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Best YouTube Video Downloader – Ultimate Guides 2017

Last updated: 2017-08-18 | John C Lee
youtube video downloader

YouTube is one of the most significant websites in the world with billions of people watching videos on it every day.

However, there is a big problem for YouTube users, you can only watch its videos online.

That means you cannot watch YouTube videos on subway or wherever without Wi-Fi.

Well, unless your cellular data is unlimited.

So how to download YouTube videos for offline watching?

I’m going to solve this problem for you.

The first step is to find an appropriate YouTube video downloader.

I list 5 most popular online video downloaders in the market, and assess the both strength and weakness for all of them.

Now, Shall we begin?

Now, Shall we begin?

#1 Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is the most talked about online video converter. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, and the most important thing is, it is totally FREE.

User Experience

Unlike the most of YouTube downloaders can only search videos by pasting the URL from YouTube.

In Online Video Converter, we can both search video by name and URL.

Whenever the name of a song comes up to your mind, you can immediately search it and download it.

Therefore, it’s no need to search the video on YouTube first and copy the URL which makes the search process a lot more convenient.

online video converter

However, there are also several unfavorable aspects of Online Video Converter.

First, it has advertisements. I understand that as a company, Online Video Converter needs to make money through ads. But as a customer, we always want to visit a clean website with no ads.

The second is that we cannot watch the video online. Once we search a video or music on it, we can’t make sure if that is the video we want.

Additionally, Online Video Converter doesn't allow us to search playlist, which is also annoying because that force us to search playlist videos one by one.


Online Video Converter allows us to convert YouTube video into audio and video.

Notably, it supports up to 14 formats for both of them, including 7 audio formats and 7 video formats.

That’s a large number comparing to other YouTube downloaders. With 14 formats, Online Video Converter can satisfy most individuals’ needs.

multiple file formats

In addition, Online Video Converter supports more than 15 mainstream sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

supported sites

Notably, I find out that Online Video Converter has a problem with searching music video. Every time when I try to search music on it, a notice comes up and says “The video cannot be converted, please try another link.”

I’m not sure if it’s a temporary problem or not. Hence, if the video you want to download contains music, you should probably change to another downloader.



  • Free
  • Friendly UI
  • Multiple search options
  • Various of formats
  • Support mainstream sites


  • Annoying advertisement
  • Can’t watch video online
  • Can’t search playlist
  • Not support for music downloading

#2 is another online YouTube video downloader. Besides, it also provides software called Ummy Video Downloader.

User Experience doesn’t have much search options for us, we can only search videos by pasting URL.

Which means users can only find videos they want to download on YouTube but cannot search it directly on the site of

In addition, like Online Video Converter and most other YouTube downloaders, we can’t search playlist and watch video online on


As a powerful video downloader, supports up to 4K resolution.

Nevertheless, we have to download their software Ummy Video Downloader to enjoy high-quality video.

If you don’t like the software program, sorry, you can only download up to 480p no sound video on the site. Hmm... it is very unfriendly, isn’t it?

format options

Even so, there are still some features of I like.

For example, it is a totally ads-free website that we can enjoy the download process without the bothering of advertisements.

Also, since the website supports 10 different languages, you can still use this website even you don’t understand English.

Additionally, its software Ummy Video Downloader is very powerful. With the program, you can download HD videos up to 4K resolution.

And it has YouTube add-on that allows us to directly download video from YouTube.

youtube video downloader addon

At last, Ummy Video Downloader is a paid software.

It offers three options for users: $4.99 for one month, $19.99 for six months and $39.99 for a lifetime.

Does it deserve that price? It’s all up to you.



  • Very powerful software
  • Support 10 languages
  • Ads free


  • Can’t watch video online
  • Single search option
  • Poor website user experience

#3 AnyUTube (Editor’s Pick)

AnyUTube is the most functional YouTube video downloader I’ve used so far. It can help me to download music to my computer and mobile devices with ease.

User Experience

The user interface of AnyUTube is very clean and straightforward. There is only a search bar with some brief descriptions. Moreover, you won’t see any ads on the program.

AnyUTube Free Video Downloader

In order to let the user find their songs easier, AnyUTube supports video search both by keywords and the URL of a song.

And AnyUTube keeps this great feature with its video downloader, thus you can just search the name of your favorite movie star, then all videos about he/she will show up.

search with keywords

Now, you can watch the video you like by clicking “Play” on the right side, or you can directly download the video.

Furthermore, you can also search and download YouTube playlist on AnyUTube. You only need to copy the link of a playlist and paste it to search bar, all content in the playlist will show up on the search result page.

As you can see, it’s quick and easy to download videos from YouTube with AnyUTube. And I dare say it’s the most functional YouTube converter I’ve used so far.


As An YouTube video based product, AnyUTube only supports 4 major video formats (MKV, MP4, 3GP and WebM) so far.

Meanwhile, AnyUTube - free YouTube video downloader online can support download videos up to 720P resolution, which is enough for most people’s daily use.

Fortunately, AnyMusic supports video download from over 1000 website, which covers most of the mainstream websites.

As a new online video downloader, AnyUTube has superior user experience, rich websites support.

I dare say it’s the


  • Free
  • Friendly UI
  • Can watch video online
  • Search video by URL and keywords
  • Multiple search options
  • Ads free
  • Support 1000+ sites
  • Batch download YouTube Playlist playlist

#4 KeepVid

The UI of KeepVid is one of my favorite among all the video downloaders.

It is colorful, informative, and energetic. The only pity is there are advertisements on the web page.


User Experience

Like most of the video downloaders, Keepvid doesn’t allow us to search video’s name, it might be a little inconvenient for people who like to directly search for a video with keywords.

In addition, it doesn’t support play video online or search playlist as well.

Hence, the beautiful UI doesn’t bring better user experience.


After the search results show up, we will find out that we can download up to 720P video for free.

If you want to watch videos with higher resolution, you can either download no sound version for free or purchase the Keepvid Pro.

On the other hand, Keepvid supports 3 video formats and 2 audio formats, which is also not much comparing to Online Video Converter.

supported formats

Moreover, Keepvid claims it supports over 10,000 sites, and lists out 28 of them. If that is a true number, Keepvid will support the most sites among those video downloaders.

streaming sites supported

At last, the price of Keepvid Pro is $19.95 for 1-year license, $29.95 for a lifetime license and $72.5 for a family license.

pricing plan


  • Extraordinary UI
  • Support 10,000+ sites
  • Support 4K video (Keepvid Pro)


  • Can’t search playlist
  • Single search option
  • Can’t watch video online
  • Advertisement
  • Can’t use all functions for free


Finally comes to the last one of the list. has a decent user interface, everyone knows what to do once they open this website.

Notably, the dynamic interaction of this website is really attractive and I really enjoy using it.

Nevertheless, there are also advertisements on the site, which might be a pity.


User Experience allows us to search playlist, which is really practical for me.

However, it doesn’t support search by name of video, just like most of other video downloaders, we should paste the URL from YouTube. In addition, we cannot watch video online on it as well.

Resources supports 3 video formats and 3 audio formats, it’s a decent number for a video downloader.

What impressed me most is, we are able to download up to 4K video for free on it, and there is no restriction like you should download software for sound video, which offers an opportunity for users to enjoy 4K videos for free.

select desired quality

Besides, supports 2,456 sites and it lists up all of them.

supported video sites

In a word, though still needs to improve its user experience, it is overall a great free video downloader.


  • Free
  • Great interaction
  • Can search playlist
  • Support 4K videos
  • Support 2456 sites


  • Single search option
  • Can’t watch video online
  • Advertisement
  • Only support English

Summing Up

After reading this long article, you might be a little bit confused and don’t know which YouTube video downloader you should choose.

Well, here I list all notable features for those five video downloaders. You can select the downloader according to your preference.

Name Formats Search options Watch video online Search playlist

Video Quality Resource Ads Price
Online Video Converter 14 URL + NAME NO NO Up to 1440P 15+ YES FREE 3 URL NO NO up to 4K (no sound) / NO $39.9/Lifetime
AnyUTube (Editor’s Pick) 4 URL + Keywords YES YES Up to 4K 1000+ NO FREE
Keepvid 5 URL NO NO 4K (Pro) 720P (Free) 10,000+ YES $29.95/Lifetime 6 URL NO YES Up to 4K 2456 YES FREE

That’s all about the best YouTube video downloader of 2017.

Which one impresses you the most?

Personally, my first choice would always be AnyUTube video downloader.

Now it’s all up to you.

Just pick one and start using it, then, you’ll see how easy YouTube video download can be.

If you have any question while downloading YouTube videos, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

I’ll be sure to answer!

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