Most popular iTunes alternative by transferring media files smoothly.

  • Most favorable transfer & backup tool for all Apple devices- iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Quickly export & import various media types- music, playlist, video, audio, TV show, etc.
  • Back up easily & fast from devices to iTunes & computer or from iTunes to computer.
  • Add files smoothly to Apple devices either from computer’s local folder or from iTunes.
  • Fully supportive for the newest iPhone6/6 Plus/iOS 8.1/iTunes 12

Everyone Needs His Cost-Effective Transfer Solution to Get Over iTunes Hassle!

Positioned as the overall media transfer & backup solution, O2Tunes completely settles the iTunes transfer hassle into simple matters. It lends a great hand to easily copy music and other media files FROM iPhone, iPod, iPad, to iTunes and computer. Or either it adds music files to above devices directly from local and iTunes library. Without going through the iTunes manipulation process, you definitely will love this fascinating and practical user experience.

Most Favorable Media Transfer & Backup Tool That Every Apple User is Chasing For!

O2Tunes introduces 2 angles for Apple product users- Transfer and backup as the clear two way channel- It will automatically detect the current music and media files stored no matter in iTunes library or in Apple device. You are allowed whether to backup these purchased music to local folder of the computer, or to transfer them to iPhone, iPad and iPod. Also, your favored music could be transferred to iTunes and computer in case an unexpected loss. Smart Function only requires ONE simple CLICK to finish all transferring steps! Apple users will be happy to use it as daily backup tool.


Barrier freely Moves Music, Video, Audio, Playlist, etc from iTunes, PC to Device and Vice Versa!

O2Tunes supports to transfer batches of media files without any trouble - Music, Playlist, Music video, Movie, Home video, TV Show, Podcast, Audio book, etc. Let all your beloved media in and out smoothly between iTunes, PC and devices!

User-friendly Interface, One-Click Only, Powerful Compatible Ability!

O2Tunes provides clear display box on the interface that you can get detailed information (genre, artists, and albums) of each music file. Only requires one click to complete - Add, delete, export, create new playlist and move songs to playlist (without asking iTunes first). Don’t worry about the compatibility as it now fully supports the newest iPhone modes (6/6plus), iOS 8.1 and iTunes 12.