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MP3 Juice Alternative: Mp3Juices vs BeeMP3

Last updated: 2017-12-06 | Eva C Levy
MP3 Juice Alternative – BeeMP3

If you want me to name several alternatives to MP3Juices, I won’t miss BeeMP3.

As one of MP3 Juice alternatives, BeeMP3 has its unique features.

What impressed me most is that the faint yellow of the page.

For many MP3 download sites out there, BeeMP3 is not that popular as MP3Juices.

But it still has been widely used by many music lovers.

So, which one do you prefer?

Is BeeMP3 really a better choice than MP3 Juices?

You will find the answer in today’s article.

First, here is a brief table for you to compare these two MP3 download sites:

MP3Juices BeeMP3
Search by URL/Keywords
Play online
No Registration
Video Download ×
No ads × ×
Download limit No limit No limit
Desktop application × ×
Music resource 4 1
Support site 7 1
Audio quality 192k 128K,256K
Audio format MP3 MP3


Before we make the further analysis, there’s something you need to know about MP3Bee.

When you search BeeMP3 on Google, you can get many results as follows.

Search result of BeeMP3

So which one is the real site of BeeMP3?

After trying all the relevant result on the page, I found that there’re 2 REAL sites of BeeMP3. (beemp3s.org and beemp3s.net)

What’s going on here?

beemp3s.org is the old BeeMP3, and beemp3s.net is the new BeeMP3 site.

According to beemp3s.net, the old BeeMP3 was shut down and uses can’t download MP3 file on the site anymore.

Old BeeMP3 shutdown

Since the old BeeMP3 can’t work anymore, but you can turn to the new one.

Though the interfaces of the two sites are alike, the following screenshot is how the available site looks like.

New BeeMP3

To avoid entering to the wrong site, the easiest way is remember the domain beemp3s.net.

Next, let’s see how to download MP3 music on the new BeeMP3 site?

How to Search MP3 on BeeMP3 and Download?

On BeeMP3, you can search MP3 music by URL and keywords. Copy the music link from another steaming site and paste it on BeeMP3.

Search by URL

Besides, you can just type the song name or artists into the search bar.

Search by keyword

When you find the songs on BeeMP3, you can play the music first before you download the MP3 music.

But I have to warn you that:

You will click several trick buttons just like on MP3Juices. That means there are hidden ads behind every play and download button.

Therefore, you have to learn how to avoid those trick buttons. If you’re new to BeeMP3, however, you will still fall into the trap for at least once even with the tips.

Play and download on BeeMP3

Also, you can download MP4 files on BeeMP3 which is not allowed on MP3 Juice, maybe this is the biggest advantage that superior to MP3Juices.

Do you agree?


So far, it seems like that BeeMP3 is quite similar to MP3Juices.

Now, we can draw a conclusion that you can choose whatever MP3Juices or BeeMP3, for they don’t have much difference.

But if you need to download MP4 file then you can choose BeeMP3.

What if you are not satisfied with both of them, do you have any even better solution?


Among alternatives to MP3 Juice, I think the biggest rival should be Free MP3 Finder.

Now check out the battle – MP3Juices vs Free MP3 Finder, and then you can decide which one works the best for you.

Any other free MP3 sites you’d recommend?

Leave a comment below – can’t wait to hear what you think.

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