5 Best YouTube Downloaders for Android 2020 [Tested]

By Ivy Ross | Last updated: Mar 13, 2020

When one asks Google about the best YouTube downloader for Android, he will feel all at sea because there are a bunch of YouTube downloaders out there, and almost every one boasts itself the best YouTube video downloader app for Android.

Don’t worry, though!

This post is generated to help you sidestep the plight. We’ve cherry-picked the 5 best YouTube downloaders for Android based on our test.

Before we get started, I’ve made a table to rate each YouTube downloader app. If you don’t have much time to keep it all the way down to the last word, just tap on the app whose features interest you.

Ads Speed Ratings (10)
AnyUTube Few Fast 9
Videoder Lots Slow 8
InsTube Lots Fast 8.5
SnapTube Lots Moderate 8
VidMate Few Slow 8

1. AnyUTube

AnyUTube – the best YouTube downloader for Android

AnyUTube is the most popular YouTube downloader app for Android. You are provided with 4 ways to find your favorite YouTube video.

The first one is to paste the YouTube URL in the search box.

The second one is to enter keywords.

The third one is to discover hot videos from the recommended hotlists like Trending, Sports and Music Videos.

The last but the coolest one is to find the YouTube video from the embedded YouTube site. This is to say, you don’t bother to visit YouTube on a browser or open the YouTube app.

The good thing about the YouTube downloader app is that you can even download YouTube videos without searches. Instead, the smart download mode saves you the trouble. To be specific, you can download the video while you are watching with a smart download button, with no need to get back to the search box.

How to download YouTube videos with AnyUTube

First off, get the best YouTube video downloader APK to your Android phone.

Install AnyUTube

Open the best YouTube download app, and follow the instructions below:

a. Search directly by keywords or paste URL. Tap on the More button of the video.

search for YouTube videos

b. Select an output format to download the YouTube video on your Android phone.

Download YouTube videos on Android with AnyUTube

c. Check the download in Library.

check the download in Library


  • Built-in media player
  • YouTube playlist batch downloading
  • Smart download button
  • Resume downloads
  • Change download location
  • Impressive and intuitive UI
  • Also available for Win and Mac
  • 1,000+ sites supported


  • Only MP3, M4A, and MP4 available
  • No Share button for the downloaded files

2. Videoder


Videoder is a powerful YouTube Downloader for Android with user-friendly UI. The clearly-arranged buttons are easy to navigate even for first-time users. You can download video and audio from multiple sites including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, 9Gag, and SoundCloud. Unlike other YouTube downloaders, Videoder provides access to comments for each video.

How to download YouTube videos with Videoder

First of all, get Videoder APK.

Install Videoder

a. Find your favorite video by keywords or URLs.

search for YouTube videos

b. Tap on the video to play.

play YouTube video

c. Tap on Download under the video. Choose an option from the audio or video download links.

choose a format to download YouTube to Android

d. Check the progress from the Download icon at the top right corner.

check the downloaded file


  • Free to use
  • YouTube playlist download
  • Share button available
  • Quick Download available
  • Video comments supported


  • Slow download speed
  • Unstable with technical errors
  • Sponsored ads are seen everywhere

3. InsTube


InsTube is a trustworthy Android app for downloading YouTube videos. The easy-to-use interface is friendly to all users. You can download videos to MP3, M4A, and MP4 from YouTube, Instagram, Vevo, TED, Pagalworld, TikTok, and SoundCloud. The settings feature Fast Download Mode and WiFi Download Only. The former enables you to download videos faster than the normal mode, while the latter saves your mobile data if you unlock the function. The app is the fastest YouTube downloader for Android among the 5.

After the download, you can share the file via WhatsApp, share with nearby devices, send it to your computer, and add to WeChat Favorites.

How to download YouTube videos with InsTube

Install InsTube

a. Enter the URL or search for the video. Tap on the video to play.

search for videos on InsTube

b. Hit the Download button at the lower right corner.

download YouTube video with InsTube

c. You will be provided with several audio and video quality options. Select one, and tap on Fast Download.

choose video options

d. Tap on the folder at the top right corner to find the downloaded file.

find the downloaded video


  • Fast download mode
  • HD video available
  • Batch downloading supported
  • Set download path


  • Commercial ads are everywhere
  • Search history not saved

4. SnapTube


SnapTube is a dedicated YouTube downloader app that is only available on Android. The app has a wide range of video resolutions, including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD. It features a mini view, which allows you to watch the video in a mini window at the lower right bottom while you’re discovering your favorite videos. Moreover, an ignored feature that you are enabled to convert a downloaded video file to audio in My Files.

How to download YouTube videos with SnapTube?

Install SnapTube

a. Search for videos either by keywords or URLs.

search for your favorite video

b. Play the video and tap on Download.

play the video before download

c. Select an audio or video format.

select a format to download

d. Go to My Files at the bottom to get the file.

find the downloaded file


  • Download video in 1080p
  • Free without charge
  • Available on PC, iOS & Android
  • Download video while watching
  • Convert downloaded file to audio


  • Annoying commercial and adult ads
  • Some URLs not supported
  • Internet connection errors

5. VidMate


VidMate is one of the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android. You can free download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, dailymotion, and more. The biggest advantage is that the app is 100% free to download videos and images from over 1,000 supported sites. Besides, watching live TV online is also available and free on VidMate.

Move on to the steps below:

How to download YouTube videos with VidMate

Install VidMate

a. Paste the URL or search directly for the video. Tap on Search, and it will start analyzing.

search for YouTube videos on VidMate

b. Once the analysis is completed, choose a resolution for MP3, MP4, or M4A to download the video.

Download YouTube videos with VidMate

c. After the download completes, check the file from the File at the upper right corner.

Download YouTube videos on Android

If you are worried about legality, find the answer below.

Is it legal to use VidMate?

Undoubtedly, it is legal to use an app to stream and watch YouTube videos online.

However, it’s not the case for downloading YouTube videos. YouTube makes a profit from ads in the videos to protect the rights of the content creators. That’s why users are not allowed to download or distribute any YouTube content for commercial use.

In sum, if you just use a third-party app to download YouTube videos for personal purposes, there is no legal penalty.


  • Small-sized APK
  • Share video to social platforms or other devices
  • No buffering when watching videos online
  • Run in the background


  • Slow download speed
  • Limited movies


We’ve covered the 5 best YouTube downloaders for Android.

It’s your turn to try the best YouTube video downloader app for Android.

Which one you think is the best YouTube downloader for Android?

Do you have another best YouTube downloader for Android phones?

Please leave us a comment below.

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