10 Popular & Professional Backgrounds for Headshots 2024

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Mar 25, 2024

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Background for headshots

When we have our headshots taken, we tend to focus on what we wear, makeup, and hair. However, we need to remember subtle things such as lighting and backgrounds. How could a backdrop for headshots make a difference?

A proper headshot background can change how someone views your image, and a busy, overcrowded background does not give a professional feel to the picture. A neutral or solid color background for headshots allows the viewer to see more detail about your features.

But what can we do to give our headshots a professional edge while standing out from others? In the following few points, we look at different ideas for professional headshots that can be utilized to give you a better look.

Let’s dive in.

10 Professional Backgrounds for Headshot

When creating a portfolio on LinkedIn or any business-related headshots, you need to keep it professional. If you plan on using your headshot to attract a job or traffic to your business, you should try some of the following backgrounds for headshots that will keep things professional and sleek.

White Background

One of the best backgrounds to emphasize professionalism is a white background. White is flattering to your appearance and creates a light contrast. White allows viewers to focus on your face instead of the background and gives you a clean and airy image. This background works perfectly when wearing dark colors like navy blue or black.

Headshot with a white background

Black Backgrounds

Black is a classy yet straightforward color for headshots, and it also allows viewers to focus on your facial features and makes you the focus point. However, black is a confident color for headshots in the business world, and it is suggested to avoid wearing black when using this color. Instead, wear lighter clothes with soft colors; this background might not be best if you have a darker skin tone.

Headshot with a Black Background

Backgrounds with Texture

A well-balanced textured background will add depth to your headshots. Make sure to avoid picking a textured background overloaded with colors. Please keep it simple. A brick or neutral-colored wall will help give a more creative sense to your headshots. Avoid walls with too much art, which will help keep your face as the focal point.

3 Headshot with a textured background

Grey Backgrounds

When we use colors as our backgrounds for headshots, we must remember to look at what suits our skin tone. For example, you should avoid using black or dark brown as a background when you have a darker skin tone. But grey is a well-balanced color that you can use with very light and dark-colored skin tones. A grey background is unique and helps you to have a professional headshot background while bringing focus to your features.

Headshot with a grey background

Natural Scenery Backgrounds

Many people do not have backdrops or access to a background remover for headshots, leaving them to use what is around them. Nature is a great way to add more value to your headshots while keeping things professional. Use a natural setting with greenery or brown grass as a background for headshots. This way, you do not attract too much attention to the background and limit where the viewer’s gaze can drift too. Of course, you always want your face as the focal point, so be sure to use natural scenery where you still keep yourself the most exciting part of the image. Outdoor professional headshots are possible if you remember to keep your surroundings clear, so they are not distracting.

Headshot with a natural scenery background

Buildings in Headshot Backgrounds

Architecture offers intriguing features for headshots, headshots might not always be best for job applications, but they are much better than a busy, colorful background. Make sure to position yourself in line with the building for a crisper aspect. Make sure that you are still well-seen and that you or your photographer is well-positioned so that the background does not distract the viewer of the image.

Headshot background with a building

Professional Workspace Headshots

When you consider your environment and what you do when deciding on an idea for your headshot background, try images of you working. A headshot while you are busy working, will give viewers a sense of your workmanship. These photos also add a professional edge to your images. Make sure your face is not hidden, and you can see all your facial features. Add a computer while sitting by a desk and looking directly at the camera. This pose will have viewers feel welcomed by you in a professional setting.

Headshots background in a professional workspace

Headshots in a Library

Libraries offer an executive look to your headshots and add excellent linework to make your photos seem crispier. Having a clear view of your face without a distracting background for headshots is easy to achieve in a library. Make sure to add extra lighting to your area as some libraries are dark and can make you not see clearly.

Headshot in a library

Stairway Background

This next one is a controversial choice, but I feel that stairways work as a fantastic idea for headshot backgrounds. Some people believe that stairways can be too busy and distracting to the viewer. Still, if a close-up headshot is taken correctly, the lines of the stairs create an atheistic professional background for headshots.

Headshot on stairways

Use a Green Screen

Greenscreens are great for headshots, as you can choose any background to add to your image. You can make it a solid color or even leave it green if your skin reflects well in the lighting. Greenscreens are primarily used in professional studios, but you can easily purchase one online and edit your preferred background later.

Headshot with a green background

Awesome Tips for Choosing Headshot Background

Before deciding on a headshot for professional reasons, you need to know some of the best tips you should consider when choosing a background.

Firstly, pick a color scheme for your clothes. There is nothing worse than bold patterns to distract the viewer. This includes jewelry. Try not to pick things that stand out too much or that blend into your background. If you are using a white background, try to wear darker neutral colors that suit your skin tone. If you choose a monochrome outfit, try incorporating a background with slight color to even the lookout.

Pick a color scheme

Consider a location. If you opt for an indoor shoot for your headshots, find a plain wall with no décor to stand in front of. This helps make your face the focal point.

Consider a location

Whether you are inside or outside during your headshot photoshoot, consider the time of day. Late afternoons might be a bit dark, which will require lighting extras. Make sure when a flash is needed not to wear glasses or anything that could reflect during the shoot. When taking headshots, midday is the best time. During midday, you have adequate light to emphasize your face.

Consider the golden time of day

Make sure your photos will look decent by considering the season you are in. Try not to take pictures in Infront of a tree with falling leaves as it can be distracting in the image for the viewers. Try to have your outfit match the scenery you are being photographed in. Consider your colors, especially in seasons like Fall and Spring.

Consider the season

If you would like to incorporate props, make sure your props are not distracting. If props are not correctly placed, they can distract the view from your face and draw more attention to what is around you.

Use props

Try using backdrops, and many people dislike backdrops because they feel fake. But headshots are perfect for plain and simple backdrops. Using decent backdrops for your headshot backgrounds will help you elevate your presence and highlight your most vital facial features.

Use backdrops

Lastly, find a background remover. Background removers are great for people who like taking their headshots. This allows you to incorporate a professional background for headshots with little effort.

How to Make Headshot with White Background?

After reading through these fantastic ideas for headshot backgrounds, I am sure you noticed that a plain background, like a solid color, would work in your favor. But how can you create a white background effortlessly?

Many background removers allow you to add a white background to your headshots. With a few clicks, your background turns into a crisp white. AmoyShare AnyErase is a prime example of an application that allows you to remove any busy background and replace it with a white backdrop.

AnyErase is such an easy application to use, and you would not even need to ask how to remove a background from headshots as it is so user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

In a world where headshots are used to represent you professionally, it is vital to have the best background for headshots. With the proper knowledge, you can have an outstanding professional headshot that you take on your own. A photographer is not always needed when you have the right editing tools.

With applications like AnyErase, you can remove any busy background easily. The AI in the application detects the focal point and automatically removes the background for you. In just a few seconds, you can have a professional headshot background.

Until next time.


Do headshots need a plain background?

To make your face the focal point, yes. A background can not draw too much attention and should remain plain or solid.

How do I take professional headshot photos at home?

When taking at-home headshots, you must ensure they still look professional. This is why we suggest having enough light when handling it or using a flash. Try to pick a wall with no décor or remove the background and change it to a solid color. Besides, try to use a decent camera for HD images.

What to wear for a headshot with a white background?

When you have a white background, you must be sure not to wear white or other light clothing. Your clothing should stand out but not be vibrant. Avoid bright neon colors, and try dark navy or black.