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Green Day Songs – Free Download Greatest Hits of Green Day

Last updated: 2017-11-09 | Eva C Levy
Best Green Day songs free download

They are famous as the punk revivalist.

Best known for “Wake me up when September Comes”.


Obviously, Green Day!

Thanks to amazing melody, their songs enjoy increasing popularity among the public.

Nobody could forget after hearing.

They hope that their fans can love their songs like taking marijuana.

So today, I am going to share a list of top 10 Green Day songs.

Can’t help learning more?

Let’s go and get ready to be intoxicated with their music!

1. Wake Me Up When September Ends

“Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September comes”

Written by Green Day lead vocal Billie, “Wake me up when September ends” is the most favorite song on the Kids Choice Words in 2009 and the most popular video on the MTV Asia Award.

Billie’s father was dead when he was 10 years old. He locked himself in the door in order to escape the funeral. He answered “Wake me up when September comes” while his mother came. Finally, this song was accomplished in memory of his father after several years.

Sad lyrics express his deepest miss about father. Father’s love is a tree which accompanies and protects us. The memory of father comes across in my mind every time I hear this song. Warm and nice, really hope it could last forever.

2. 21 Guns

“One’ 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One’ 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky”

“21 Guns” is the insert music of “Transformer” and “Vampire Diaries”. It begins when the emotional drama starts. The theme of this Green Day song is anti-war. “21 guns” means peace, which shows respect to president and ex-president. It also comforts people who felt disappointed in Bush-administration.

There is no doubt that wars will do great harm to our physical and intellectual integrity. Resounding melody empowers us to go forward and stay away from war. Let’s say no together to it. How inspirational it is!

3. American Idiots

“Everything isn’t meant to be okay
Television dreams of tomorrow
We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow”

 “American Idiots” served as the first single from the album with the same title. This album peaked at No.1 on Billboard 200 ranking list by the sales of 267,000.

Green Day shows their dissatisfaction at the chaos of television, politician, and society, which let us have a complete understanding of punk spirit. From this song, we can know about disadvantages of television. I bet you will be fond of this song the moment you listen to it.

4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

“My shadows the only one that walks beside me
My shadows hearts the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me”

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” won the Best Annual Record Award on the Grammy. Most songs about loneliness are a scream of help, but this song shows it in a different way. On the contrary, narrator accepts it and get used to it.

Loneliness is so common that sometimes we find it difficult to escape. Why don’t we try to accept and find a new way to live with it as time goes by? A comprehensive meaning of loneliness occurred in my mind as long as I heard this song.

Hope you can also benefit from it!

5. When I Come Around

“I heard you crying loud
All the way across town
You’ve been searching for that someone
And it’s me out on the prowl”

“When I Come Around” got the first place on the Billboard for 7 weeks.

Brisk melody and lyrics perfectly depicted their spirit. MV encourages people to live in your own way rather than admire anybody else. So awesome it is! Old or young, just live what you like.

Btw, Billie in this MV is very handsome. Hush! It’s just between you and me.

6. J.A.R.

“Got to make a plan
Got to do what’s right”

“J.A.R.” topped the Billboard Modern Tracks Chart for 16 weeks and also reached at No.20 on the Hot Airplay Chart.

J.A.R. stands for Jason Andrew Relva. To the memory of a childhood friend, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt wrote this song and used his name as the title. It was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Angus “in 1995.

This Green Day top song aims at commemorating friends as well as inspiring people to make a plan and do what’s right. We have a lot of things to do, while years of youth are fading so fast. Live up to your youth and do it right now! Come on!

7. Basket Case

“Am I just paranoid?
Or I’m just stoned”

“Basket Case” was marked as an epic masterpiece in the punk history. This single reached No.1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart and spent 5 weeks on it.

Green Day lead vocal Billie wrote it when he was in a state of anxiety. He said: "the only way to overcome it is to write a song."

This song revealed that anxiety drives people crazy. It shows treachery and publicity vividly, which arouse thought among the confused youth.

8. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

“I hope you had the time of your life
It’s something unpredictable
But in the end it’s right”

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” sold over 2.6 million copies as a digital download in the country and was certified as Gold in the United Kingdom for sales of 400000.

It’s surprising that this song became a hit at proms dances. This song remains many graduating seniors of their happy hour in high school.

Indeed, the memory of high school comes to emerge in my mind when I hear this song. How I wish to go back to the past! Innocent memory with my friends is the essential part of my life. I hope all of you have the time of your life after listening.

9. Holiday

“I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives”

“Holiday” peaked at No.1 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. It was released as a single of album American Idiot.

Armstrong spent two months to finish it. From this song, we can know more about his points of American conservation. Now share the song with you and hope you will like it

10. Long View

“I got no motivation
Where is my motivation
Smoking my inspiration”

“Long View” was the first song of Green Day to top the Modern Rock Chart.

It’s about boredom, masturbation and smoking dope. Billie Armstrong said. Named after Long View, a small city in Washington, this Green Day song lyrics describe a day doing nothing importance.

Special voice and tunes lead us to a unique world. I feel like taking one step closer to Punk. Something wrong, something right, those are valuable experiences of our life.


That’s all about the Top 10 List of Green Day Songs.

In my mind, these songs are very fancy!

Are you like our recommendations?

Or do you have any same or different feeling?

Please feel free to share with us.

Your ideas or comment are of great significance for us.

I am looking forward to your comments.

See you next time!

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