4 Reddit Video Downloaders with Sound [100% Work]

By Andrew Collins | Last updated: Jun 08, 2023

AnyVid - Best Video downloader

4.9 out of 5

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

AnyVid - Best Video downloader

4.9 out of 5

Reddit video downloader with sound

When you browse Reddit, one of the most active American social discussion websites, you will see countless funny content under all kinds of subreddits. A subreddit is like a group, and users can join the subreddit and post things that match the subreddit’s rules.

For me, I like watching videos people post on the r/aww subreddit. It’s a subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures. Those cute little animals truly heal my heart and make me want to save their rare moments in my personal device.

Reddit doesn’t offer a download service by itself, but we can still download the videos through the third-party tool.

According to my experience, I’d like to introduce 3 Reddit video downloaders with sound. I’ve used them before and will give you the real reviews.

Let’s see what I found!

Part 1. Reddit Video Downloader With Sound on PC/Mac/Android

Even in the Reddit site itself, there are discussions like “How to download Reddit videos with sound?” and they received a lot of comments and UP votes. Obviously, you are not the only one that has the need of Reddit videos download.

When you search for ways to download Reddit videos with audio, most of the results are online download sites. Indeed, they are convenient and fast, but more like a one-time-use tool.

For more steady service, you would like to have a desktop downloader that is ready to help you download Reddit videos anytime.

Here, I will recommend the best choice of Reddit video downloader for you, the AnyVid.

It’s an HD video downloader developed by AmoyShare. Currently have Windows/Mac desktop software and Android app. Besides Reddit, the AnyVid supports video downloads from 1,000+ sites.

Start with the free installation, and you will experience the fast and powerful download with AnyVid.

Now, I will focus on how to download the Reddit video you like by using AnyVid, and of course, with the sound.

  • Find the Reddit video URL by click “Share” → “Copy Link.” Find the Reddit video's link
  • Open AnyVid. Paste the video’s link into the search bar. Paste the link into AnyVid's search bar
  • Click “MP4” to download the video in the best available quality. You will see the download task has been added in the download queue. Click MP4 to download the video in the highest available quality

Just need a few seconds, the video would be saved in your device in HD quality.

Part 2. 3 Reddit Video Downloaders With Sound Online

1. Free Video Finder

Free Video Finder

It’s a free video downloader created by AmoyShare. Free Video Finder supports to download Reddit videos with sounds. The download steps are super easy, and no professional skills are needed.

Find the post that contains the video you want, copy the link in the address bar, or click “Share” → “Copy the link.” Then paste the link into AnyVid’s search bar. You will select the format and quality of the target video.

Wait for a while, and the video would jump into your device.

This site has zero ads, no disturbance from popups, redirects, and malware.

2. Viddit.red


Viddit.red is an online video downloader that focuses on Reddit.

The website design is Reddit-themed and very straightforward. The search bar for users to paste Reddit URL is at the center of the page.

Scroll down the website, and you will also see the guide of Reddit video download, how to get the Reddit video post link, the introduction of the website owner (which is pretty impressive, they said they are serious Reddit fans and trying to develop a tool that makes Reddit nerds’ life easier), and several FAQs.

At the download page, you can preview the video, download the video with sound by clicking the red button “Download HD Video,” download the MP4 file and the thumbnail JPG file.

Viddit.red doesn’t have ads, except those from Google, neither malware nor popups.

Besides, Viddit.red has a web app. You can download it by clicking the floating window on the homepage. Next time, you can download the Reddit video by the shortcut on your desktop.



RIPSAVE is an online video downloader that supports many popular social sites like Reddit.

The steps of download don’t have significant differences from others: copy and paste the URL and hit the download button.

But I like RIPSAVE’s page design. After you hit the download button, RIPSAVE will generate a list of options for you. You can download the video to MP4 with sound, or an m4a file that contains audio only, or the MP4 file without audio.

The highest quality it supports is 720P with sound. Moreover, you can also download the thumbnail.

The only fly in the ointment is RIPSAVE has floating ads that you cannot completely close, which is slightly annoying.


Hopefully, the problem is solved!

We provide 4 Reddit video downloaders with sound above. You can either use the steady desktop application or the online downloader.

Honestly, I think AnyVid is the best choice. The steps are easy to follow, and the video quality has a good guarantee.


Download any video from 1,000+ websites

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for Mac OS X 14+
  • for Android

With the free installation, AnyVid is clear, convenient, and effective enough among all kinds of video downloaders.

I believe it’s worth a try!