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How to Add Text to a Picture Online for Free?

  • Upload

    1. Add File

    Add the image from your computer or mobile phone.

  • Add

    2. Text on Photo

    Add words, and adjust font position, size, color, opacity, etc.

  • Download

    3. Save Picture

    Preview and save the final image with text.

Why We Need to Add Text to Photo

A picture speaks volumes about your business. And in many cases, you need to make the image more compelling with text. The photo text editor powered by AmoyShare lets you caption images, add vivid descriptions, and stylish signatures to the images and make them impressive. Besides, you can also put eye-popping titles or funny words to Meme, Instagram, and Snapchat photos and share them on your social media.This tool requires no professional skills and is suitable for newbies and veterans.


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