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How to Add Music from Computer to iPhone Quickly Without iTunes?

Add Music from Computer to iPhone

Summary of this article: When adding your entire music library from computer to iPhone, in order to make the computer on which your iTunes is paired with iPhone, iTunes will erase the iPhone data. Therefore, finding another way to smoothly add music to iPhone without iTunes and suffering no data loss is what we always seek for. AmoyShare O2Tunes, as the most favorable transfer & backup tool for all Apple devices, provides the other way for you to quickly put music from computer to iPhone and vice versa. You can just have nothing to worry about by using it!


When it comes to putting music from computer to iPhone, basically there are two ways: transfer music from computer to iPad with or without iTunes.

The first way, transferring music from computer to iPhone with iTunes, the media management software developed by Apple Inc., to be honest, makes it simple by syncing to put music from computer to iPhone or other iDevices. But the road really goes with little safety, for here comes a problem-to transfer music from computer to iPhone with iTunes, we have to erase and remove our iPhone data to make it paired with the computer; that means we can’t switch songs to new computers, can’t sync our iPhone with friends’ computers, can’t snap songs directly on the Internet via our iPhone, etc., or we’ll suffer from data loss (It can be shown as below.)


Besides, if the iTunes library is damaged, our data may never come back. What’s more, with iTunes it seems no possibilities to copy files back to computer. Even if we are at the expense of lots of time and energy, it will be still troublesome to run.

Therefore, in order to solve this problem above, once I had to spend the good part of my week to find the solution, sifting through the many iPhone to PC softwares listed on Internet. Fortunately, I have not worried about the problem any more since I found the other way with a humanized software named O2Tunes, my favorite.

Amoyshare O2Tunes, the most favorable transfer & backup tool for all Apple devices, provides me a smooth way to quickly add music to iPhone without iTunes. This software can bring both of us great convenience to easily export & import various media types-music. By using it, no erasing data issue will happen to your iDevices. You can share music between computer and iPhone freely. In addition, it can do what iTunes cannot. It can copy songs from any computer to any iDevices, as well as transfer them in return.

So today, I want to share with you about this fabulous tip that could offer you most convenience. It is really a sound of blessing for frustrated iTunes users like me.

How to transfer music from computer to iPhone with O2Tunes (without iTunes)?

  • Step 1: Download O2Tunes and connect your device to computer.
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    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
  • Step 2: O2Tunes will automatically search for the detected device as well as the current tracks and media files stored in your iDevices. You will find the detailed information of each media file including genre, artist and album in three display windows.

  • how-to-add-music-from-computer-to-iphone-quickly-without-itunes-step2

  • Step 3: Select the Medias icon, and click Add button.
  • how-to-add-music-from-computer-to-iphone-quickly-without-itunes-step3

  • Step 4: O2Tunes will ask you to choose the single music or batches of files you want to add from computer to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Select the ones and click to start transferring.
  • how-to-add-music-from-computer-to-iphone-quickly-without-itunes-step4

  • Step 5: After transferring is done, there’s a pop up window showing the final results. You can find the files you already copied to device in the below list.
  • how-to-add-music-from-computer-to-iphone-quickly-without-itunes-step5

Pretty freaking simple, right? Anyone can transfer music from computer to iPhone or other iDevices with the help of powerful AmoyShare O2Tunes. What’s more, the transfer songs are in High Quality without any damage.

Wait no more, download and start to enjoy the awesome O2Tunes on the go!

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