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Tutorial on Free YouTube Videos Download

Summary: Many users want to download or save their favorite videos from YouTube, but it’s a pity that YouTube is designed to only allow visitors to watch videos on its website. But no worry, here is the step-by-step guide helps you solve this problem easily and quickly. You can watch and download YouTube videos on your computer for free now.

Here helps you to easily and quickly download YouTube videos. You can just enter the URL of the video you want to save to your computer and get a link to download the video file in AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader service.

Below is a simple three-step process to download any YouTube video.

1. First, go to the YouTube webiste containing the video you want to download. Copy the Internet address to AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader search bar.

2. Once this address has been copied, click the Download button.

3. If done properly, a new window will appear displaying a preview of the video, along with the download links and video qualities. For most users, we suggest downloading the MP4 format. Once you have decided on which video format you want, click the appropriate download link.

After the file has been downloaded, it will be available in your download‘s folder.

The subtitles included in the screen:

1 How to Download YouTube Videos for Free?

2 Type into the website:

3 Two entrances here: way 1, on the navigational guidance, you can click “Free Video Downloader”.

4 Way 2, in the main interface, below the online service, enter from “Free Video Downloader” section.

5 Then open a new tab, go to YouTube website.

6 Choose a YouTube video that you prefer.

7 Cut the video page URL.

8 Then paste it into AmoyShare’s“Free Video Downloader” search bar.

9 Now you can see various formats with different quality for you to select.

10 If you are an IOS user, you can select the MP4 format (3GP and MP4 are both fit for Android system).

11 Let’s choose the MP4 format for example.

12 It’s just as easy as that!

13 Saving your time and energy, here also offers you a huge collection of popular video websites.

14 For example, click “Hulu”; you can visit the website and browse all its categories.

15 While Click “”, you can browse the large library of free full movies.

16 For more free online services, just visit our official website:


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