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Experience the versatility of our free online song recorder for your music creation! With the assistance of the tool packed with a myriad of features, you can effortlessly record songs catering to your needs. Whether you wish to capture songs directly from your computer or record yourself singing with or without background music, the audio recorder can exactly fulfill your options. What’s more, no matter what level of your recording experience, seasoned or newcomer, can get your desired audio file thanks to the user-friendly interface.

And for those seeking even more advanced features, explore our desktop screen recorder that helps your creation up to the next level!
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How to Record a Song Online?

  • 1. Select Recording Option

    Access our web-based song recorder. Once you’ve launched the site, you’ll find two recording options on your panel – “Microphone” and “SystemSound.” Simply pick one based on your requirements. And then, hit the “Start Recording” button to get song record instantly.

  • 2. Start Song Recording

    If you’ve selected the “Microphone” option, a browser permission prompt will pop up, asking you to grant access to your microphone device. Just click “Allow” to continue to record this song.
    Or if you choose the “SystemSound.” A window will appear asking you to choose the content of your screen. Don’t worry; just select one and be sure to enable the system audio sharing button. After that, hit the “Share” button.

  • 3. Export Recorded Song

    Initiate any activities after the 3-second countdown. Once you’ve completed your creation, click the “Stop” button located on the right side of the interface. You may notice a Pause button there as well, allowing you to suspend and resume the song recording when interrupted by other events. Anyway, if you’re satisfied with the recorded file, just hit the “Download” button to save it to your device, without requiring any login or additional fees.

Explore Advanced Features with Our Desktop Version

  • Record Audio at 320K

  • Various Output Formats

  • Versatile Record Options

  • Record with BGM

  • Trim Recorded Files

  • Display Mouse Cursor

  • Schedule Recording

  • Unlimited Song Records

  • Voice Transcription

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Why Choose Us – Best Song Recorder Online

  • One Click to Record Yourself Singing

    It’s straightforward to record a song online with background music or not whether you’re a seasoned singer or just a newcomer. The simplicity of recording procedures allows you to capture the essence of your singing moments with just a few clicks. Once your song recording is complete, the speedy audio loading ensures a quick review of your creation.

  • Capture Streaming Audio Effortlessly

    Our song recorder is also a reliable online service that enables you to record streaming audio from any popular site with ease. Effortlessly capture your favorite tracks, podcasts, or live music with the click of a start button and enjoy them for offline listening. For a deeper dive into recording streaming audio on various devices, check out our comprehensive guide.

  • Music Recorder with Ease-of-Use UI

    For the sake of providing the best user experience for users of all levels, the online platform is designed to be intuitive and convenient to record a song without any hassle. No complex interface and procedure; just enable the recording option and start recording button, this song recorder empowers you to enjoy the smooth recording process efficiently.

  • Record Songs without Installation Needed

    Say goodbye to the hassle of installations. Our song capture tool enables everyone to access it via the browser without the need for additional software and extensions. Without complexity of installations, you can directly record songs online at once. Whether you wish to save for personal enjoyment or share on popular social media platforms, our tool caters to all your needs.

  • Handle Music Record at No Cost

    It’s good news that the song recorder doesn’t require any fee to capture content. It’s 100% free to use for all level of users. Therefore, you can record song via microphone or system audio option freely and efficiently. Besides that, recording screen and webcam is also available on our site. These features are all free without spending a dime. Have a try and enjoy this tool now!

  • Your Trusted & Secure Song Recording Tool

    Please set your mind at ease because our platform is completely safe to use. This assurance is not just because our tool does not require any login, but also because we prioritize your privacy with the utmost care. No personal data will be collected, and your recorded files will not be uploaded to our servers. The entire song recording process is securely under your control.

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