the radio online, talk show and watch the live show by some online stars.

8. Yinyue Tai

Yinyue Tai

Yinyue Tai is an HD music video online streaming and sharing platform in China, it presents the latest MV works for users in the first time. Of course, you can download the music video (standard quality) you like for free.

What’s on the site?

1. Premiere
Here you can watch the newest music video in the first time. From China to other countries, you can find any music video you like.

2. Entertainment
Variety shows, music tour clips, and artists interviews are available here, you can enjoy the video by choosing your fancy one.

3. MV Channel
Choose the MV according to the area, such as China, Japan, Korean, Europe, US and so on.

4. V List
This is the exclusive part on Yinyue Tai, and it is the first MV list with the full date in China. Artist can promote their new songs on this board by post a short video.


  • 1. Yinyue Tai is the largest MV streaming site in China.
  • 2. This site work with Billboard since 2015.
  • 3. It can be played on Apple TV.

9. 5DN Music

5DN Music

Among the many free Chinese music websites, 5ND is one of the most popular. It has a very distinct neat interface, without too many ads to interfere, which provides a better listening experience. Most of the music is from China, with a few foreign songs. Anyway, hope you enjoy the free Mp3 music service from 5ND.


  • 1. Daily update.
  • 2. This site has been authorized by a number of record labels.
  • 3. Free MP3 streaming and downloading.

10. 5Sing


5Sing is the Chinese original music base which is an open website. All audio, video, pictures and other contents of the website are uploaded by netizens.

You may not find the famous artist here, but there are many talented original singers post their original music work and cover song on the site, and you can download these MP3 files.

There are 8 sections on the site: original music, cover song, accompany, musician, community, activity, radio and top list. You can find something you like and get the song free download.


    Due to the territory license issue, you may encounter such notice like “Sorry, our current license does not allow playback in your current territory.” In that case, the application of VPN (Virtual Private Network) will fix the issue. It allows you to get access to all the Chinese music sites and download for free.
    If you don’t want the bother of getting VPN, you can try AnyMusic MP3 Downloader which enables you to download not only Chinese music but almost any music you want.

Final Recap

That’s all about the top 10 Chinese music websites.

Which site impress you the most?

You can choose one of them according to your need.

Perhaps you have even better option, let me know in the comments.

Since I’m a big fan of Chinese culture, I just get to know a little Chinese music. So if you have any recommendations for Chinese music playlist, please share with me!

I’d love to hear from you guys!

See you next time.

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