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How to Record Video Online?

  • Select Your Wanted Layout

    Head to AmoyShare Online Video Recorder on your browser and choose the recording mode you prefer, whether it’s webcam, screen, or both. Don’t forget to choose audio mode as you like.

  • Initiate the Video Recording

    Once you have selected your wanted layout, click on the “Start Recording” button to record any content you want. You can usually pause and resume the recording as needed while recording.

  • Download Recorded Video

    When you’re finished, hit the “Stop” button to end the recording process. After that, our platform will finalize the recording and generate video files. Then you can preview it before downloading.

Explore More Features on High-Quality Video Recorder

Online Video Recorder

  • Download recorded videos in WebM format
  • Record video without times limitation
  • Use free online recorder to export 720p videos
  • Capture video only from a specific tab, window, or the entire screen
  • Export videos with no editing options
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HD Screen Recorder

  • Export recorded video as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and more output formats
  • Unlimited time of recording for longer events without interruptions
  • Capture videos in high definition or even 4K resolution
  • Select a specific tab, window, the entire screen, or any custom area for recording
  • Polish your video with editing tools like trim, crop, resize, annotations, filters
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Unleash Your Creativity: Record Video Whenever You Desire

Creat video tutorials by video recorder

Nowadays, online educational lectures have gained significant popularity as a means of imparting knowledge. As a result, the application of video recorder has turned into the major method employed by teachers, professionals, experts to create video tutorials or lectures for facilitating remote instruction. Thus, our AmoyShare best online video recorder is designed to meet the needs of educational industry, which allows you to record teaching materials in HD effortlessly.

Generate engaging videos for streaming sites

Suppose you're a vlogger, influencer, content creator who aim to create engaging videos to publish on online streaming sites like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and more. In that case, you must shouldn't miss out the AmoyShare free video recorder. It enables creators to record content from screen and webcam to generate explainer videos, live streams, tutorials, gameplay footage, and more. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone of all skill levels to utilize the tool handily.

Record discussions for future review

In the current area, it seems inevitable that online teamwork becomes an integral part of the enterprise. In many times, there is a need to communicate with your team remotely, explain the product demos, or hold some online meetings. Hence, how can we remember all these events with no omission? An online video recorder must be your ideal solution to capture in time. With the help of it, you can conveniently record all important discussions for future review.

Save your game streaming

Utilize our video recorder online to capture and save your game streaming for future retrospection. Through watching this recorded replay, you can analyze your game performance to find more practical methods to improve your game skills and strategies. What’s more, you can edit these recorded streaming into highlight and share them on other social media platforms to attract more attention and subscription. Also, the lookers can learn more skills from your videos.

Why Choose AmoyShare Online Video Recorder?

Record video and screen simultaenously

Record Video & Screen at the Same Time

With its user-friendly and reliable performance, it’s undoubtedly that our platform - AmoyShare free video recorder is the best option to record video online with ease. What’s more, it also provides the ability to record video and screen simultaneously, making it a versatile online tool for various needs.

Video recording with audio and voice

Simultaneous Video & Audio Recording

Some outdated online video recorders only offer video recording mode with system audio and microphone by default. In contrast to such constrained web-based tools, the AmoyShare free online video recorder provides the flexibility in getting video recording with or without audio according to your preferences.

Capture your face from webcam

Record Video with Webcam

With the help of this powerful online video capture tool, you can effortlessly capture streaming video from your screen with a few clicks. Besides that, our platform also offers a reliable way to record your face from webcam. Simply choose the webcam layout, and the platform will promptly detect and activate it.

Get unlimited number of recordings

Unlimited Number of Video Recordings

Unlike some online video recorders that have restrictions on the number of videos you can record, the AmoyShare video capture tool removes this limitation completely. That is to say, you can record as many videos as necessary to cater to your needs without worrying about running out of recording times.

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Unparalleled Features of Web-based Video Recorder

  • Recording with No Watermark

    Providing the best user experience is our top concern. For the sake of this goal, our online video recorder offers the option to record videos without watermark, ensuring that your exported content remains unobstructed.

  • Free Video Recorder Online

    All the features on our site are entirely free for all users. Thus, you can utilize our online video recorder without any cost or hidden charge. Furthermore, there is no need to download any software or extension for recording.

  • Secure & Private Video Recording

    Our platform is designed to respect users’ privacy thorough the entire recording process. What’s unique about our recording is that we offer privacy protections without requiring any personal information to create an account.

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